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Bobbi Brown is one of the best and well renowned artist in this world.Many of you still don’t know him and he is not a artist kind of a musician or painter instead he is one of the best make up artist the world has known.He has provided some of the best tips for you in order to stay prepared to take the face off this summer heat girls.Let us see what are those simple but effective tips for you – 


  • Let your makeup kit be ready and fit for you – The best thing about the makeup when it comes to summer is that most of you are less bound to rules when applying it. What i mean to say is that makeup in summers is less bound to rules and limitation of things you are gonna use instead it is applying for the best of your mood to look flawless, isn’t it.As we all know due to the SPF and harmful UV rays of the hot sun can make your skin tone more and more darker the more you spend time outside your comfort zone and whenever you are about to leave you must always remember in mind of keeping up your face products with you like the foundation cream,concealer and the powder to always make sure that they will help you in maintaining your skin tone and the shade required to let the darkness doesn’t come in the view of audience and if your choice is to stay inside or you are a sit back at home lover than give your skin a boost of bronzer which can be either in powered form or gel or cream base depending on you and your skin type.Applying it in the right proportion on your forehead, cheeks and nose will help them less likely to be strike-able to sun’s heat.Types-of-makeup-foundation
  • Prepare your face to be moisturized – The key to your fresh looking skin is yes off course the moisturizer you are going to apply madam.Why it is the best key, because it creates the perfect base required for your makeup.Moisturizers can be used depending upon the skin type like for normal skin it is good to use a light moisturizer which when applied provides a light weight coat on your face where as for dry skin one’s, you must use a moisturizing lotion that will provide you higher or at-least the desired rate of hydration to your skin in order to lock up the radiance of your skin.Try to look up for a moisturizing cream or lotion that contains more amount of hydrating agents.As far as goes for oily skin one’s, they should go for the lotions that will provide hydration but also helps in controlling the oil production so that the rate of oiliness,pollution and attraction and sticking of dirt can be reduced as far as possible and for longer hours of day.You must always start of with a light weight and light toned eye cream to make ensure the under eye concealers looks properly blended and smooth with your skin tone and does not show the mark of tiredness and stress all over your face that will gonna reduce it radiance to.


  • Modernized colors for this summer – As we all know this summer is the summer of bringing out your natural beauty and natural gorgeousness.It is better to attract some one from your original beauty instead of having a whole lot of makeup applied on your face in order to make you look good for some time but till the noon it will start getting of likeSummer-Makeup-Tips-For-Black-Women scrapping of old paints from old walls and will make you look ugly fugly. Make your this season as simple as easy as possible even of by the use whether from moisturizing balm to skin energizing foundation creams to a whole lot of color collection kept in your drawer. Applying a light, simple and soothing coat of makeup on your skin this summer that will help you in facing up the heat of this summer and will bring up and enhance up the beauty of your natural glow of your skin too and provide a subtle warming attracting shine too.
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  •  Keep an eye on your wrong side – One of the biggest mistake by every women is using and applying the wrong shade of your foundation cream or gel depending on what are you using.Always keep in mind of using the right toned foundation that will blend in your skin and will help you achieve the proper mix of even toned finish.To get the right blend for your skin , apply different shades on your cheeks and blend them together using your fingers to your matched skin tone.The best thing that most of the women don’t do is testing up of foundation on hands instead of your face whenever moving in the market to buy one.Seriously , you are going to apply it on your face so test it on a portion of your face as well in order to have a better judgement on how’s it gonna look after applying on your face instead of on your hands.Always opt for darker shades that doesn’t goes up with your skin. 
  • Lickerish



Today is 7 April that is World Health Day, which is being celebrated basically for ensuring the food safety so that each and every individual will earn a healthy and hygienic living.So lets project some lights on the myths related to heath and facts related to them :-

Myth one –

Only Spinach can be used properly in order to complete the required rate of iron content in the body
Fact –


Nutritionist Aditya Agraawal from New Delhi says that there are two types of iron, first is him iron and the other is non-him iron.Him iron is present in animal products where as non-him iron is a present in plants and it’s non-him iron that takes time to get absorbed by the human body whereas him iron get absorbed very easily and fastly and for you to let your body absorb non-him iron easily it is required to you to intake some amount of lemon juice that is need of vitamin C. It is also important not to take tea or coffee while eating your food as the caffeine and nicotine does not let your body to absorb the iron content from the food.

