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Disable Blue Ticks in WhatsApp ( Newbie’s Method)

WhatsApp Double Tick

Recently the most recent update in WhatsApp brings in an exceedingly Feature that permits a user who has sent a message to understand whether or not the person whom he sent the message has scan the message or not. Don’t mistake it with the Double-tick Feature that already existed in WhatsApp (to show that the message has been delivered).

WhatsApp Blue Tick Second

So with the recent update the WhatsApp permits the sender to understand that scan the message, image, audio, location sent on WhatsApp or not.

The new Blue Tick mark in WhatsApp has enabled user to understand that the message he/she has sent has scan by the receiver or not however at a similar time the Blue Tick within the WhatsApp is inflicting several misunderstanding between individuals, for AN instance, you scan the message and you were busy with thusme work so you weren’t ready to reply? The one that sent message to you’d want “Even once reading the message” that guy hasn’t replied. thus to avoid such misunderstandings, we have a tendency to ar here.

One technique is popping Off the info and Reading the WhatsApp Messages, that was antecedently employed by several Freaks to cover Last Seen on WhatsApp. however isn’t that tiresome? only for showing some those who you haven’t scan the message, you’ll got to disable the net each time you wanna open WhatsApp, thus I’m not gonna tell that technique any longer, however the tactic shared below would simply build disabling of Blue Tick simply on WhatsApp.

Follow the steps Listed Below to avoid Blue Tick in WhatsApp

If you’ve already put in the most recent WhatsApp update and seeing Blue tick marks then transfer the previous WhatsApp version once more, Don’t transfer the oldest WhatsApp version as a result of that won’t work on this time, however transfer the previous update of the WhatsApp and install it. Before putting in the previous WhatsApp version, simply delete everything from the WhatsApp Folder which might be found within the Internal Storage of the Phone (Don’t Delete the Folders), if you’d wish to have the chats then keep all the databases that were existing before you updated to the Blue Tick supporting WhatsApp version.

Now install the Previous version of WhatsApp, to transfer that either build a Google Search or get a APK Backup if a number of your Friends have it and once verification you won’t realize the Blue Tick functioning on WhatsApp in your Phone and would neither work on the one that sent a message to you too.

or You can try The Best Method (which suited me the Best)

Go to settings and Click on emerging Notifications
option and then
select the option Always
show pop element

The Settings
The Settings

I hope this article helped you and i hope you would share this piece of information with your friends 🙂


Excellent Cricketing Apps For IOS Based Smart Phones

When it comes to downloading cricket apps on Android based phones there are plenty of options that are available but for IOS there were very less cricketing apps that were available. But now the trend has changed and there are many app developers who are developing cricketing apps for IOS based smart phones. Here is the list of some excellent cricketing apps for IOS based smart phones.

Tip:- Top 5 Timepass Games for your iOS Device

Top Cricket Apps
Top Cricket Apps

Enjoy this cricket app called as Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket
Stick Cricket

• This is undoubtedly one of the favorite and highly downloaded cricketing apps for IOS based smart phones. You can easily download this app from the IOS play store. It is completely free and allows you to watch your favorite cricket players playing their best shots in a very simple and smooth manner. All the icons are clearly defined and you can click on different icons so that you can watch your favorite cricket matches and tournaments.

Trick:- Free your iOS Apps from Viruses

IOS also offers Espn Cricinfo

cricininfo is also available with Android and now you can also download it thorough IOS platform. This app has got everything that you can expect from a excellent cricketing app. It has got live scores provision, commentary, scorecard, pictures, graphics, analysis and statistics. One of the best features of this app is called as lean back mode which allows the users to place the smart phone on the table and activate the score menu; you can enjoy your favorite cricket match while doing your work.

Cricket World Cup Fever the Deluxe version

• The best part about this app is that you can choose the tournament as well as power play mode. This app is considered as one of the best apps for live streaming purposes. This app is based on highly advanced software which allows you to see clear pictures of all the matches. Another best part about this highly advanced app is that you can also save the matches on your smart phones and watch them later when you have time. It means if you are busy with your office work or any other work and want to see your favorite cricket players playing then turn the recording mode on and watch them later when you get free.


• ICricket is another wonderful cricketing app available for IOS based users and it has got some amazing graphics and icons. You can easily tap on these icons to watch the live scores or your favorite tournaments. You can easily watch the live commentary as well as scores of the ongoing T20 world cup and the upcoming IPL 7. This is a free to download app and the download procedure is also very easy. All you need to do is to follow the step by step approach and enjoy your favorite cricket match.


