Dhavalthakur.com and 2016

Greetings readers,

I know i havent wrote many articles in recent times but i am back with more ideas in my mind.

The journey so long has been great since we started 4 years ago..We have delivered around 185 articles quality and informative articles which includes 3 infographics made inside our editorial room.During our this journey we delivered articles to many other companies and also participated in many competitions and won many prizes, we thank all of you readers for our success so far. 

And as now 2016 is coming,we are are constructing ourselves. There are many new changes that are coming up next Month.according to me i dont want to just “touch” people’s life by providing informative articles on DhavalThakur.com ,I want people to really feel the technology.. to change how the people interact with our interfaces.That’s why i as the founder of This blog/site i have decided to make this site archieve. We would be now making products to make people’s life easier and more interactive.

I am working on how we start the transition.During this period ,we chipped in much profit and we were in profits only.I still remember that i started all this with 99 bucks for my domain and thus i have never seen back.I have seen many ups and downs like Google Updates such as Google Penguin and Panda,i have seen my blogs getting sponsorships and rough times like loosing 70 percent of traffic to google updates.But still we continued to write quality articles and also extended our topics to health,beauty,Graphics etc.

Thus we as a standalone group (Code name: D0059),our  new interfaces line up would be released next fall.

I hope you all readers would show support 🙂


Dhaval Thakur

Chief Editor,Founder,



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