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Dhaval Thakur,Founder Dhavalthakur.com
Dhaval Thakur,Founder Dhavalthakur.com

Dhaval Thakur is a 17 Year Old Teen who is from India.Earlier He was directing  Gamesnap :-The Gaming Blog and Now he Writes on Dhavalthakur.com.Web Designing and Game Designing are his areas of Interests.Here on this blog he Posts all his knowledge  on technology and tricks to get things for free.

He started this Blog on January 3rd 2013 and since then this blog is growing up like anything.


ABOUT DhavalThakur.Com

Dhavalthakur.com is made for all bloggers and webmasters who want to equip their sites with best SEO Skills and Practices.It Provides information for both admins and non site holders to have a complete track of the surrounding technology around them.The site is online for 24hrs a day for your benefits and provides a e-store too to download your favorite technology books for free or for some amount of money.

Keep the Ship of Technology Sailing!



The Blog Mainly Focus on Below topics

Hope you have a pleasant stay on Dhavalthakur.com 🙂


Worked with  and for many esteemed Companies.

CupoNation          Microsoft       CashKaro


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi dear!
    Hope you’re doing well!!

    I’m julia and am an avid blogger, just like you are!

    While going through your blog, it struck me how similar our interests and thought processes are and I can’t help but ask for an opportunity to write for you.

    Do let me know if it is okay with you!


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