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All of the above mentioned apps are one of the best cricketing apps available for IOS users and Apple is also trying to include more such apps so that the cricket lovers can enjoy their favorite cricket match in a simple and easy manner.

Download Plants Vs Zombies 2 for iOS Worldwide [Trick]

As some of you guys might know that i own an iOS device and recently ie on 18th July Plants Vs Zombies 2 released but only for Australia and New Zealand. But what about us?  the asians and other gamers who were waiting for this game? Popcap initially said:-

Plants vs Zombies 2 would be available wordwide in summers

WAIT! what i read? next summer? i cant wait for it! that’s why you are reading this post to get  your free copy of Plants Vs Zombies 2 on your iOS Device.

Game Info (as by other sites)

The Game has samecluster of plants. Here you’re a lot of inclined to diversify, taking new plants into battle simply to examine what impact chemical has on them. we have a tendency to ne’er a lot of cared for the Cabbage-pult, to be honest, victimisation it only if us game gave us no different. currently it’s often by our aspect, that full-screen attack destructive entire waves of zombies and on many occasions helping us catch up on what might are a fatal mistake.

Plants vs Zombies 2 for international Gamers
Plants vs Zombies 2 for international Gamers

The game is Free for all iOS users but there are in-App Purchases.

What Popcap has to say about this Game?

The sequel to the hit action-strategy adventure with over 30 Game of the Year awards is coming. Join Crazy Dave on a crazy adventure where you’ll meet, greet and defeat legions of zombies from the dawn of time to the end of days. Amass an army of powerful new plants, super charge them with Plant Food and power up your defenses with amazing new ways to protect your brain.

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Video of Plants Vs Zombies 2

Steps To Get Plants vs Zombies 2 on your iOS Device.

  • Go To App Store on your iOS Device
  • On the Featured Section,scroll down and click on your apple id. a New box would appear.
  • You have to change your settings (Country settings).
  • Choose Australia and click next.
  • Accept all the terms  and conditions that Apple is asking.
  • In the Payment option select None.
  • Click Next and Save your Apple id settings
  • Now your apple id is of Australia Region.
  • Search Plants vs Zombies 2 on the search bar and download it for free.

And hence now you have latest plants vs Zombies 2 Game!

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Plants vs Zombies Free on iOS!


I hope that you liked this tutorial and would tell in comments that how much you liked this game! i am just loving this game! the only bad part is that you have to collect stars in order to proceed to next world.What’s your favorite part of the game and your most hated thing about this game? Do let us know!

Do share this Post with all your other zombies lovers! So that they can also enjoy this fabulous game!

Thanks for Reading ! I hope you would enjoy my other posts too!




3 Top Methods to Hide ‘Last Seen’ Feature in WhatsApp

Hey Guys! I am back with another WhatsApp Trick! As i have become a active user of WhatsApp,i was keen to discover some of its drawbacks and to handle them. So one such is “last Seen Feature“. I was really annoyed that whatsApp can tell when we were online and when we were not!

Remove Last Seen Feature
Remove Last Seen Feature

Earlier too i have written a lot about WhatsApp and now i am writing this awesome post because i got a hell lot of good response from other posts of this topic!

Other Killer Tricks of WhatsApp

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Now coming To the Ways through which you can Do so!

If you are an iPhone User:-

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go To WhatsApp Settings
  • Go To Chat Settings
  • Touch  on Advance Option
  • Then there you would see an option of Last Seen Stamp :- turn if Off
  • Note:- It would take around 24 Hours to see the effects

If You are an Android User:-

  • If you are Android user you need to download an external App (no need of rooting your device)
  • Go to Google and Download  an App Called “Not Last Seen
  • After you Install This App ,Open it and enable the option :- “BLOCK LAST SEEN”

How To Do It Manually?

  • Disable the Option Data Network and your Wifi Before Launching up your WhatsApp
  • Once its disconnected open your App and read or send messages
  • Now close your WhatsApp and enable the Option of “Internet Access” ,doing this server would not mention your last login time 🙂

I hope with these 3 methods you can secure your privacy and can have fun with your inmates 😉 if you have any problems just do comment below and i would help you out! and just check out our other WhatsApp articles too! i ahve already written some mind blowing ones!

iPhone 5S with Touch On Display?

iPhone 5 Leaks
iPhone 5s Coming?

Apple’s next iPhone is also equipped with higher, additional responsive touchscreen technology, sources conversant in developments have claimed.

According to provide chain gossip in Taiwan, the iGiant is reportedly in talks with Chimei Innolux, the country’s biggest liquid crystal display manufacturer, to provide a supposed ‘touch-on’ show for the telephone we’re on the side soundtrack the iPhone 5S, although it’s hardly introduced a diluent, lighter ‘in-cell’ panel with the iPhone five.

