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How To Uninstall Apps And Open Up Recent Apps

Hey guys today i am going to share you an awesome android trick which helps you to uninstall the former application and to open the recent applications which you have used before.The recipe is fairly simple and understanding.It’s fun, it’s interesting, and  today you just might learn something interesting. Today’s target is the system-wide stuff: The Notification Panel, Home Screen, Recent Apps, etc. Let’s get to it!

Can Apps from Android really be uninstalled?

There are many apps which are a part of the Google Android OS or were put in by your phone’s manufacturer and can’t be deleted. The list varies from phone to phone. A rule of thumb is that you just will solely delete apps you’ve got put in. ensuing item steps can guide you through the easy method of deleting downloaded apps from your android device.

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Guide on how to install Apps in android
Guide on how to install Apps in android

Getting Started..

You can long-press on an app in the app drawer to open up further information about it or to uninstall it. If you want to access recently opened apps then you can do it via the Multitask (or Recent Apps) button at the bottom right. You can long-press on an entry in the Recent Apps list to access more info or to remove it. It’s possible to just swipe entries off to the right to remove them. The process for accessing this list varies, for example, to access the recent apps list on a Galaxy S3 you hold down the Home button for as long. You can also long-press on notifications that appear in the notifications shade in order to access the relevant app’s settings directly.

Uninstalling the App
Uninstalling the App

Sometimes tweaks cause problems. If you find that you have introduced a problem and you can’t track down what’s responsible then you can always do a universal reset of the app preferences. Go to the app drawer and

Tap Menu > Settings then Reset app preferences.

On some devices you’ll find it via Settings > Applications manager.

Any Trouble? Here’s the Solution For it:-

Reboot Your Android Device
Reboot Your Android Device

If you run into trouble with an app then you might need to resort to safe mode. Hold down the Power button and then long-press on the Power off option.

Choose OK to reboot the device in safe mode without any third-party apps running and you can remove the offending app.

*Author’s Tip:-One last thing In App Info is that , you can now disable a system app without having to uninstall updates first! The button alignment leaves something to be desired, but this is really handy.

That’s all the thing is concerned  about this post .Hope you guys like it.You can comment below if you have any doubts regarding this post.