Sunny Leone is back in a Scary Mood


As we know that Ahaat is one of the most successful horror show that had been able to gain success in front of audience of India which air’s on Sony entertainment network channel everyday.This time Sunny Leone is taken into account for having a special appearance on this show for the upcoming episode but as well know that she is right now busy in his other projects and the recently launched trailer and upcoming movie of his “Ek Paheli Leela”, it is unable to say about his dates in order to go for the shoot of this episode of Ahaat.But after receiving his great success in the genre of horror , she is definitely going to rock the small screen after his markup on the big screen as well.


The shows producers has also decided to air the show four times a week instead of two times as well.There were also the buzz about appearance of Bipasha Basu has been also taken place sometimes but they were just the rumors of his appearance in first episode of this show.It ha been seen that for film production nowadays every big star is making their way to small screen in order for the promotion of their movies but Sunny Leone is going to be the first actress that is going to be seen for the first time in this show of horror genre in the hope that others actors and actress will also going to be the part of the show in future.



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