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Android Users Rejoiced:-Temple Run 2 Comes to Android

When a week ago i posted About Temple Run 2 being released on iOS,I also told that Temple Run 2 will come on android also on 25th of the same month only! and here it is! Google Play has now Temple Run 2 which is free of cost

Temple Run 2 for Android
Temple Run 2 for Android


Beautiful new graphics
Gorgeous new organic environments
New obstacles
More powerups
More achievements
Special powers for each character
Bigger monkey

Temple Run 2 for Android
Temple Run 2 For Android

The Basics
Your play as Guy Dangerous, a redheaded Indiana Jones-type who apparently used his collected (stolen?) money to ditch his original ripped threads and barefoot look for a Doc Savage-worthy outfit. Guy, clutching a valuable artifact, flees Giant Demon Monkeys in interior and exterior levels as you tilt your Android device left and right to turn, swipe up to leap chasms, or swipe down to slide under fallen trees. Appearing in Temple Run 2 are cart levels that add nothing new to the gameplay other than interior cave levels that serve up visual diversity.

Temple Run 2 for android on Google Play|
Temple Run 2 for android on Google Play|

So have you played it till yet? whats your highscore?According to Apple stats ,i think the highscore for temple run 2 for android would be the same as 50,000,000 points.Some people might have acquired this score using some techniques,and if i got to know these techniques i will surely let you know about these 😀


WhatsApp! : The New Generation Messenger

BEEP BEEP! You see a Green icon.Its a message from someone on application called WhatsApp.Now a days the Next-gen is not using the SMS service but using the all new development :- WhatsApp.It has all features which a normal SMS compose utility has but infact more features! its like a mini-mini social network.

WhatsApp |
WhatsApp |


WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other! Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends.


  1. iOS
  2. Windows Phone
  3. Android
  4. Nokia Ovi
  5. Blackberry

Download WhatsApp! Now!

One of the awesome thing about WhatsApp Messenger is that if any contact is using WhatsApp ,That person is automatically added to your friendlist in WhatsApp!You can also put status in it like you do in Facebook,Twitter etc.

In short i would recommend every one and to those people also who text a saves money 😉


How to do Double Resurrection in Temple Run

Temple Run Double Resurrection Trick By
Temple Run Double Resurrection Trick By

 Now here is my second guide on Temple Run Game and in this guide i am going to tell you how to do double resurrection in Temple run Game .Its true that in a single run we can do double resurrection ! below is the method on how to do this thing.i found it pretty much awesome so thought to share it.But remember ,Always play game with neat spirit not with tricks ;).

I have already posted a full guide of cheat codes of Temple Run which you can refer to it if you like..


  1. Buy 2-3 Resurrection power ups before starting your game
  2. Double-tap the resurrection power-up to activate it. The power-up will keep you away from dying for a few minutes.
  3. And once the wings wear off,run 1000m before using another resurrection power up.
  4. So with these two power ups you will definitely get a high score to brag  around your workplace or school

Hope You liked this Guide! 😀 Keep reading!

Temple Run Cheatcodes (All):Exclusive on

There are many sites which are giving you cheat codes of Temple Run Game on iOS and Android and here today i am going to write all the cheat-codes of Temple Run which are found on Internet at one place that is Dhavalthakur.Com!

Temple Run Cheatcodes by
Temple Run Cheat codes by


1.Infinite Run

In order to do it, turn on the Tutorial Mode, and start the game. At the very first turn, swipe to the right twice. By doing so, the runner will turn around, and you’ll be able to keep running without moving a finger, since there aren’t any obstacles either.

2.Infinite Cash Cheat Code (without jailbreak)

This glitch works, but it doesn’t produce the desired effect.
The trick is to head to options and turn on tutorial mode. Once you’ve turned on tutorial mode, start a run and swipe to the side twice very quickly at the first turn.This might take several tries, but once you nail it, your character can run forever and rack up a huge score.So what’s the problem with this? With tutorial mode on, you will not be able to collection any coins or post any high scores. You can totally freak your friends out in person, but you won’t be able to rack up a score that totally trounces anything your friends post.
  We’ll keep you tuned to any new tricks or tips discovered for Temple Run.


Fulfill the required task to unlock each achievement. There are 22 in total.

1/2 Million Club – Score 500,000 points
1/4 Million Club – Scored 250,000 points
10K Runner – Run 10,000 meters
5K Runner – Run 5,000 meters
Adventurer – Scored 25,000 points
Allergic to Gold – Run 1,000m without collecting any coins
Athlete – Ran 2,500 meters
Double Resurrection – Resurrect twice in one run
Head Start – Use a Head Start
High Roller – Scored 100,000 points
Lump Sum – Collected 500 coins
Mega Bonus – Filled the bonus meter 4x
Million Club – Score 1,000,000 points
Miser Run – Run 500m without collecting any coins
Money Bags – Collected 1,000 coins
Novice Runner – Ran 500 meters
Payday – Collected 750 coins
Piggy Bank – Collected 250 coins
Pocket Change – Collected 100 coins
Resurrection – Resurrect after dying
Sprinter – Ran 1,000 meters
Treasure Hunter – Scored 50,000 points

