This summer get these aroma’s

flower essence
So finally summers are back and you have already planed of putting on your favorite dress for this summer or your pair of
shorts just the way to enjoy this summer season.But have you taught about what this summer is going to have the effect
on your skin and what are going to be its consequences. You have but just taken it lightly, right.You need to take care
much more than you have taught and most of all the increase rate in your stress due to the this modern age of
industrialization will also going to increase the effect of it on your skin too.Their are a huge lot of ways to relax in this
hectic life of your’s but experts have also suggested aromatherapy as one of the best way of relaxing and for general
well being of your skin too.If you dedicate some of your time for head massage or for aromatherapy then it will really going
to have a calming effect on you and will also help as a distressing mechanism too.There are varieties of oils available in
market from which you can choose for :-


Lavender is suggested as one of the best when it comes as a distress and on a plus point it will help you in curing up
against cold,migraine and flu.It will also help in cure of insomnia and will help you having the desired amount of sleep.A
quick massage from lavender oil will help you in relaxing up your mind muscles and the best for is if are suffering for hair
fall and dandruff then it will surely going to help you as it promotes hair growth and removes dandruff and will act as a good
conditioner for hair.
Therapeutic properties of Laveneder – It act as an antiseptic, antidepressant, deodorant,anti-inflammatory decongestant and
acts as a sedative to.

It is generally a citrus scented oil which has very essential benefits and is extracted from the beragamia tree found in
Southeast Asia.It act as a wonder when it comes to cure for acne,depression,boils,anxiety,cold and soreness.It not only
beneficial as a mind soothing agent but also helps in promoting hair growth, soothing of scalp and provides an extra shine
to hairs.
Therapeutic properties of Bergamot – It is generally used in the treatment of stress,depression,anxiety,anorexia and some
of the infection related to skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.It also stimulate the digestive system,liver and spleen
and lift the overall fitness of those who are suffering from general malaise.


Rosemary is helpful to issues related to hairs like for preventing explanatory hair fall and repairing its health.This oil is
full of nutrients that will help in regenerating hair growth and will act as the best food component for the scalp and hair and
will increase the blood circulation that helps in increasing hair growth.It also very helpful in fighting with problems like
muscle cramps, exhaustion and dull skin.
Therapeutic properties of rosemary – It is widely known and preferred for stimulating mental properties for depression and
also enhances mental stability,memory and focus.It also act as a soothing material for muscle cramps,aches,headaches
and migraine problems.It also act as an antiseptic when it comes to infection in liver and digestive system and is great for
skin as well.


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