Myth two –

Leafy vegetables are the best source for calcium for body
Fact –


Every green vegetable is good when it comes to iron,fiber,folate,vitamin C,antioxidants and riboflavin but when it comes to calcium these veggies aren’t able to provide that much quantity as they are said to have.Leafy vegetables do absorb some amount of minerals during there process of growth but minerals like calcium are present in less amount when it compared to dairy products.As as example lets us consider an amount of 100 grams of spinach and 100 grams of milk in comparison, then the calcium content in milk is 120 grams whereas in spinach it is around 73 grams.So it is good to consume milk and milk products.


Myth three –

All fried foods do contain huge amount of fat in them
Fact –


This myth is too wrong, fried foods can be eaten and can contain less amount of fat but is it necessary that you must know the right way of making fried food.Whenever a food is dipped inside the required amount of oil for frying then the moisture content in the food starts to comes out and oil is being absorbed during this process but if it is necessary to fry something in such a way so that its moisture content do not over go in the oil in much higher amount and therefore the amount of oil absorbing is reduced.Most of the foods are best when fried on 375 degree Fahrenheit and the amount of the oil is also absorbed at much lesser rate.I can advice you to fry anything on the specific temperature and amount as provided in the recipe.Food should not be fried on low flame and it is better to shallow fry instead of deep frying and remember to soak the excess oil after frying using tissues or paper towel and is better to bake instead of frying.

Myth four –

You must avoid dairy products usually in winters
Fact –


Generally it is advised not to drink milk when suffering from cold and cough but the milk doesn’t have anything related to causing of cold,cough and flu.Many people think that drinking milk causes the increased rate in production of cough and mucus but this is just a myth too.Generally due to its creamy texture it causes a sensation of having of cough because of the coating made of cream by drinking of milk in the mouth but it isn’t any kind of mucus, you are just thinking in a false manner.

Myth five –

Raw vegetables are much better than boiled one’s
Fact –

Veggie Corn Salad (12)1

This is not possible in most cases, every other vegetable has different amount of nutrient content in them and it doesn’t related on how much the nutrition content is being absorbed by your body whether it is boiled or not.Sometimes it is even better to boil the veggies because it can improve the nutrient contents in some of the veggies and hey it will be a plus point for you then buddy.The best example of this is boiling of tomatoes, which has the tendency to increase its antioxidant lycopin value after boiling, but over cooking may cause of reducing the nutrients from the veggies too so it is better to steam whenever you next time will boiling up those veggies.

Myth six –

Eating a good amount of carrot can improve your eye sight
Fact –

Fresh carrots

carrot contains beta-ceratin which gets converted into vitamin A by our body and it is vitamin A that helps in maintain eye sight,growth of bones and health of skin but the truth is that if you are eating carrots in a higher content then your skin tone might converted into orange color due to excess of beta-ceratin.It can helps in improving the night blindness property of your eyes that is reduces the chance of having it but is not possibly improves your eyesight but that doesn’t mean you will ignore the other nutritional facts related to it and will not eat it in the desired quantity.

