Keep Your Hairs Healthy Man

What are the basic problems you are facing when it comes to hairs? they are basically dandruff,oily scalp,roughness,dryness,
dullness, hair fall and less growth of hairs, right.The cibacious gland present in our skin produces natural oil or cibaium that
keeps your hair roughness free and doesn’t make them dry but if proper care is not taken of this gland then the production of cibaium reduces which results in the dryness of your scalp and rough hairs.This dryness and roughness leads to hair fall and other hair problems.So in order to stay away from this problem all you need is to keep your scalp moisturized.Regular care and oiling will keeps your scalp health and therefore keeps these problems away but you always need to take care of all your remedies and methods and have to implement them properly.So here are some of the best ways in order to help you keeping your scalp and hair healthy-


1. To get long, black and shiny hair –

Scientists have said that falling and greying of hair can be seen through various reasons like anxiety,stress, genetics , extreme weather conditions or nutritional deficiency and what humans generally do in order to keep them or to show them as black and shiny, coloring and costly therapies which are one in another way is damaging.So try some home remedies and keep
them in good condition dude.
a) Take some leaves of curry leaf and a half a piece of amla and boil them in around a half cup of coconut oil on medium
flame till they get properly settle in the solution and then using a sieve, drain out the solution and store it in a container and
regularly apply it on your scalp and massage well.This will help in making your hairs black and strong and hence will reduce
the rate of hair fall.

b) collect around 4 spoon full of fenugreek seeds and 4 spoon full of sesame seeds and grind them into a fine powder using
a grinder.Now in a separate container mix almond oil and coconut oil, around half a cup of each , stir well and set aside.Now
whenever massaging your scalp with the created oil mixture always remember to add a spoon of the created powder to oil
mixture and then massage well or you can mix the powdered content in the oil while making it and then store it in a container
and use regularly.Apply this solution at least for 10-15 minutes and for better results use it on alternate days.This mixture will
help in reducing the problem of dandruff and hair fall.
c)collect a sufficient amount of juice of onion by scrapping or by any means from which you can do it and apply the juice on
your scalp and allow to rest it well for at least half an hour. This will help you in the situation if you are facing to much hair fall
or baldness.
d)Mix and place well in a stored container a sufficient amount of neem leaves in any of the available oil whether
coconut,almond or mustard and apply it in order to reduce the rate of hair fall and greying.


2. Keeping your hair and scalp excess of oil free –
Usually in summers due to excessive sweating, not only our skin gets damage but our scalp is also get damaged and will
affect our hair as well.Due to excessive sweating, no matter how much you’ll take care of your hairs in order to remain
beautiful, they are surely going to get sticky.So remember these points in order to remove this stickiness and oiliness from
your hairs.

a)First of all remember not to make your hair remain open for a longer time( for girls especially) and if you love to do so,
keeping your hair remain open, all you need is to take care to watch for them in order they doesn’t look sticky.
b) If your scalp is too oily then try to wash you hair within a regular interval with a mild shampoo in order to remove the excess
oil and all day dust, which has been settled in your hairs too.
c) Drink a whole lot of water as it will help in decreasing the amount of toxins that builds up sweat in your hairs.
d)Reduce or limit the use of hair gels as they will help you in maintaining the health of your hairs and will keep you hair
naturally oil free.

3.Relaxing your mind as well as your scalp with a gooood massage –
Massaging your scalp with a good oil will help in improving your blood circulation which not only nourishes your hair but
also helps in increasing their growth rate as well, is it good na. Use regular oils like coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil,
avocado or sesame oil on daliy basis or you can use essential oils like lavender, tea tree oil, rosemary, lemon, rose wood or
sandaal wood in order to treat your scalp well.

For best results mix some drops of your essential oils in your regularly basis oil and massage them on your scalp in a circular
motion of your hands for 10 to 15 minutes and then rest for an overnight before washing it in order to make it work.

4.Moisturize your hair properly –
use this home remedies in order to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized.
a)Aleovera –


aleovera has very good mositurizing properties in it which keeps your dry hair soft and hydrated and shiny.All
you need is to scrap out three spoon of aleovera gel and mix it with one and a half tablespoon of coconut oil and three
tablespoon of curd and after creating a mixture apply it on your scalp and leave it for atleast half an hour before washing.
b)Egg – egg not only moisturizes your hair but it also provide them the desired strength that helps them reducing the can apply it directly or can apply in the form of a hair pack as given below –
1)create a mixture of three eggs, two tablespoon of olive or coconut oil and one tablespoon of honey and apply it in your
hairs and remember that apply them on slightly wet hairs and then allow them to rest for atleast half an hour and then wash it
using a mild shampoo.

2)create a mixture of two eggs, half cup curd and one to two tablespoon of almond oil and then apply them in the same way
as directed in the previous step.
   3)you can also create a hair mask by mixing few drops of vinegar,olive oil,almond oil and rosemary oil in an egg.


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