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How to Unlock a locked Facebook Account?

I have seen many people asking how to unlock locked accounts on facebook so,foucssing on this heading i am posting a number of ways through which you can do so.

unlock FB id |Dhavalthakur.com
Facebook locks accounts suspected of being hacked or accessed for nefarious purposes. Facebook also locks users out of an account for too many incorrect attempts logging in with the wrong password or email address. Depending on the reason for the disabling of your account, you can access different contact forms that will help you unlock your Facebook account.

Method 1: Reset Password

  • Open the Facebook homepage and click “Forgot Your Password?” under the login and password text boxes if you know your Facebook username or the email you use to log in. Complete all the fields with the requested information and click “Search.” Use the link “I Cannot Identify My Account” and click “Submit” to get help from Facebook to unlock your account if you don’t know your email address and password.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA letters and numbers to proceed to the next step and click “Identify Your Account.” Click “This Is My Account” to continue with the changing of your password.
  • Add check boxes next to the email addresses or mobile phone numbers to which you wish the password reset code to be sent. The full email address or phone number is not displayed for privacy. Click “Reset Code.”
  • Access your reset code from your email address, and enter the code provided into the “Enter Password Reset Code” page. Click “Submit Code” and enter a new password to access your account.


Method 2: Compromised Account

  • Open the Facebook homepage and click “Help” in the lower right-hand corner to access the form to report a compromised account.
  • Click the link to the left for “Browse Help Topics” and choose the link for “Login and Password” to access the “Report Compromised Account” form.
  • Scroll down and choose the link that says: “My email address or my Facebook account has been compromised.” Select the appropriate scenario and follow the directions for reporting a compromised account based on if you’ve been phished or not. It may take awhile before you get access back to your Facebook account after it’s locked.

UPDATE:-Its seen that maybe above methods are not working. and people are not able to identify people through pictures.So what i thought is either create another original Facebook account. Or just make another account(temporary) and try to find those profiles through your mutual friends

Try these methods to unlock your accounts.If it do work do comment and if in case it not works for you tell us in which circumstances 🙂



Put Small Meme Icons in Facebook Chat

Previously i posted 10-15 meme images for your facebook chat and now i am posting meme icons for you to put in your chat n amaze your friends.I liked them very much that’s why now i will now share my those codes with you and do share this article and let your friends also know about these codes

HOw to Put memes in  facebok Chatbox
Put memes in Chatbox of Facebook

Use the any of the following Codes

[[171108522930776]] – Troll Face icon
[[164413893600463]] – Me Gusta icon
[[218595638164996]] – Yaoming i con
[[189637151067601]] – LOLOLOL
[[129627277060203]] – Poker Face
[[227644903931785]] – Forever Alone
[[100002752520227]] – Okay
[[105387672833401]] – Like a Boss
[[100002727365206]] – Challenge Accepted
[[224812970902314]] – Derp
[[169919399735055]] – Not Bad Obama
[[211782832186415]] – Me Gusta
[[142670085793927]] – Mother of God
[[170815706323196]] – Cereal Guy
[[168456309878025]] – LOL Face
[[167359756658519]] – NO Guy
[[218595638164996]] – Yao Ming
[[224812970902314]] – Derp
[[192644604154319]] – Derpina
[[177903015598419]] – Forever Alone
[[NotBaad]] – Not Bad meme
[[105387672833401]] – Fuck Yeah meme
[[100002727365206]] – Challenge Accepted
[[100002752520227]] – Okay Guy
[[218595638164996]] – Dumb Bitch
[[129627277060203]] – Poker Face
[[224812970902314]] – Okay Face
[[98438140742]] – Socially Awkward Penguin
[[FUUUOFFICIAL]] – Rage Face
[[100001256102462]] – Lamp
[[167359756658519]] – No
[[142670085793927]] – MOG
[[168040846586189]] – Feel Like a Sir
[[125038607580286]] – Forever Alone Christmas
[[100002727365206]] – CH AC

Facebook new interface with New Graph Search!

Graph Interface in Facebook activated in My Account!

As i told you earlier that I applied for BETA Testing for Facebook Graph Search,Know what? I am in now in BETA Mode! Below i have some screenshots of my new facebook profile interface!Now its more easy to navigate and search things! really.When you get this interface you will be given a walkthrough on how to use the new interface and graph search.

The New Facebook Profile Layout!
The New Facebook Profile Layout!
Message for activation of Graph Search!
Message for activation of Graph Search!
There is a new notification bar with extended Search Feature
There is a new notification bar with extended Search Feature
The New facebook interface of Graph Search
Graph Search Interface Snapshot

As you have seen now That this new interface is somewhat like phpfox community.But the new search by category and new understanding graph search is awesome.Now its more easy to search the lost friends or your school mates with whom you haven’t met from many years.Graph Search is a very different take on search than what you’re probably used to. It’s not about keywords or any of the kinds of searches you’d typically perform. Rather, Graph Search focuses on token-based searches: Facebook recognises key words in your search, and looks for data it has collected that matches what you’re looking for.That’s easier to explain with a series of examples. When I type my friends into Graph Search, Facebook offers up a bunch of suggestions: Friends of my friends, Friends of my friends who live in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania (my hometown, though not where I live now), Friends of my friends who work at Macworld, Friends of me and my friends, and Friends of my friends from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. (Yes, those suggestions are ever so slight variations on one another – almost to the point of annoyance.) I can click or use the keyboard to select any of those, use my original search, or customize my own search further.