Myth seven –

It is also said that brown sugar is better than white sugar
Fact –


The basic difference in both of the sugars is that, the brown sugar do contain some amount of good nutrients but that doesn’t mean eating it in a higher quantity does not cause any kind of false effect to.White sugar is refined so as to remove the good content from it.As compared to health content then i can say that both contain the health content in the same amount and will provide the same amount of energy to you body and will also provide the same rate of calorie content too.


fresh food VS packed food  VS  commercial2
One of the basic question that arises in everyone’s mind and that is whether fresh food is better or packed one.Many says that fresh is the best whereas many say both will have the same amount of healthy factors in it, doesn’t matter them to much.If we take consider of arriving of both type of food then we can say whether fresh or packed both do will face the rate of decrease in nutrient rate in them cause the packed food is being firstly carried to factories and then to the consumer whereas similarly fresh food to will come in your hands after some times and will also have a decreased rate in the content too.The benefit of fresh food is that, due to processing of food in factories, the packed food generally will have much less nutritional values as compared to fresh one and to preserve them some additional preservatives are added in them which can cause harmful effects on your health as well my dear.So it is better to go for fresh food and those who are over 40’s must avoid the packed and processed food.

Carbohydrates –


Doctors and nutritionist always advice everyone of in taking healthy carbohydrates for improving the over all health and the best source for it is whole grain and it has been seen after seven major studies that men’s and women’s consuming whole grains in a good amount will have the reduced chance of hearth diseases generally up to 20-30 % and a study taken in account in 2010 has also shown that those who consume whole grains or i can say a good amount of carbohydrate in their diet will have a reduced amount of fat in the body and will keep them fit.

5 Tips for your 5 Toes

You always take care of your most important parts of your body especially for face,hairs, keeps and eye on your belly too
but the most important you don’t care about taking care for your feet also. Most of you don’t think about taking the proper
care for you toes in order to make them look good because generally they got hidden in your shoes or sneakers but what
happen when you wore sandals and your kind of ugly looking toes comes out in the view of audience. eeewww!!
And if you do take care for your toes the the most common thing you do is getting pedicure to get the perfect look and for
which you’ll always go to parlor generally every month i guess but what if i say you don’t have to go there every month
and can save some of your bucks too just by staying at your home.All you need is to stay at your home and take care of
them just by applying some of the simple steps you are just going to read about in the following post.So here are five steps
to get the cleaned,soft,shiny and the beautiful toes you want to have :-

1. Soak them out

Woman Soaking Feet in Water
Just like you’ll take care for you skin of hands, face etc to remain moisturized to look soft,clean and beautiful similarly it is
necessary to take care up for the skin on your feet as well in order to lock up its moisture and let it look healthy and
beautiful.All you need is to get a mix of soap or shampoo in a bath tub full of hot water and soak and wash your feet and
your toes too for at least 15 to 20 minutes in it and then rinse and wash them with a soft towel.

2. Scrub up them

Now just get a sugar or salt based exfoliating scrub and scrub up your feet with it and then wash it of with clean water .

3. Need to get a trim and file for them

Use a perfect clipper in order to get the perfect shape for your nails and cut them properly with care and always cut them
in a straight way in one sequent direction.In order to get the perfect length always keep in kind in cutting in small pieces in
a series of ways and it is suggested to cut them in three times.First cut a nail from its left side then from its right side and
then from the front of it and you will achieve the perfect shape for your nails.Cutting them in one go will cut them in an un-
appropriate manner and will cut them in a shorter length then required.Always remember not to use a metal filer while filing
up as it will make them weak and just file them up till you get a round shaped and soft edges.

4 Get a massage and moisturize them

Providing the required massage to your feet will relax them and decreases the rate of its swelling and the stress generated
from all your day to day work.All you need is to get a top notch moisturizer and a massager and then just moisturize

5. Polish and retain their shine

The last and the final step to apply a coat of polish on your nails and it can be of any desired color of yours choice.If you
are applying a color nail polish then the first step to you is to apply a thin base coat and then apply the nail paint in three
strokes .First apply in the middle then on the left and then on the remaining right and if you by mistake apply the nail paint
in the cuticles(the side skin of the nails), then just remove it using a piece of cotton and remover.

