T&C GuestPosting

New Additional Requirements/Rules*

  • The Blog that you would say us to backlink should be of PR 2 or above

  • 500+ words required minimum.

  • Sample of a Guest Post if given then priority is given to that person.

  • Only one backlink of your desired site and a link to contact you.

*New Requirements effective from 8th April 2013

Starter or Intro Guidelines

  • Your Post should be Beneficial for DT.com Readers
  • Quote Examples to clarify your points.
  • Make your your Content is Unique and is originally written by you!
  • Be impressive and dont write articles which make audience yawn when reading

Official DT.com Guidelines [Must be Followed]

  • Start your Post by introducing yourself! Common let others know who wrote the article!
  • Images must! Put Creative images(no copyrights!) to attract huge amount of readers
  • Atleast link 2 articles in your posts that are already published on the site
  • Dont advertise your site within posts for no reasons or just to gain a backlink.
  • Dont include affiliate links
  • Dont Spam with writing in Capital letters
  • Use various fonts within your post


  • At least 5 Guest posts Experience required.
  • A well commutator in English language.
  • The Blogger should know the working of WordPress (Yea! we use WP !)
  • He/She shall have written  a guest article atleast at one PR1 Blog


Procedure Of Selection

  1. Your Article will be submitted.
  2. Unwanted links will be checked,And if present,will be removed [Your Content may be disapproved here for this]
  3. 2 People from DT.com will review it.
  4. Then Dhaval will review the originality and creativity in the article
  5. Then your Article will be Approved

Caution :- Atleast 95% content should be Original


Say Your Mind Buddy!

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