Keep an Eye on your Lovely Eyes


care you need for your eyes

It is true, if your eyes are fresh and have the shine you have craved for then they will surely going to add the required charm and energy in your face and the beauty of your face will automatically rise to the top of your level, right.But have you taken out some of your precious time and thought of what will happen when they are going to face the intense sun rays and heat of the upcoming summer and what will the dust will have the effect on them? no.
normally what happen your eyes have to face the harsh and intense of heat in the morning then they have to face the monitor of your computer in your office which makes them puffy and stressful and then your aren’t able to enjoy the party with those eyes you are willing to enjoy the most at night.
so here are some ways by which you can help in keeping your eyes healthy and the way you want to be and keeping those in mind always-
1. maintaining the moisture in your eyes
in the upcoming summers the biggest problem occurs due to the intense ultraviolet rays of sun which causes the problem of development of cataract and damage to retina of the eye lens so it is advised to wash off your eyes every time you came up anywhere from outside.Washing your eyes in regular intervals not only reduces the chances of these problems that will damage them but it also reduces the stress level from your eyes.

2.Make up for your eyes in this summer
always clean up your eyes.Due to sweat that appears on your eye lashes makes them appear dull and tired so always remember to clean it is advised to wash your eyes atleast six times a day.Usually everyone use to apply make up on eyes as they are buying items in stock but it is good not to apply that much of make up because it will melt at a higher rate and will cause allergic reactions on and in your eyes.Be sure to apply a simple and sober make up that will be attractive and doesn’t cause any type of harmful effects on your eyes too.Use of eye pencils,eye shadows and eye liners are best and enough for this type of season to make your eyes beautiful and using light tone colors are going to be the best option for you.If you think that you have applied excessive make up or want to remove the existing layer of make up then you can use petroleum jelly as a remover.All you need is to apply the jelly using a cotton on the area around your eyes from where you want to remove the make up and then wash away with water.If you don’t have petroleum jelly then you can go for castor oil or olive oil.They are greatly used as a removers because they contains the desired amount of materials that are good absorbents.

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Complete care for your eyes :-

1. food that is good for your eyes.

No doubt carrot is the best food for your eyes but including green vegetables like spinach, bright orange fruits and vegetables like apricot must also be included in your,broccoli,almond,sunflower seed,beans and wheat germs are the food that will help in maintaing the health of your eyes.


2. wear with care.

if you are wearing lenses whether they are for your eyesight or for just fashion handle them with care and protect them from heat and ultraviolet rays of sun and always carry and wear sunglasses when roaming round the city.


3. use eye drops.

due excessive heat or for working for long hours in front of your computers makes your eyes dry, so carry a pair of eye drops and use them at least three times a day in order to retain the moisture of your eyes.It works as good lubricant for your eyes retaining its beauty and shine.


4. dark circles, minimize them.

you can use cucumber or potato mash by applying them on your eyes in order to remove the tiredness and puffiness from your eyes.using rose water can also help you in cooling the sweet pair of your eyes.


5.facing the sun in a right way.

always go for work or for any other activity by keeping in mind the time hours that is be sure not to go in the mid span time of 11 am to 3 pm as this time is the time with sun at its highest temperature and if you are about to go at this time, do carry a pair of sun glasses to help in protecting them and they must be of good quality that will help in blocking or shielding upto maximum from ultraviolet rays of sun.


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