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4 Reasons why Blogger is better than WordPress!

Four Reasons Why Blogger is better than WordPress!

Why Blogger is Better?
Why Blogger is Better?

Blogger or WordPress? This is the question every new blogger faces. Make no mistake, it is a very important question. And unless you have a very definite plan for your blog, you would want to start off with a free platform. A self-hosted blog like the one offers has way too many hassles, and is useful only if you are dead serious about blogging. For people who consider blogging more of a hobby and a way of expressing themselves, a free blog is the best option. And there are none better than Blogger and!

I will go a step further. There are no Free blogging platforms better than Blogger. There, I said it. And I do not say it lightly. I myself am a new blogger (my first blog is merely 3 weeks old), and I had faced this question very recently. So I did what any sane person would do (maybe not exactly sane)…I created blogs in both places. And I compared them. It took me all of 4 hours to come to my decision.

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And now, in honor of those 4 hours during which I decided to stick with Blogger, I will list 4 reasons why Blogger is way better than the free WordPress service. I know some websites offer 10 or 20 reasons, but most of them are useless. These reasons are carefully chosen. Most of you newbies will consider these as make-or-break points, just like I did. And I hope this article helps you choose correctly.

1. Set-Up Time –

Setup Your Time
Setup Your Time

Ah! This is an important point. For those of us choosing free blogs, time is precious. We have jobs or college, and hence cannot afford to devote long hours towards setting up the blog. In this regard, Blogger is very user-friendly.

It takes literally 5 minutes to set up your blog with the default template (7 minutes if you do not have a Google account!). This is superb. Five minutes after you decide to blog, you can start posting and telling the world what you think! The options which Blogger asks you to set are limited to what is necessary. So, we don’t have much of a headache figuring out which options to activate, and which to avoid. This is ideal for a person who has no prior blogging experience, and does not have much time to spend learning inconsequential stuff.

WordPress is a little more complicated. It has a multitude of options and you will be spending 30-45 minutes getting them correct. However, most of these options aren’t all that necessary, and they do not enhance our blogging experience in any way. And you better be careful in selecting these options. A wrong selection may result in your blog being invisible to Search Engines. Trust me, you do not want that!

In this department, Blogger is the clear winner by miles. It takes 20% of the time to set up the blog, with no difference in the end result.

2. Customization –

This is an important point. We all want to have as much power over our blog’s look and feel as possible. Well, to be fair, we cannot expect full power with a free blog. It’s better to get a self-hosted blog if you want that.

But here, Blogger offers an extraordinary level of customization. You can actually edit the HTML code, if you have the required knowledge! That is very surprising. But for non-techies like me, it is very simple to customize every feature in your blog. Although the range of templates available to us is limited (20 – 25 at most), every part of this template can be changed to suit our needs. You can edit the fonts, change the background color/image, add as many widgets as you like (even third-party widgets), and position them as you like. You can change the column widths and text color as per your wishes.

WordPress is the opposite. It gives you a huge selection of free templates (plus a number of premium ones), but you cannot customize any part of the template without paying for an upgrade. Widgets can be placed only where your chosen template allows you to.
Basically, to have even some of the customization
Blogger offers for free, you have to pay for it in WordPress. So much for a free blog! Blogger wins this one easily.

3. Monetization –

Monetize Your Blog
Monetize Your Blog

We come to it at last. Most of us have some plan for our blogs. We may not be serious about blogging now, but we may like to make some money off our blogs in the future. After all, the hard world has to pay off sometime, right?

And here’s where Blogger enjoys the Google advantage. Being owned by Google, it seamlessly integrates with AdSense, which is owned by the same company. When you feel your blog has enough traffic, merely open an AdSense account, place their widget wherever you like and sit back (I mean, keep producing the awesome content!). AdSense will place relevant ads in the space you have appointed ad pay you for every click that it gets.

WordPress does not allow monetization. Well, you need to pay for an upgrade to monetize your free blog. On the other hand, WordPress places ads of its own on free blog, as a means to pay for the service. I have heard complaints that these ads are often unrelated to the content of the blog, and intrusive.

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This was the most important point for me. I do not want my readers sifting through ads to read the awesome content I have written for them. This is the point where I decided WordPress does not hold a candle to Blogger!

4. Absolutely Free –

So, you have chosen to have a free blog. You expect that you will not have to pay for anything as long as you don’t want to. Fine!

Blogger respects that. It is full featured in the truest sense. Without paying a cent, you have every feature you can expect to make your blogging experience awesome. The reason for this is simple. Blogger is backed  by Google, and it’s endless pockets! It can afford to give stuff like this for free, so as to increase it’s user base.

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WordPress, on the other hand, is an open source company. Well, it has to get it’s funds from somewhere, right? So, it restricts the features on free blogs quite a lot. To unlock these features, you need to buy upgrades, which cost quite a bit. Hell, you cannot even upload videos without using VideoPress, which is a paid feature. To remove those ads we talked about earlier. You have to pay. To make even the simplest customization, you guessed it….You have to Pay!

WordPress is not completely free. In fact, many of the features which Blogger offers for free have to be paid for. And that, once and for all, puts Blogger on top!

So, there we are! I have given you 4 concrete reasons as to why you should choose Blogger over WordPress. It will not only enhance your blogging experience, it will ensure that your blog grows even more quickly (due to the vast number of people using Google services worldwide).

But if I had to say it in a nutshell, Choose Blogger because it is absolutely and truly free, and expects no upgrades from you, unless you truly want to take things to a new level! And like I said before, if you want any more control over your blog, the best option is to get a self-hosted blog.