This summer get these aroma’s

flower essence
So finally summers are back and you have already planed of putting on your favorite dress for this summer or your pair of
shorts just the way to enjoy this summer season.But have you taught about what this summer is going to have the effect
on your skin and what are going to be its consequences. You have but just taken it lightly, right.You need to take care
much more than you have taught and most of all the increase rate in your stress due to the this modern age of
industrialization will also going to increase the effect of it on your skin too.Their are a huge lot of ways to relax in this
hectic life of your’s but experts have also suggested aromatherapy as one of the best way of relaxing and for general
well being of your skin too.If you dedicate some of your time for head massage or for aromatherapy then it will really going
to have a calming effect on you and will also help as a distressing mechanism too.There are varieties of oils available in
market from which you can choose for :-


Lavender is suggested as one of the best when it comes as a distress and on a plus point it will help you in curing up
against cold,migraine and flu.It will also help in cure of insomnia and will help you having the desired amount of sleep.A
quick massage from lavender oil will help you in relaxing up your mind muscles and the best for is if are suffering for hair
fall and dandruff then it will surely going to help you as it promotes hair growth and removes dandruff and will act as a good
conditioner for hair.
Therapeutic properties of Laveneder – It act as an antiseptic, antidepressant, deodorant,anti-inflammatory decongestant and
acts as a sedative to.

It is generally a citrus scented oil which has very essential benefits and is extracted from the beragamia tree found in
Southeast Asia.It act as a wonder when it comes to cure for acne,depression,boils,anxiety,cold and soreness.It not only
beneficial as a mind soothing agent but also helps in promoting hair growth, soothing of scalp and provides an extra shine
to hairs.
Therapeutic properties of Bergamot – It is generally used in the treatment of stress,depression,anxiety,anorexia and some
of the infection related to skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.It also stimulate the digestive system,liver and spleen
and lift the overall fitness of those who are suffering from general malaise.


Rosemary is helpful to issues related to hairs like for preventing explanatory hair fall and repairing its health.This oil is
full of nutrients that will help in regenerating hair growth and will act as the best food component for the scalp and hair and
will increase the blood circulation that helps in increasing hair growth.It also very helpful in fighting with problems like
muscle cramps, exhaustion and dull skin.
Therapeutic properties of rosemary – It is widely known and preferred for stimulating mental properties for depression and
also enhances mental stability,memory and focus.It also act as a soothing material for muscle cramps,aches,headaches
and migraine problems.It also act as an antiseptic when it comes to infection in liver and digestive system and is great for
skin as well.

Sunny Leone is back in a Scary Mood


As we know that Ahaat is one of the most successful horror show that had been able to gain success in front of audience of India which air’s on Sony entertainment network channel everyday.This time Sunny Leone is taken into account for having a special appearance on this show for the upcoming episode but as well know that she is right now busy in his other projects and the recently launched trailer and upcoming movie of his “Ek Paheli Leela”, it is unable to say about his dates in order to go for the shoot of this episode of Ahaat.But after receiving his great success in the genre of horror , she is definitely going to rock the small screen after his markup on the big screen as well.


The shows producers has also decided to air the show four times a week instead of two times as well.There were also the buzz about appearance of Bipasha Basu has been also taken place sometimes but they were just the rumors of his appearance in first episode of this show.It ha been seen that for film production nowadays every big star is making their way to small screen in order for the promotion of their movies but Sunny Leone is going to be the first actress that is going to be seen for the first time in this show of horror genre in the hope that others actors and actress will also going to be the part of the show in future.


Bollywood Wishes and Plays Holi

Javed Akhtar playing holi at juhu


(left) Aditya Pancholi with wife Zarina Wahab 

(right) Divya Dutta with Bijon Dasgupta


Farah Akhtar playing holi at juhu


Nawazudin Shidique spotted at juhu


Anurag Kashyap holi party


Lisa Haydon with his sister Julia Haydon


Sambhavna Sethi, Poonam Pandey and Rakhi Sawant at Zoom holi party


Siddharth Malhotra playing holi


Alia Bhatt celebrates holi festival


Anushkha shamra spotted at Anurag Khasyap holi party



Amitabh Bachchan says – “Holi ki anek anek shubhkamanayein, sneh, aadar (Holi greetings to all),”

Lata Mangeshkaar tweeted -“Namaskar. I wish you all a very happy holi. I hope that all your grief, sadness and worries depart from your life and may your life be filled with the the colours of joy. I pray to God that all your wishes come true”

Priyanka Chopra tweeted -“Something about #Holi .. The smell of the gujiya with fresh ghee at home… Rangolis, pichkaris, colours!!! I miss home today.. Miss the city,”

Boman Irani tweeted – “Happy Holi to one and all!”

