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Best Way to Quit Smoking -Varun Dhawan (Anti-Smoking Campaign)

As fro now on we are covering on health topics too so lets start with the smoking thing.Government has made a lot of efforts in order to educate people about the harmful effects of smoking.and now the bollywood stars ahve aso came up for this cause.

Watch Varun Dhawan now in this Anti Smoking Campaign




Today is 7 April that is World Health Day, which is being celebrated basically for ensuring the food safety so that each and every individual will earn a healthy and hygienic living.So lets project some lights on the myths related to heath and facts related to them :-

Myth one –

Only Spinach can be used properly in order to complete the required rate of iron content in the body
Fact –


Nutritionist Aditya Agraawal from New Delhi says that there are two types of iron, first is him iron and the other is non-him iron.Him iron is present in animal products where as non-him iron is a present in plants and it’s non-him iron that takes time to get absorbed by the human body whereas him iron get absorbed very easily and fastly and for you to let your body absorb non-him iron easily it is required to you to intake some amount of lemon juice that is need of vitamin C. It is also important not to take tea or coffee while eating your food as the caffeine and nicotine does not let your body to absorb the iron content from the food.

Myth two –

Leafy vegetables are the best source for calcium for body
Fact –


Every green vegetable is good when it comes to iron,fiber,folate,vitamin C,antioxidants and riboflavin but when it comes to calcium these veggies aren’t able to provide that much quantity as they are said to have.Leafy vegetables do absorb some amount of minerals during there process of growth but minerals like calcium are present in less amount when it compared to dairy products.As as example lets us consider an amount of 100 grams of spinach and 100 grams of milk in comparison, then the calcium content in milk is 120 grams whereas in spinach it is around 73 grams.So it is good to consume milk and milk products.


Myth three –

All fried foods do contain huge amount of fat in them
Fact –


This myth is too wrong, fried foods can be eaten and can contain less amount of fat but is it necessary that you must know the right way of making fried food.Whenever a food is dipped inside the required amount of oil for frying then the moisture content in the food starts to comes out and oil is being absorbed during this process but if it is necessary to fry something in such a way so that its moisture content do not over go in the oil in much higher amount and therefore the amount of oil absorbing is reduced.Most of the foods are best when fried on 375 degree Fahrenheit and the amount of the oil is also absorbed at much lesser rate.I can advice you to fry anything on the specific temperature and amount as provided in the recipe.Food should not be fried on low flame and it is better to shallow fry instead of deep frying and remember to soak the excess oil after frying using tissues or paper towel and is better to bake instead of frying.

Myth four –

You must avoid dairy products usually in winters
Fact –


Generally it is advised not to drink milk when suffering from cold and cough but the milk doesn’t have anything related to causing of cold,cough and flu.Many people think that drinking milk causes the increased rate in production of cough and mucus but this is just a myth too.Generally due to its creamy texture it causes a sensation of having of cough because of the coating made of cream by drinking of milk in the mouth but it isn’t any kind of mucus, you are just thinking in a false manner.

Myth five –

Raw vegetables are much better than boiled one’s
Fact –

Veggie Corn Salad (12)1

This is not possible in most cases, every other vegetable has different amount of nutrient content in them and it doesn’t related on how much the nutrition content is being absorbed by your body whether it is boiled or not.Sometimes it is even better to boil the veggies because it can improve the nutrient contents in some of the veggies and hey it will be a plus point for you then buddy.The best example of this is boiling of tomatoes, which has the tendency to increase its antioxidant lycopin value after boiling, but over cooking may cause of reducing the nutrients from the veggies too so it is better to steam whenever you next time will boiling up those veggies.

Myth six –

Eating a good amount of carrot can improve your eye sight
Fact –

Fresh carrots

carrot contains beta-ceratin which gets converted into vitamin A by our body and it is vitamin A that helps in maintain eye sight,growth of bones and health of skin but the truth is that if you are eating carrots in a higher content then your skin tone might converted into orange color due to excess of beta-ceratin.It can helps in improving the night blindness property of your eyes that is reduces the chance of having it but is not possibly improves your eyesight but that doesn’t mean you will ignore the other nutritional facts related to it and will not eat it in the desired quantity.