Hope you liked my article and do watch out for more! 😀


Book Of Enigmas Answers (Page 201-250)

GUIDE NAVIGATION :- Page 1-50 | Page 51-100 | Page 101-150 | Page 151-200 | Page 201-250| Page 251-322 | Page 323-350| Page 351-400 | Page 401- 550 |

Book f Enigmas Answers
Book of Enigmas Answers

As i promised you to post the answer of Game Book of Enigmas for android here is the list of page numbers 201 to 250 :)


Here is the solution of the pages as mentioned in the Guide. As I said, we are just getting started. Anyone who knows the solution to individual pages, then we would be delighted if you could post a comment.

If any answer is wrong.Then Do tell below through the comments :)


  • Page 201: Lemonade
  • Page 202: Elephant
  • Page 203: Shrek
  • Page 204: Camera
  • Page 205: Kitchen
  • Page 206: Gas Station
  • Page 207: Italy
  • Page 208: Cop
  • Page 209: Ayrton Senna
  • Page 210: Flower
  • Page 211: Wedding
  • Page 212: credit card
  • Page 213: Bicycle
  • Page 214: Equestrianism
  • Page 215: Sandcastle
  • Page 216: Marty McFly
  • Page 217: Lunchbox
  • Page 218: Anchor
  • Page 219: Well
  • Page 220: garden
  • Page 221: aircraft carrier
  • Page 222: Zoo
  • Page 223: Clock
  • Page 224: Halloween
  • Page 225: Planetarium
  • Page 226: Monk
  • Page 227: Jazz
  • Page 228: Hair
  • Page 229: Hotel
  • Page 230: Toll
  • Page 231: Bridge
  • Page 232: Storm
  • Page 233: He-Man
  • Page 234: House
  • Page 235: Archaeology
  • Page 236: Boomerang
  • Page 237: Letter
  • Page 238: Asylum
  • Page 239: Mayonnaise
  • Page 240: Diamond
  • Page 241: Comics
  • Page 242: Nurse
  • Page 243: Rod Steiger
  • Page 244: Skeleton
  • Page 245: Little Red Riding Hood
  • Page 246: Scout
  • Page 247:
  • Page 248:
  • Page 249:
  • Page 250:

UPDATE: If you compete the challenges (download 2 more games from Balofo), you get 10 more pages. Here the solution:

  • Page a: Paste
  • Page b: Focal Length
  • Page c: Salad
  • Page d: American Pie
  • Page e: Fever
  • Page f: Ambulance
  • Page g: Albert Einstein
  • Page h: Michael Jackson
  • Page i: Argentinia
  • Page j: Dexter

I Hope you liked this Guide .Do stay Tuned to this Guide Series

Book of Enigmas :-Best Puzzle Game For Android

Are you tricky mind?want a game that is mind bobbling? Here it is Book of Enigmas for Android. I played it and  after sometime i found it really hard,but i enjoyed a lot playing! Now what is this game about?

By Guides
Book Of Enigmas

According to the Game story it says

Some time ago an old professor traveled around the world searching for the most amazing enigmas. He solved and wrote all of them in an old book: the Book of Enigmas.

But, we don’t know how, he lost his book.

And now, you found it!

Are you ready to open it and try to solve all his enigmas?

To Download This Game Click Here – DOWNLOAD NOW

Screenshot of Book of Enigmas
Screenshot |


Page 34 of Book of Enigmas
Screenshot of Book Of Enigmas

▪ 327 enigmas… and more coming!
▪ challenges (you can earn more pages!!!)
▪ online highscore (you need to install Heyzap)
▪ Heyzap
▪ Giftiz
▪ everybody can play it…young or old people
▪ warning: incredibly addictive and fun!


Personally i found this game very good that’s why i am telling you to play this awesome game! and if you want answers of this game i would be posting the answers too in meantime you play this game and have fun 🙂

Dont Have Android? Follow this Guide :- Install Android on iOS


Android Watch(Smart Watch): A Breakthrough in Watch Technology?

Now Android is not only in your Smartphones or Tablets,Now your watches would also be empowered by Android System!When i got to know this i was so excited that i thought lets rush to ATM and through the cash buy that Android Watch!

Android Watch |


What You can Do with it?
You can Read Emails and messages right through the watch!Swipe to scroll. Touch to navigate. Gmail, POP3 and other email plugins are available at Google Play Store.

Leave out your cellphones too if you use them for social networking because this watch has this feature too!Update your status or tweet on the GO!Also You can read Facebook messages and tweets as they come in.And What will be a watch without a calender? It Does have one!



Read messages! |



1.36 mm x 36 mm, thickness: 8 mm

  • 15.5 g main unit
  • 26 g watchband

2.Bluetooth Operating Range 10m

3.Multi-touch color OLED display

Hot Tip of  This Hour: Rename your Start Menu Text!