This is amid reports that the in-cell screen on board the current-gen iKit usually fails to register quick scrolling inputs – significantly on a diagonal angle – a retardant that’s not exhibited by the on-cell displays used on older iPhones.

By distinction, touch-on technology is claimed to boast the next sensitivity, whereas still being skinny and light-weight, which means it shouldn’t compromise the handset’s slim type issue.

Apple Fan Boy Guide:- Turn Your Pc into Macintosh!

Rumours recommend that Apple has already ordered an endeavor production of its seventh-generation iPhone during a comparatively low volume of around 100k units, in preparation of Associate in Nursing alleged launch in summer
Aside from a additional reactive show, the iPhone 5S is additionally expected to sport a cloth that’s additional proof against scratches and scuffmarks, that are a large supply of frustration for house owners of the iPhone five, that uses Associate in Nursing anodised atomic number 13 chassis.

Know Best Security Apps :-Secure Your iPhone now!

Download Plants vs. Zombies for iOS for Free this Week!

Plants vs. Zombies for Free for iOS
Plants vs. Zombies for Free for iOS

The Plants vs. Zombies sequel isn’t prepared for unharness nonetheless, however PopCap is providing the first game at no cost on iOS devices. This provide is just offered for a restricted time, thus confirm you’ve got downloaded the sport before February twenty eighth. If you haven’t compete Plants vs. Zombies since it absolutely was originally free, here square measure details on updates from the newest version:

“Greetings zombie fighters. The zombies have invaded en bloc and also the fiends have denied you the utilization of sunflowers! are you able to buckle down and do four levels of zombie hordes employing a restricted quantity of sun and prevail in a very desperate last stand? must you succeed, a fair more durable challenge awaits you with Last Stand Endless. Grab the new Hammer Time, Still Standing and Stuff of Legends achievements whereas you’re at it. and take a look at out some powerful new mallets to relinquish those galling Gargantuars a decent whacking!

Plants Vs Zombies Screenshot
Plants Vs Zombies Screenshot

Now Your Take?

Have you played this game yet? If not play this awesome game before it again goes to paid one! I really loved this game and thus i give 5/5 Stars for this game! Simply unbeatable game!


Apple Takes in OLED Expert From LG Display

In this year the Previous awesome news was not enough for the fans to absorb when this news has arrived.A recent rent by Apple would possibly recommend that Apple is inquisitive about finally following the likes of Samsung associate degreed LG associate degreed unharness an iPhone with an Organic semiconductor diode, or OLED, display.

According to a report by business website OLED-Info, Apple has employed a brand new government into its show cluster. Dr. Jeung Jil Lee was antecedently a research fellow at LG show, associate degreed was an professional of OLED technology, having worked at Cambridge show Technology antecedently, the corporate that pioneered compound OLEDs.

OLED For iPhone?
OLED For iPhone?

Why would Apple have an interest in OLED displays? they\’re lighter than the LCDs Apple presently uses, have in theory higher power potency than LCDs, they\’re flexile and have wider angles and improved brightness, and their response times area unit higher than LCDs likewise.

But there are issues with OLEDs. Right now, they’re dearer than LCDs to form, and that they have abundant diminished lifespans compared to LCDs, as a result of the actual fact that the blues in OLEDs decay at a far quicker rate than alternative colours. An OLED, in fact, will see its blues degrade to 0.5 brightness when solely 5 years. This, in turn, ends up in color activity problems down the road. Finally, whereas OLEDs have higher power potency with most pictures, one thing as easy as showing a white background on a document or web site may end up in exploitation far more battery life than associate degree LCD display. That’s a haul to be used during a mobile device.

Apple has several patents for OLED technology, and there are lots of rumors likewise concerning their OLED plans, starting from use as a flexile show within the next iPhone to associate degree OLED iTV. OLED displays may additionally  build an honest suitable associate degree coming iWatch as a result of their relative power potency and flexibility.

However, the reality of the matter is that Apple is especially invested with in IPS LCD displays, that — coupled this year with Sharp’s IGZO technology — ought to end in displays with the power-efficiency of OLED with none of the colour activity problems. Time can tell if Dr. Lee’s hiring is associate degree early sign of a shift in Apple’s approach to device displays, or simply another example of Cupertino shoring itself up with talent.


