Bobbi Brown is one of the best and well renowned artist in this world.Many of you still don’t know him and he is not a artist kind of a musician or painter instead he is one of the best make up artist the world has known.He has provided some of the best tips for you in order to stay prepared to take the face off this summer heat girls.Let us see what are those simple but effective tips for you – 


  • Let your makeup kit be ready and fit for you – The best thing about the makeup when it comes to summer is that most of you are less bound to rules when applying it. What i mean to say is that makeup in summers is less bound to rules and limitation of things you are gonna use instead it is applying for the best of your mood to look flawless, isn’t it.As we all know due to the SPF and harmful UV rays of the hot sun can make your skin tone more and more darker the more you spend time outside your comfort zone and whenever you are about to leave you must always remember in mind of keeping up your face products with you like the foundation cream,concealer and the powder to always make sure that they will help you in maintaining your skin tone and the shade required to let the darkness doesn’t come in the view of audience and if your choice is to stay inside or you are a sit back at home lover than give your skin a boost of bronzer which can be either in powered form or gel or cream base depending on you and your skin type.Applying it in the right proportion on your forehead, cheeks and nose will help them less likely to be strike-able to sun’s heat.Types-of-makeup-foundation
  • Prepare your face to be moisturized – The key to your fresh looking skin is yes off course the moisturizer you are going to apply madam.Why it is the best key, because it creates the perfect base required for your makeup.Moisturizers can be used depending upon the skin type like for normal skin it is good to use a light moisturizer which when applied provides a light weight coat on your face where as for dry skin one’s, you must use a moisturizing lotion that will provide you higher or at-least the desired rate of hydration to your skin in order to lock up the radiance of your skin.Try to look up for a moisturizing cream or lotion that contains more amount of hydrating agents.As far as goes for oily skin one’s, they should go for the lotions that will provide hydration but also helps in controlling the oil production so that the rate of oiliness,pollution and attraction and sticking of dirt can be reduced as far as possible and for longer hours of day.You must always start of with a light weight and light toned eye cream to make ensure the under eye concealers looks properly blended and smooth with your skin tone and does not show the mark of tiredness and stress all over your face that will gonna reduce it radiance to.


  • Modernized colors for this summer – As we all know this summer is the summer of bringing out your natural beauty and natural gorgeousness.It is better to attract some one from your original beauty instead of having a whole lot of makeup applied on your face in order to make you look good for some time but till the noon it will start getting of likeSummer-Makeup-Tips-For-Black-Women scrapping of old paints from old walls and will make you look ugly fugly. Make your this season as simple as easy as possible even of by the use whether from moisturizing balm to skin energizing foundation creams to a whole lot of color collection kept in your drawer. Applying a light, simple and soothing coat of makeup on your skin this summer that will help you in facing up the heat of this summer and will bring up and enhance up the beauty of your natural glow of your skin too and provide a subtle warming attracting shine too.
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  •  Keep an eye on your wrong side – One of the biggest mistake by every women is using and applying the wrong shade of your foundation cream or gel depending on what are you using.Always keep in mind of using the right toned foundation that will blend in your skin and will help you achieve the proper mix of even toned finish.To get the right blend for your skin , apply different shades on your cheeks and blend them together using your fingers to your matched skin tone.The best thing that most of the women don’t do is testing up of foundation on hands instead of your face whenever moving in the market to buy one.Seriously , you are going to apply it on your face so test it on a portion of your face as well in order to have a better judgement on how’s it gonna look after applying on your face instead of on your hands.Always opt for darker shades that doesn’t goes up with your skin. 
  • Lickerish


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