So are you planning on to buy this watch? Do tell us in Comments.Keep Reading


ONLINE USERS TOOL:- Unlock your Facebook Account Now!



How To hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S has a brilliant 4.0 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and 16M colors combination.
The Samsung Galaxy S has a 5 MP camera with resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels having features autofocus, Face Detection, Geo Tagging, and also a secondry VGA.
It runs on a 1 GHz Cortex-A8 and 512 RAM, 2 ROM internal memory is 16 with 32 external memory Support.
It supports all major connectivity options like Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, WLAN, 3G with HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps.
It also supports TV Out, Organizer features.
Samsung Galaxy S available in Black, White colours.

Galaxy S |

Samsung Galaxy S

as low as ` 14,200/-

Your Samsung Galaxy s might be malfunctioning, taking rather too long to boot, having a messed up operating system due to an incompatible application, proving unresponsive to certain operations or you just might feel like wiping all personal data off before giving it out to your kid. Performing a hard rest is exactly what you need and this isn’t that hard on Samsung Galaxy S.

There are some cases in which you need to hard reset your Mobile See according to your Problem.


Case 1 :If you can still access the phone menu and perform basic operations:

Go to home Screen and click the menu icon
Select Settings, then Privacy
Tap Reset Phone
Enter your password and select Yes to confirm

Case 2: If the phone is frozen or won’t boot up:

– Turn off the phone or remove and re-insert the battery if it’s frozen
– Press the volume up + volume down button. (You might use only the volume down button, whichever works for you)
– Now press the power button for about 2-3 seconds but be sure you’re still holding the volume up + volume down button
– A menu should now appear with options like Fastbook, Clear storage, Recovery and Simlock
– Select Clear Storage by pressing the volume down button
– Press and release the power button briefly
– Confirm your selection bu pressing the volume up button.

Doing this task will make your Handset new and fast as it was when it was purchased


Install Android on any iOS device in 13 Steps

Sometimes Apple users feel that i iwsh i also had an android version in my phone. Now today is presenting a How to do guide which  will make your apple device a android one!

Apple and android friends ! :D

I am going to show you how to successfully install and run Android on a compatible device using a simple application downloaded from  the Cydia app store called Bootlace, you just have to follow me step by step 😀


  • iPhone 2G, 3G, or iPod touch 1G
  • Jailbroken iOS version iOS 3.1.2 to 4.1
  • Cydia

Steps To install Android

  1. Open Cydia and Add a Repository to Cydia step1 to install android to iOS device
  2. click on Manage > Sources. You will be presented with a list of the Cydia repositories for jailbroken applications. Click the edit button in the top-right of the application, then click the Add button that appears in the top-left. You will be presented with a popup that asks you to enter a Cydia/APT URL. Type in the following URL, then click Add Source: you do this, there will be a loading screen that appears letting you know that the sources are being loaded. Upon loading completion, you will be able to return to Cydia.
  3. Download and Install Bootlace step2
  4. Navigate to the search page in Cydia and type in Bootlace to find it. Click the install button to have Bootlace installed on your device. Once install has completed, exit Cydia and return to the homescreen.
  5. Launch Bootlace and see Android being installing up
  6. After the patch has been applied, you will be asked to reboot the device. After it does so, launch Bootlace.
  7. Install OpeniBoot
  8. OpeniBoot is a bootloader for your iPhone that will let you easily switch between booting iOS or Android (iDroid). This is similar to the Apple-produced bootloader on the Mac called Bootcamp that lets you switch between Windows and Mac operating systems.

    To install OpeniBoot, load Bootlace, select the OpeniBoot tab and tap install. You will be prompted with a warning reading, “Bootlace is about to install OpeniBoot. This involves flashing important parts of your device and must not be interrupted or your device will require a restore. Do not close the app during any part of the install.”


  9. This process will take a few minutes. When it is completed, you will be returned to the OpeniBoot tab in Bootlace.
  10. Install iDroid
  11. Once you have OpeniBoot installed, you will need to navigate to the iDroid tab in Bootlace. Once there, tap the install button, and connect your device to a wall outlet before continuing on with the install process.

     Do not connect it to a computer, otherwise it will launch iTunes, causing the install process to fail.

  12. After you agree to the warning, your device will begin downloading iDroid. Depending on your Internet connection, this may take a while.

    After iDroid has been installed, you will get important information about your version of iDroid, including the iDroid version number, Android version number (Currently 2.2.1; or, Froyo), and date installed. In addition, you can do a one-click upgrade when updates are available, or remove your current install.

  13. When you’re ready to boot into Android, simply visit the QuickBoot tab and tap on the Android icon. When you do, a notice will popup saying, “Warning – This will reboot your device into Android immediately. Are you sure?” Assuming you are, select Yes.

    Your device will begin the iDroid boot. While the boot process is happening, you will see text fill the screen. After a few minutes, you will see the standard Android loading scree, and shortely thereafter, you will be presented with the Android unlock screen.

Hence now your iOS Device is running Android 😀 Do Comment how you liked this article