Esha Deol tweeted by saying -“Holi is a celebration of good over evil and love, save water, there isn’t enough for some to even drink, have a colourful Holi.”

Raveena Tandon’s tweet -“Holi coming up! How I love all the festivals of India!  We Indians don’t waste time in mourning for life..Celebrate thank God and enjoy life,”

“Happy Holi to all!Please play clean safe Holi Do not colour animals. Have some respect for elders and wind up by lunch with some cold Beers!” – Rishi Kapoor tweeted
#Happy Holi to everyone. Keep it joyful. Keep it dry. Remember that 90% India lives in water stressed conditions #Paani, as tweeted by Shekhar Kapoor
and last but not the least Kunal Kohli tweeted “Don’t throw colour on animals. Oil your hair n skin so Color won’t stick. Don’t throw balloons from heights. Have a happy Holi.

Keep Your Hairs Healthy Man

What are the basic problems you are facing when it comes to hairs? they are basically dandruff,oily scalp,roughness,dryness,
dullness, hair fall and less growth of hairs, right.The cibacious gland present in our skin produces natural oil or cibaium that
keeps your hair roughness free and doesn’t make them dry but if proper care is not taken of this gland then the production of cibaium reduces which results in the dryness of your scalp and rough hairs.This dryness and roughness leads to hair fall and other hair problems.So in order to stay away from this problem all you need is to keep your scalp moisturized.Regular care and oiling will keeps your scalp health and therefore keeps these problems away but you always need to take care of all your remedies and methods and have to implement them properly.So here are some of the best ways in order to help you keeping your scalp and hair healthy-


1. To get long, black and shiny hair –

Scientists have said that falling and greying of hair can be seen through various reasons like anxiety,stress, genetics , extreme weather conditions or nutritional deficiency and what humans generally do in order to keep them or to show them as black and shiny, coloring and costly therapies which are one in another way is damaging.So try some home remedies and keep
them in good condition dude.
a) Take some leaves of curry leaf and a half a piece of amla and boil them in around a half cup of coconut oil on medium
flame till they get properly settle in the solution and then using a sieve, drain out the solution and store it in a container and
regularly apply it on your scalp and massage well.This will help in making your hairs black and strong and hence will reduce
the rate of hair fall.

b) collect around 4 spoon full of fenugreek seeds and 4 spoon full of sesame seeds and grind them into a fine powder using
a grinder.Now in a separate container mix almond oil and coconut oil, around half a cup of each , stir well and set aside.Now
whenever massaging your scalp with the created oil mixture always remember to add a spoon of the created powder to oil
mixture and then massage well or you can mix the powdered content in the oil while making it and then store it in a container
and use regularly.Apply this solution at least for 10-15 minutes and for better results use it on alternate days.This mixture will
help in reducing the problem of dandruff and hair fall.
c)collect a sufficient amount of juice of onion by scrapping or by any means from which you can do it and apply the juice on
your scalp and allow to rest it well for at least half an hour. This will help you in the situation if you are facing to much hair fall
or baldness.
d)Mix and place well in a stored container a sufficient amount of neem leaves in any of the available oil whether
coconut,almond or mustard and apply it in order to reduce the rate of hair fall and greying.


