use these four things for attractive lips


Usually in winter our lips becomes dry and start cracking. In order to make them smooth and shiner in this type of climate, you don’t need to do hard core exercises in gym or need to buy costly cosmetics in order to make them look good and attractive.All you need is to take care of them on staying at your home only to retain their smoothness and shine as long as you want and always makes your smile attractive.In this post I am providing you name of some of the basic and non costlier things that are generally available at your home only.Use these four items in retain and keeping your lips the way you want them to be –

1. Water
Normally what we do is, whenever we feel thirsty, wanna eat any kind of medicine, after eating any kind of food or whenever needed, we drink the plenty amount of water in order to stay hydrated and let the work of our cardiovascular system and other metabolic activity work in order to break down the salts in our body and convert them into the required energy needed for our body.But we needed to change the thinking of our mind about it.Normally it is advised to drink seven to eight glass of water daily is good in keeping our body healthy , but the fact is also that it is also good in keeping our skin healthy as well and hence the skin of our lips also.Always drinking the required amount of water keeps the skin of lips healthy as it acts as a natural internal moisturizer for them.
2. Aloe – Vera
Applying the aloe-vera gel on your lips keeps them moisturized and removes the dead cell skin from it as it a natural moisturizer and can also be beneficial on applying on skin of other parts as well.The ingredients present in aloe-vera improves the quality and strength of the thin layer of oil that protects the skin from external harmful agencies.Applying these improves the shine of the lips hence making them smooth and cracks free.


3. Coconut Oil
It is also one of the best thing that can act as an moisturizer for your skin.It is full of many extraordinary ingredients that helps up in locking up the internal moisture of the skin and helps in protecting the skin from external harmful agencies.Using it also brings the shin in your skin of your lips as well.Always apply them early in the morning when you get up and at night before you go to your bed for sleep, as it will help them in protecting them from cracking as approved by the American scientists and if your lips get dried and cracked, they are going to be healed in a less matter of time and you are going to achieve the lips you have dreamed of to have.


4. Honey
Listening up the name makes your mouth full of water, aren’t you dreaming of having this tasty nectar to eat but do you know that it also have many good qualities that will help  you in achieving a good skin tone and smoothness in it.Honey is a good moisturizer and hence rubbing a bit of honey on your lips are going to make them smooth and moisturized and keeps them safe for a longer time.It also helps in improving the quality of your skin i.e. ageing quality of your skin as it improves the quality of the natural oil of your lips skin that helps them in protecting from all kind of harmful effects.


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