EVERYONE HAS A FEAR (says Akshay Kumar)


Everyone knows that when it comes to action and stunting the first name it comes to our mind is the action king of Bollywood
Akshay Kumar but he always keep in mind the safety factors when performing those stunts.

Many of the audience aren’t aware of that the action king himself has a fear of siting in giant wheels.


Everyone wants to achieve the physic he is blessed with and many of the people are trying a lot in achieving    that type of
physic in order to perform those stunts but as the stunts performed by him are extremely dangerous with a jaw dropping
performance makes him the Khiladi of our bollywood industry and shows that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication in
order to have the fitness level with which he is blessed.

As we know that Akshay Kumar has a special love and attachment with action that is the reason his most of the movies are
action based and in those movies most of the action is performed by himself but the key factor he holds in self while
performing those stunts that ‘he makes them look like having a piece of cake’ without having any sign of fear on his face.
Akshay says ‘ I love doing action not from the beginning of my movie career but from the starting of my childhood but still i do
have fear in my heart every time I perform those stunts.’ He also added ‘ I always take care in mind of properly performing the
stunt at the time when it is being shot and the safety factors related to that stunt scene because even a small stunt is full of risk
factors and if it is not performed with safety will result in bad or worse injuries’.


He is named as the ‘Khiladi’ of our bollywood industry with his action packed performace in his series of films started with the
name Khiladi like Sabse Bada Khiladi, Khiladiyon ka Khiladi,Khiladi 420, Khiladi 768 and so on.

Recently his one the best action thrill is released named ‘BABY’ with which he has completed his 127th movie in his career.
He always keep in mind while choosing the best script that will suits his personality as he says ‘ he doesn’t only want to be
knowned as a movie actor only but want to achieve more than the title of an actor only ‘ .
His upcoming movies in 2015 are packed with action,comedy and romance and are named as ‘ Mai Gabbar ‘ , ‘ Singh is Bling ‘
and ‘ Airlift ‘.

While choosing and doing a film he always keeps in mind of properly choosing those role that makes him satisfied with his
work.The roles that will make him happy in performing to his best and what he remembers while doing those movie is that are
they after completion of the project makes him happy or not.He says it’s important that if the audience like his movie or not
but must be liked by his family, his son, which matters to him.There are most of the films and characters that can be
performed again and agian and are surely loved by most of the audience in our country.

Akshay Kumar has a huge fan following all over the world, many of them likes his action avatar and many loves his avatar in
comedy.The love towards this actor helps in choosing the right movie in order in keeping in his mind the one that will be
loved by the audience that is why we have seen his hardwork in his recently hit movie ‘Holiday’ with his marvelous 
performance.But he always has requested to his fan following not to try those damgerous stunts not even at their home or
even at any place.It has been seen a lot of time in order to meet this star many of his fans have tried some of the stunts in
order to attract the attention of this actor.One of the incident has seen is that in order to meet this guy a girl has cut of her
wrist which makes this actor wobble in his mind and finally the girl has meet this actor and was made to go to her home on
the request made by this actor.He always says that he’s not this much fond of any of the actors of his time instead of only
haivng the fact of clicking a photograph with his favorite once.

Akshay Kumar 2-

He always respect every of his co-stars in his movie and always requests to his never ending fan following to be safe and
never ever try to perform those stunts , performed by him and doesn’t risk their life.
Thank you


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