2. Keeping your hair and scalp excess of oil free –
Usually in summers due to excessive sweating, not only our skin gets damage but our scalp is also get damaged and will
affect our hair as well.Due to excessive sweating, no matter how much you’ll take care of your hairs in order to remain
beautiful, they are surely going to get sticky.So remember these points in order to remove this stickiness and oiliness from
your hairs.

a)First of all remember not to make your hair remain open for a longer time( for girls especially) and if you love to do so,
keeping your hair remain open, all you need is to take care to watch for them in order they doesn’t look sticky.
b) If your scalp is too oily then try to wash you hair within a regular interval with a mild shampoo in order to remove the excess
oil and all day dust, which has been settled in your hairs too.
c) Drink a whole lot of water as it will help in decreasing the amount of toxins that builds up sweat in your hairs.
d)Reduce or limit the use of hair gels as they will help you in maintaining the health of your hairs and will keep you hair
naturally oil free.

3.Relaxing your mind as well as your scalp with a gooood massage –
Massaging your scalp with a good oil will help in improving your blood circulation which not only nourishes your hair but
also helps in increasing their growth rate as well, is it good na. Use regular oils like coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil,
avocado or sesame oil on daliy basis or you can use essential oils like lavender, tea tree oil, rosemary, lemon, rose wood or
sandaal wood in order to treat your scalp well.

For best results mix some drops of your essential oils in your regularly basis oil and massage them on your scalp in a circular
motion of your hands for 10 to 15 minutes and then rest for an overnight before washing it in order to make it work.

4.Moisturize your hair properly –
use this home remedies in order to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized.
a)Aleovera –


aleovera has very good mositurizing properties in it which keeps your dry hair soft and hydrated and shiny.All
you need is to scrap out three spoon of aleovera gel and mix it with one and a half tablespoon of coconut oil and three
tablespoon of curd and after creating a mixture apply it on your scalp and leave it for atleast half an hour before washing.
b)Egg – egg not only moisturizes your hair but it also provide them the desired strength that helps them reducing the can apply it directly or can apply in the form of a hair pack as given below –
1)create a mixture of three eggs, two tablespoon of olive or coconut oil and one tablespoon of honey and apply it in your
hairs and remember that apply them on slightly wet hairs and then allow them to rest for atleast half an hour and then wash it
using a mild shampoo.

2)create a mixture of two eggs, half cup curd and one to two tablespoon of almond oil and then apply them in the same way
as directed in the previous step.
   3)you can also create a hair mask by mixing few drops of vinegar,olive oil,almond oil and rosemary oil in an egg.

Keep an Eye on your Lovely Eyes


care you need for your eyes

It is true, if your eyes are fresh and have the shine you have craved for then they will surely going to add the required charm and energy in your face and the beauty of your face will automatically rise to the top of your level, right.But have you taken out some of your precious time and thought of what will happen when they are going to face the intense sun rays and heat of the upcoming summer and what will the dust will have the effect on them? no.
normally what happen your eyes have to face the harsh and intense of heat in the morning then they have to face the monitor of your computer in your office which makes them puffy and stressful and then your aren’t able to enjoy the party with those eyes you are willing to enjoy the most at night.
so here are some ways by which you can help in keeping your eyes healthy and the way you want to be and keeping those in mind always-
1. maintaining the moisture in your eyes
in the upcoming summers the biggest problem occurs due to the intense ultraviolet rays of sun which causes the problem of development of cataract and damage to retina of the eye lens so it is advised to wash off your eyes every time you came up anywhere from outside.Washing your eyes in regular intervals not only reduces the chances of these problems that will damage them but it also reduces the stress level from your eyes.

2.Make up for your eyes in this summer
always clean up your eyes.Due to sweat that appears on your eye lashes makes them appear dull and tired so always remember to clean it is advised to wash your eyes atleast six times a day.Usually everyone use to apply make up on eyes as they are buying items in stock but it is good not to apply that much of make up because it will melt at a higher rate and will cause allergic reactions on and in your eyes.Be sure to apply a simple and sober make up that will be attractive and doesn’t cause any type of harmful effects on your eyes too.Use of eye pencils,eye shadows and eye liners are best and enough for this type of season to make your eyes beautiful and using light tone colors are going to be the best option for you.If you think that you have applied excessive make up or want to remove the existing layer of make up then you can use petroleum jelly as a remover.All you need is to apply the jelly using a cotton on the area around your eyes from where you want to remove the make up and then wash away with water.If you don’t have petroleum jelly then you can go for castor oil or olive oil.They are greatly used as a removers because they contains the desired amount of materials that are good absorbents.

