Oats are the one of the most important food in the list of super food that will help you boost your health.This top ranker in super food is mostly preferred as a cereal grain and usually preferred as one of the best food in breakfast as it has marvelous treatment properties that will help in prevention of cardiovascular diseases ,diabetes, blood pressure and even cancer.

Oats contains a soluble fiber known as beta-glucans which helps in lowering cholesterol.As this soluble fiber passes through the tract of digestive system it breaks down and forms a gel like substance that will help in trapping of substances that cause the formation of cholesterol hence reduce the level of absorption of it by blood streams. The cholesterol trapped is the bad cholesterol (LDL) where as the good cholesterol (HDL) remains unaffected.They are a good source of tocotreinols which are a kind of antioxidant which helps in combining tocopherols in order to form vitamin E which in result lowers the serum cholesterol apart from their property of lipid binding.
Nowadays their are a huge variety of Oats available in markets each of which have a numerous benefits related to them.
Here are the different kinds of Oats available in the market with their nutritional benefits –
1. Whole Grain Oats – They are also known as oat groats as they are minimally less processed oats with high nutritional factors.They are whole oat kernels with removed inedible hull.They are mainly served hot and best when eaten in breakfast having a good chewier texture.They also took the maximum time as compared to others when cooked on flame with a approximately of an hour limit.


2. Steel Cut Oats – There are also known as Irish oats and are whole oats groats chopped with metal blades into small pieces which increases their surface area to absorb water and will cooked up fastly in approximately a time span of 20 minutes on stove.


3. Scottish Oats – They are most popularly known as oatmeal and are in irregular shape of broken bits by the method of stone ground originated in Scotland centuries ago.These oats have a ceramic texture and cooks up in a time span of 10 minutes when placed on high flame.


4. Rolled Oats – These oats are made by steaming the oats groats in order to soften them and then they are rolled into flakes.This process not only stabilizes the healthy oils present in oats but also extends their life without compromising the healthy nutritional factors present in them.They generally takes an approximately time of 10 minutes for cooking.


5. Quick Oats and Instant Oats – These oats made by the same process of steam as in case of rolled oats but the time span for which they are steamed is generally longer than that of rolled oats that is they are partially cooked.They have a less chewy texture and are creamier and are rolled in much thinner shape.To prepare them all you need is to add hot water and wait for few minutes in order to get them ready because as they are preheated all you need is to re-hydrate them but as they are finely broken, they aren’t going to satisfy and feel full as compared to steel and rolled oats.


6. Oat Bran – These are highly rich in soluble fiber and are the outer part of oat groats which are ground in the for of course meal.They contain as much fiber as is contained by the oat kernel whereas it also have benefits of whole grain.They can be cooked in a hot creamy cereal over a stove and can be added to other cereals, smoothies and yogurts in order to increase the daily intake of fibers.


Point to remember – Normally the nutritional facts of different oats are essentially same whether they are ground, rolled , cut or whole.


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