Myth seven –

It is also said that brown sugar is better than white sugar
Fact –


The basic difference in both of the sugars is that, the brown sugar do contain some amount of good nutrients but that doesn’t mean eating it in a higher quantity does not cause any kind of false effect to.White sugar is refined so as to remove the good content from it.As compared to health content then i can say that both contain the health content in the same amount and will provide the same amount of energy to you body and will also provide the same rate of calorie content too.


fresh food VS packed food  VS  commercial2
One of the basic question that arises in everyone’s mind and that is whether fresh food is better or packed one.Many says that fresh is the best whereas many say both will have the same amount of healthy factors in it, doesn’t matter them to much.If we take consider of arriving of both type of food then we can say whether fresh or packed both do will face the rate of decrease in nutrient rate in them cause the packed food is being firstly carried to factories and then to the consumer whereas similarly fresh food to will come in your hands after some times and will also have a decreased rate in the content too.The benefit of fresh food is that, due to processing of food in factories, the packed food generally will have much less nutritional values as compared to fresh one and to preserve them some additional preservatives are added in them which can cause harmful effects on your health as well my dear.So it is better to go for fresh food and those who are over 40’s must avoid the packed and processed food.

Carbohydrates –


Doctors and nutritionist always advice everyone of in taking healthy carbohydrates for improving the over all health and the best source for it is whole grain and it has been seen after seven major studies that men’s and women’s consuming whole grains in a good amount will have the reduced chance of hearth diseases generally up to 20-30 % and a study taken in account in 2010 has also shown that those who consume whole grains or i can say a good amount of carbohydrate in their diet will have a reduced amount of fat in the body and will keep them fit.



To be fit doesn’t mean building up hard chiseled body with big biceps and triceps that sometimes might looks ugly and aren’t attractive to many.It is actually gaining control over your body and maintaining its strength, cardiovascular fitness and watching functioning of every part of body internally and externally, like working of proper metabolism and proper working of joints.So here are the best reasons to start up body weight exercising right now.

1. Its is the best workout for super efficiency.
Since body weight exercises doesn’t required any kind of equipment it becomes one of the most important and efficient exercise.Researchers have shown outputs that body weight exercises result in high output and yield awesome fitness results in a very short time.

2. It is the best combination of cardio and strengthening training.
As you are carrying your body weight it will keep enduring your hearth rate even for short intervals and hence improving your durability. Hence short sessions of combined quick cardio between strength exercises will keep your hearth ate pumping and improves your development.

3. Fat burns at an incredible rate.
If you are looking for shredding up few pounds then this is a must go exercise. Body weight exercises have a major impact on your metabolism which helps in increasing the rate of burning of your fat.If you don’t believe , try out some sets of amped up bur-pees with any routine and see the results by yourself.
4. Different variety of exercises for every one.
Body weight exercises provides a great variety of non ending exercises ranging from basics like push ups for beginners to trx exercises for advanced one and hence providing a greater flexibility for developing a proper workout plan.

5. Improves your core strength
Core is not just developing six or eight packs, it is much more than just abs. The human core is made up of total around twenty nine muscles and these exercises helps in focusing on each muscles and hence improving the quality of one’s core which results further in improved posture and athletic performance


6. Helps in increasing flexibility.
Flexibility and strength can go hand in hand by doing body weight exercises.Normally , one who does high resistance training end up with tight muscles, inflexible joints resulting in injuries but the most important benefit of these exercises is that it reduces the chance of injuries at an ample amount as flexibility is increased with the increased duration of exercise.The best of exercise among these improving flexibility and inner balance is nowadays is YOGA.These exercises provides a full motion of joints and body improving the body posture as well.

7. These exercises are the most convenient way of exercising.I mean you aren’t going to carry dumbbells or kettle bells to your office while working or at the time of dinner.Body weight exercises eliminates many of these inconvenient ways as all you need to carry is ‘you’ . Exercising for a small session in your break while working and that to without any kind of equipment becomes an easy and convenient way to stay fit.

8. Improves inner balance and prevention of injuries.
Exercise like single leg squats are helpful in order to improve you body balance as these exercise doesn’t require any kind of weights increasing body endurance and resistance.
and provides a full control over your body.On the other hand injuries are one of the main reasons, why mostly give up their exercising sessions which results in high pains and aches. Body weight exercises provide a full throttle over body movement and provides a greater limit of safety regardless of how hard exercise you are doing,age, experience or fitness level. In fact some of the exercises provides impairments to many injuries.

9. These exercises are cheap and can be done by anyone for fun!
These exercises can be performed inside or outdoors, with family or friends, which is quite enjoyable and as a benefit its for free, which decreases your gym memberships price and you can save an amount of your money.

10. Lets talk about the results
Body weight exercises provide a good result because their numerous number of exercise and movement like push ups,lunges, chin ups etc provides a good amount of strength and cardiovascular performance, developing a good body posture and core strength.

So lets just plan for a good body weight program and lets start a new training program right from today.