635066275353760000 (1)

Complete care for your eyes :-

1. food that is good for your eyes.

No doubt carrot is the best food for your eyes but including green vegetables like spinach, bright orange fruits and vegetables like apricot must also be included in your,broccoli,almond,sunflower seed,beans and wheat germs are the food that will help in maintaing the health of your eyes.


2. wear with care.

if you are wearing lenses whether they are for your eyesight or for just fashion handle them with care and protect them from heat and ultraviolet rays of sun and always carry and wear sunglasses when roaming round the city.


3. use eye drops.

due excessive heat or for working for long hours in front of your computers makes your eyes dry, so carry a pair of eye drops and use them at least three times a day in order to retain the moisture of your eyes.It works as good lubricant for your eyes retaining its beauty and shine.


4. dark circles, minimize them.

you can use cucumber or potato mash by applying them on your eyes in order to remove the tiredness and puffiness from your eyes.using rose water can also help you in cooling the sweet pair of your eyes.


5.facing the sun in a right way.

always go for work or for any other activity by keeping in mind the time hours that is be sure not to go in the mid span time of 11 am to 3 pm as this time is the time with sun at its highest temperature and if you are about to go at this time, do carry a pair of sun glasses to help in protecting them and they must be of good quality that will help in blocking or shielding upto maximum from ultraviolet rays of sun.

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Alessandro Volta

 Alessandro Volta
Today is Alessandro Volta’s 270th birthday.He was born on 18 February 1745 and died on 5 March 1827 and was a Italian physicist.He was the first one to invent the world’s first electrical battery named as ‘ Volatic pile’.It was invented by him in the year 1799.He presented the result in 1800 to the President of the Royal Society in two part letter.According to this battery electricity can be generated chemically.His invention sparked all around the world and let others to perform and build similar kind of projects which led to development of the field electrohemistry. He was also admired by the Napoleon Bonaparte for his invention and was invited to demonstrate the project at the Institute of France.He arranged to manage a number of times of honour by the emperor him self. He also made to study experimental physics at University of Pavia nearly for 40 years and was admired by the students of the University.Even after his professional success, he remained to be a person inclined towards his domestic life in his apparent years.He died in 1827 due to a series of illness which he started facing in 1823 and in name of his honour, the SI unit of electric potential is named as Volt.


The first battery creation
While announcing his discovery of voltaic cell or voltaic pile, he paid tribute to the influences made by William Nicholson,Abraham Bennet and Tiberius Cavallo.
The battery made by him is named as the first electrochemical cell in which it consists of two electrodes; one made of zinc and another made of copper.The electrolyte used is either sulfuric acid mixed with sufficient amount of water or a form of saltwater brine.Electrolyte exisit in the form of 2H+ and sulfate SO42− ions. As zinc is higher than both hydrogen and copper in the electrochemical series which react with the negatively charged sulfate ion.Hydrogen which is positively charged that is protons captures electrons from copper which forms bubbles of hydrogen gas which makes the zinc rod a negative electrode and copper the positive electrode.
There are two terminals across which the electric current will flow when connected.
The chemical reactions taking place are-

Zn Zn2+ + 2e
sulfuric acid
2H+ + 2e H2
copper does not react instead it acts as an electrode to carry current.
Even it was the first invention still this cell has various disadvantage like it is unsafe to handle this cell as it contain sulfuric acid which is hazardous even if diluted and the power of this cell also diminishes with time because of the hydrogen gas which is not released during the reaction but it accumulates on the surface of zinc and acts as a barrier between metal and the electrolyte solution.