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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 with English Subtitles

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 with English Subtitles

EPISODE NAME:“The World Peace Prize. Who is getting the 100 Million Zeni?!”


About Episode:After Son Goku defeated the dangerous Majin Boo, peace has returned to Earth once again. Chi-Chi wants Goku to get a job, so Goku works as a radish farmer. Meanwhile,Son Goten along with his friend Trunks are looking for a present for Videl, soon to be his sister-in-law when his older brother, Son Gohan, gets engaged to her.

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How To Play Dragon BallZ Bid for Power on Android

I was just hoping around my Friend’s Dragon Ball Z Games Site and happened to see a brilliant news.And this is an awesome news for all Dragon Ball Z Fans.As now Dragon Ball Z new movie Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods has been released,the DBZ fans are already on the wave to taste the new action in English language,and till  The English Subbed Movie comes we have A game for your android Device. That is Dragon Ball Z Bid for power!

About The Game (For those who don’t know)

Dragon Ball Z: Bid For Power may be a Action game printed by Bid For Power Team on Gregorian calendar month vi 2010, this game is one amongst the Dragon Ball Game that number one game lovers, as a result of during this game we are able to fight use the character of the characters within the Dragon Ball Z series with an equivalent techniques and talents as within the film.

Dragon Ball Z Bid for Power For Android
Dragon Ball Z Bid for Power For Android

YES! You now you can play a 3D dragon Ball Z Game on your android Device! As you can See the game is running well in Xperia of Sony Ericsson.

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Features of This Game

  1. Game environment is 3D
  2. Play with almost all characters of Dragon Ball Z
  3. Make your characters do their special attacks as well as they can FLY!!
  4. Its stable Game as might you be thinking that how can a PC game can run in android Device

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Steps To Download and Play this Game

  1. Open up your Android Device and open our site
  2. Go here and Download This App from Google Play :- Click here to Download
  3. Now once you have installed Open Area App from previous Step Go Here :- Click here
  4. Install the Bid For Power File that you downloaded in Step 3.
  5. Now Open up the Folder  named “baseoa
  6. Delete “1.pk3” and “2.pk3” files
  7. You can rename the Folder to Dragon Ball Z 3D Game (optional step)
  8. Now The folder (here Dragon Ball Z 3D Game),Copy it in your Android Device


  9. Now Open Open Arena App (which you downloaded in step 2.
  10. Select the Mod and start playing 🙂

Tested Successfully on:- Samsung Galaxy S2 According To the Update in a Dragon Ball Z Games Forum ,ZEQ2 is also working on android device! which is pretty Cool!

Note:- link provided is not native Android. It’s essentially an emulated x86 environment off of ARM

Guys isnt it awesome that a 3D game of dragon ballz is now playable on your Mobile device? have you tried this game out on your android device? Do tell us in comments that on which device you tried out so that we can update our compatibility list above in the post. If you like our post Do Rate this post a 5-star and a comment to keep posting such mind blowing tricks and news on our site.

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