Symbian Software Officially Dead Confirms Nokia

Nokia confirmed that the 808 PureView, launched last year, was the final cellphone that the corporate would build on the Symbian platform: “During our transition to Windows Phone through 2012, we tend to continuing to ship devices supported Symbian,” the corporate wrote. “The Nokia 808 PureView, a tool that showcases our imaging capabilities and that came to plug in mid-2012, was the last Symbian device from Nokia.”

Nkia Pureview the last Nokia Symbian cellphone
Last Symbian phone:- Nokia Pureview

This confirms long-floated reports beginning over a year past that the PureView would be the last read we’d have of Symbian. Meanwhile, news has began to leak that the celebrated PureView imaging technology would begin showing in Lumia devices later this year.

In Nokia’s earnings unharness these days, it noted that the quantity of Symbian handsets sold-out in this fall was two.2 million units, 0.5 as several because the Lumia Windows-Phone vary at four.4 million units, and fewer than Bastille Day of the general volume of smartphones, that totaled fifteen.9 million.

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Prior to the gatecrash from mechanical man and Apple, Symbian was the world’s biggest smartphone platform, an edge it control till 2011, once it absolutely was overtaken by mechanical man.

Symbian started life around 1998, 1st planned as a multi-vendor effort between Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola and Psion to form a standard smartphone platform to be used all four companies’ devices. The partnership ne\’er very worked as swimmingly as meant — though devices did begin of it.

Symbian phones will not be made
Symbian now no more exists for new cellhphones

In the in the meantime, Apple made the primary iPhone, Google taken off mechanical man, and Nokia began to sweat. In 2008, Nokia subsumed all management of Symbian and took it in-house. And in a shot to court telephone set manufacturers and developers once more to contend against the mechanical man scheme, it build Symbian ASCII text file. No one bit, however, and so, bit-by-bit, market share began to drop.

As Nokia has place additional effort into a fightback strategy based mostly around Windows Phone-Lumia devices and lower-cost handsets created on its S40 proprietary OS (namely the Asha line), Symbian has been dwindling — as I identified the opposite day, spookily drawn by a weakening emblem on its web site, that is currently maintained by Accenture as a part of Associate in Nursing outsourcing/sales deal.

Symbian phones relaced by Android technology
Android has replaced Symbian

As of half-moon, Symbian accounted for under two.6% of smartphone telephone set shipments, compared to over seventy two for mechanical man. a part of that\’s owing to demand, and a part of that\’s as a result of Nokia has been swing considerably less effort on those devices.

As with the remainder of today’s earnings, there have been signals earlier this month that Nokia would finally admit the top of Symbian these days. Then, executives noted that this fall would be the “last purposeful quarter for Symbian” on Nokia’s record and in its business.

The rest of today’s earnings unharness, during which Symbian is mentioned twenty two times to Lumia’s fifty seven, is expounded to describing however revenues from Symbian are “ramping down” and prices and efforts dedicated to the platform have additionally been on the decrease.


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