Apple Reduced the prices of Macbook Pro and Air 13

Macbook Air price reduced
Macbook Air price reduced

In what’s primarily a surprise announcement from Apple, the corporate has slashed the costs of the MacBook professional and tissue layer MacBook professional vary, in conjunction with the 13-inch MacBook Air (with the 256GB SSD). The tissue layer MacBooks will get a processor line-up refresh. The 13-inch MacBook professional versions have received a worth reshuffle, whereas the 15-inch versions get additional powerful processors.

Let us begin with the MacBook professional initial. The 13-inch MacBook professional with tissue layer show currently starts at Rs. 99,900. This has AN Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. the marginally upgraded version of the 13-inch MacBook with tissue layer can currently value Rs 114,900, with a brand new a pair of.6 gigahertz processor that replaces the two.5GHz processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB flash storage.

The entry level 15-inch MacBook professional with tissue layer show currently gets the quicker Intel Core i7 a pair of.4 gigahertz quad-core processor with the 8GB of RAM remaining a similar, whereas the top-of-the-line version gets the new Intel Core i7 a pair of.7 gigahertz quad-core processor and 16GB of RAM. The 15-inch MacBook professional with the two.4 gigahertz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor is priced at Rs 152,900, whereas the version with the two.7 gigahertz quad-core Intel Core i7 is priced at Rs 192,900.

Comparison of Mac Prices
Comparison of Mac Prices

The top of the road MacBook Air thirteen with a one.8GHz processor, 4GB of RAM and 256GB storage gets a cut of Rs. 5,000, and is currently offered for Rs 94900. costs of the MacBook Air thirteen 128GB SSD version and therefore the MacBook Air 11’s 64GB and 128GB SSD versions stay a similar.

Top Security Apps for your iPhone

Some of them are free but most will cost you.In this post,i will tell about 4  security apps for iPhone owners,which every Owner should take a look at.I came up with this new idea when i got virus in my tablet.

Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone App
Find my iPhone App

The app,designed by Apple,can be used for both iPhone and iPad.If you misplace your iphone,the My iPhone app will let you use another iOS device to find it and protect your data.

Security Organizer

Security Organizer Screen
Security Organizer Screen

This neat little paid app has you covered for all memory lapses.It will automatically log out if the device is left untouched.


Preview of SNAP app

Snap is useful tool to discover open ports as well as a fun way to probe public networks to see who else is on with you.When snap finds a device,it shows you the manufacturer of the device,any name information it could discover from the device,as well as the IP address.

Firewall iP

Secure your iDevice from  FireWall iP Preview
FireWall iP Preview

It provides firewall features such as blocking outgoing connections on the jailbroken idevice,It allows users to create policies,block connections for applications when on the cellular network and block certain types of content

These are some of the best Apps of security for your iPhone,iPad or any other iDevice.Do subscribe our Feed 🙂

Apple And Android the New gaming Platform

Mobile vice is currently the quickest growing sector of the web vice market and each month it appears that new casino games are getting accessible together with higher versions of existing ones.

Already you’ll be able to play on your transportable all the classics like roulette, blackjack, scratch-cards, slots and video poker and it shouldn’t be too long before there square measure as several mobile games as there square measure games from on-line casinos.

Android the new game changer
Android A New Gaming Platform

This way there\’s no ought to travel or to remain in one place so as to play, that is nice, though you may still select as an example a Canadian on-line casino if you needed to.
There square measure 2 forms of mobile casino games: those vie within the browser and standalone browser freelance games. Apple’s call to not support Adobe Flash had some impact on the standard of iPhone web-based games within the period of time of mobile casino gaming; several created use of Adobe Flash that ran as a browser plug-in, and these were accessible within the robot Chrome browser whereas they\’d to be re-written in HTML5 to be used within the iPhone hunting expedition browser. typically user expertise with flash primarily based} games was higher than with HTML5 based games.
However, respectable effort was dedicated to up HTML5 and today it\’s thought-about to be superior to flash – actually for mobile vice. As a result HTML5 browser primarily based mobile casino games are discharged for each iPhone and robot, and there\’s little or no distinction between them.

Android and iOS at lead?
THe New Pie chart for games selling

It is an identical story for standalone non-browser primarily based games in this the downloadable apps use a runtime atmosphere that\’s primarily identical on the iPhone and robot. Consequently there\’s little or no distinction between the two; each square measure indeed quite beautiful.

As a lot of} more mobile casino games become accessible whether or not to use Apple or robot for mobile vice is basically a matter of that hardware you like. Apple devotees can continually like iPhone whereas there square measure several blessings of the newest robot phones, and regardless of the current state of affairs the shortly to be proclaimed launch of the iPhone five is probably going to be one more game changer.