Suppose I choose Friends of my friends who live in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania – perhaps because I want to find old high school buddies I haven’t reconnected with on Facebook yet. I get a list of results, which I can instead choose to view in a grid layout. What I don’t get, but could be hugely useful for this type of search, is an option to sort results, perhaps starting with people with whom I have the most friends in common first. Another bizarre omission: I can’t find an obvious way to exclude my own friends from results. When I’m searching for friends of my friends, it’s a little silly (and recursive) when Facebook includes people I’m already friends with in my results.

Graph Search is fun to play with. But that’s just it: It feels like a toy. I quickly got good at predicting what TV shows folks who liked any mix of celebrities would like, because certain shows do quite well with active Facebookers, shows you can probably guess, with stars along the lines of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

A new Feature by Facebook lets see whether it is liked or disliked 😛


What is Google PageRank? Simple Explanation

Google Page Rank
Google Page rank

Google is the only technological Giant whose search services,social networking services and video streaming services are enormously popular.But most important of all these is it’s search engine which share approximately 60% of all searches made all over the world.This explains the importance of rank SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of Google.The higher the ranking on SERP the more free visitors you will get from Google.

The 2 Most important factors are:-

  1. Page Rank Technology
  2. Hyper-text Matching Analysis


According to Google – Page Rank is Google’s view of importance of a webpage. Page rank is given out of 10.


Thus Higher the Page rank more importance is given to your website in search results.Like example  a website with 4/10 page rank will be given less importance then a website with page rank 5/10

How Google Determines a Website’s page rank?

Google takes into account the back links each webpage gets from different other webpages. Each back link a webpage gets is considered as a vote by Google in the Cavour that webpage. But at the same time Google also analyzes the webpage from which a back link is given.

A diagrammatically example

google pagerank

In the above figure A,B,C,D,E and F are different webpages. Here you can see that page C has got a higher pagerank than page E,even though it have fewer links as compared to page E. It’s because of the importance of the page from which page C is receiving a link and also the number of outbound links from that page. In the above case as you can see page B has got most importance and is having only one outbound link to page C, so upto 90% of its PageRank is carried to page C.

Thus improving your Google Rank will improve your daily traffic to your site.

Facebook Graph Search

Earlier on Tuesday Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook |Dhavalthakur.com

held a conference where its new feature ‘Graph Search’ was announced.So now what is Graph Search?

Facebook Graph Search
Facebook Graph Search Dhavalthakur.com

According to Facebook, With graph search you can look up anything shared with you on Facebook, and others can find stuff you’ve shared with them. Each person sees unique results.It optimizes your search according to your place,hobbies,People visited any place or people along with you in many places
Now Below i have written some features of Graph Search of Facebook!

But this time also Facebook has kept this feature limited to some users only till it comes out of BETA mode! However you can  apply to test it from here


I have already applied for it and hope that they accept me soon.I really liked this feature and want to test it as soon as possible 🙂


  • Find people who share your interests

    Want to start a book club or find a gym buddy? Connect with friends who like the same activities—and meet new people, too.
    • Explore your world through photos

      Now you can use simple, specific phrases like “Photos my friends took in New York City” to find anything you want.
      • Discover restaurants, music and more

        Explore new places to eat and new bands to listen to—all through people you know.

Review on Alexa.com :-The Site Rank Distributer

Now today i write about Alexa.com, This is a site that tells you about your site rank,page views changes,your site linkings,basically it tells your site stats and is updated daily.

Alexa.com |Dhavalthakur.com

Alexa,The web Information Company gives stats for all websites in the globe,By the time of writing Alexa Rank of Facebook is 1 and Google is 2.

How it is measured?

It is measured by the posts you publish in your blog,the quality of the posts,the regularity in your update process of the site and much more.

Seeing the Ranks

Here if you have less rank then it means your site is doing good.It is same like in your class,where students get rank on the basis of their tests and assignments.You can also review your site on the Alexa.

Seeing the stats on Alexa.com|Dhavalthakur.com

In fact we can say that Alexa is Web-Masters Best friend or in some cases wants to be a best friend.

Alexa Rank |Dhavalthakur.com

All the webmasters should have a record on their ranks everyday or once in a month,to see if their sites are progressing or not

I hope you got a Glimpse of this thing.From now on i will write on this topic too! 😀


Free & Easy PHP Proxy Sites



Some sites blocked in your wokring area which you cannot access? No Problem dhavalthakur.com is here to help you out in this matter below are some sites through which you can surf blocked sites like Facebook,Twitter,Youtube etc.

The list is below :-
















Hope all these Sites work for you as they worked for me as well