5 Tips for your 5 Toes

You always take care of your most important parts of your body especially for face,hairs, keeps and eye on your belly too
but the most important you don’t care about taking care for your feet also. Most of you don’t think about taking the proper
care for you toes in order to make them look good because generally they got hidden in your shoes or sneakers but what
happen when you wore sandals and your kind of ugly looking toes comes out in the view of audience. eeewww!!
And if you do take care for your toes the the most common thing you do is getting pedicure to get the perfect look and for
which you’ll always go to parlor generally every month i guess but what if i say you don’t have to go there every month
and can save some of your bucks too just by staying at your home.All you need is to stay at your home and take care of
them just by applying some of the simple steps you are just going to read about in the following post.So here are five steps
to get the cleaned,soft,shiny and the beautiful toes you want to have :-

1. Soak them out

Woman Soaking Feet in Water
Just like you’ll take care for you skin of hands, face etc to remain moisturized to look soft,clean and beautiful similarly it is
necessary to take care up for the skin on your feet as well in order to lock up its moisture and let it look healthy and
beautiful.All you need is to get a mix of soap or shampoo in a bath tub full of hot water and soak and wash your feet and
your toes too for at least 15 to 20 minutes in it and then rinse and wash them with a soft towel.

2. Scrub up them

Now just get a sugar or salt based exfoliating scrub and scrub up your feet with it and then wash it of with clean water .

3. Need to get a trim and file for them

Use a perfect clipper in order to get the perfect shape for your nails and cut them properly with care and always cut them
in a straight way in one sequent direction.In order to get the perfect length always keep in kind in cutting in small pieces in
a series of ways and it is suggested to cut them in three times.First cut a nail from its left side then from its right side and
then from the front of it and you will achieve the perfect shape for your nails.Cutting them in one go will cut them in an un-
appropriate manner and will cut them in a shorter length then required.Always remember not to use a metal filer while filing
up as it will make them weak and just file them up till you get a round shaped and soft edges.

4 Get a massage and moisturize them

Providing the required massage to your feet will relax them and decreases the rate of its swelling and the stress generated
from all your day to day work.All you need is to get a top notch moisturizer and a massager and then just moisturize

5. Polish and retain their shine

The last and the final step to apply a coat of polish on your nails and it can be of any desired color of yours choice.If you
are applying a color nail polish then the first step to you is to apply a thin base coat and then apply the nail paint in three
strokes .First apply in the middle then on the left and then on the remaining right and if you by mistake apply the nail paint
in the cuticles(the side skin of the nails), then just remove it using a piece of cotton and remover.


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