This posts is for those bloggers those are fed up by disapproval mails again again and as searching for better Google AdSenses alternative which offers them higher earnings.
As we all know Google AdSense is the world’s best platform where advertisers and publishers, both meet up and work happily in serving ads.Most of the beginners are dependent only on the Google AdSense for monetizing their blog, but aren’t satisfied because first they have to be approved by the AdSense and then they aren’t able to make the desired rate of money.Nowadays AdSense is growing rapidly and hence they are improvising their policies which in turn making difficulties for the newbies in order to get accepted by the adsense, which in turn makes them disappointing at that moment and hence they lose their hope in making money through this platform.
This post is for those newbie bloggers that need a new way , new source in order to make money.Do if adsense is not providing you the opportunity then you should probably move towards more available alternatives.As you are new in this field and aren’t aware about more alternatives, so here is the list of the best of the best alternatives to Google AdSense.
1. BuySellAds
It is one of the best alternative to Google AdSense which can be used for monetizing your blog.BuySellAds is a bit different from AdSense but you can make a lot more money from this than AdSense.First all you need is to apply for the publishers account and once you are approved by the team, you are ready to fill up your bank account.Your ad will be added to BuySellAds directory once you create ad slots for your blog.
Once you have placed your slots in their directory, advertisers will look towards those slots and if they like them, they can buy those slots for 30 days or for some months.The price is fixed for every slot and your slot price increases depending your blog traffic.


It is also known as Yahoo Bing Contexual Ads Network as they had contract between them.It is also another way of making money through your blog by displaying ads on your blog.The network pays on the basis of CPM(Cost Per Mile) or RPM(Revenue Per Mile).Just like others, first you will need to get approved by the authorities and only after then you can display ads on your blog for monetizing it.Your RPM depends on your blog traffic, higher the RPM higher the amount of money.
How this system pays you? suppose your RPM is $2 and your ad gets 5000 impressions a than your earning will be $10.


InfoLinks is also used by many for monetizing their blogs textual content. InfoLinks is the only that will provide you ads for textual content of a blog and as we are blogger’s, we mostly write articles on different topics.After getting approved, all you need is to apply text linked codes to your articles.In this network instead of displaying ads in slots and banners, they are usually applied to the articles textual content.Ads are basically converted to textual content scripts and once anyon click them, they does their work by itself.So if some is reading your post and clicks on that link, you’ll get paid.


This site is something that will help you in achieving high earning even your blog has a less traffic.This is also a lot different from the rest of the networks and AdSense discussed above.It is basically based on cost per action that pays for your action on your blog.Just like others , first, you need to get your account approved and than you can browse for different ad options provided by them.Once you find any offer relative to your blog’s niche, all you need to promote it on your blog whether in the form of banners,blog post textual content, sending emails to your subscribers etc. and whenevr you reader take anykind of action towards that offer you get paid.


5. Chitika
It is also one of the best and most popular AdSense alternative which is quite similar to AdSense.Only few things are changed in Chitika.It works in the similar way like the rest.All you need is to firsly get approved and then you can place ads but the best advantage of Chitika is that, it will provide you placing pop ups, frame ads and some more types of that will help in managing to earn some extra income.Payments can be easily made by PayPal or by check system


Other alternatives you can go for :-
1. Kontera
It is based on cost per click on an ad network which contains different form of ads like Display Ads,In-Text, Mobile etc. Payment can be made through PayPal or by check transactions and the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $50.

In this network one can found In-Text ads,pop ups, display ads,banner ads and the minimum transaction is $50 and 15 days is the net payment time.

3. Bidvertiser
It is cost per click based network allowing you to place text, display and banner ads.30 days is the net payment time and minimum threshold is $10 via PayPal.other options for transaction available is Wire Transfer and Western Union.

It is based on Cost Per Mile and only display ads are provided. The minimum transaction is $1 via PayPal and $500 via Wire Transfer.

5. Link Worth
This network has different types of ads like textual ads,display ads,In Text and payment is done after every 30 days with minimum payout of $25 by PayPal and $100 via Wire Transfer.

It is similar to BuySellAds provides you directly buying and selling ads payed for every 30 days and payment is only made by PayPal.

7. MadAdsMedia
It is a network based on Cost Per Mile and pays on 1000 impressions only.

minimum threshold is $50 by check and ads available are mobile ads,In-image,In-video,popups and text targeted.

9.Vibrant Media
minimum threshold is $50 by check and wire transfer with net payment time of 45 days and ads available are In-image,In-text,display and text targeted.

10. Intellilinks
Only In-text ads are available and payment is done via PayPal within net time of 30 days.

Payment is done by PayPal and Wire Transfer and direct buying and selling of ads is done by this network, all you need is to provide ad slots for 30 days.Payment is dependent on your traffic.

12.Tribal Fusion
It is the best CPM network and alternative to AdSense as earning as higher on this network, but being a member of this network is a difficult task.Minimum payout is $100 via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

13. Casale Media
It is also based on CPM that pays on impressions with the minimum payout of $25 via PayPal and Wire Transfer.

This network is based on CPA(cost per action) that pays on completion of an action

15.Exit Juction
This network is based on popup ads that display an ad when any of your visitor leaves your website and pays on when some one clicks on those ads.

There are multiple ways of generating a good amount of revenue even if you aren’t able to make it by Google AdSense, all you need is to keep puting your efforts in increasing your blog’s traffic to earn more.So all the best from my side in achieving higher returns.


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