a fantasy full of flowers

Nowadays flower tourism is increasing rapidly all over the world and each and every country are rapidly increasing promoting their flower fields as a spot of travel tourism which consists of varieties of flower museums and festivals in order to delight their traveling tourists.As an example the Chinese state of Wuhan manage to attract 170 million tourists to their flower’s show in the city, last year.It becomes a place of attraction for tourists to see the blossoming flowers like cherry blossom, lotus,plum blossoms, azalea and peony.Horticulture or flower travelling is one of the most biggest tending travelism increasing rapidly all around the world as it becomes one the best and soulful experience for the tourists traveling these kind of places.So in order to visit some of these type of flower fantasizing places in our own country India, you are likely going to read further to these flower valleys situated in our own country India.

1. Valley of Flowers National Park, UTTARAKHAND

This valley is discovered by British mountaineers in 1931 and is named as Valley of Flowers which requires a trekking of 17 kms to get to the place.The town which is situated near to this place is Joshimath in the Chamoli district of Garhwal.It is the best place of spotting the fields of lily,daisy,blue poppy,arisaema costatum, orchids,dianthus and calendula that covers the ground of this place.This place is best place for those travellers those who want to see some of the known and unknown species of flowers.
Best time to visit the place :- Mid of July to mid of August



2. Neelakurinji, KERALA

This field is located in Munnar and are a great means of attraction of purple-blue fields that blooms once in 12 years.There is a mass of flower blossomed  till January 2015 as some of the life cycle of the flowers is nearly four years as compared to the rest of the flower’s life cycle.It is said that the next bloom will take place in 2018 around the belt of Nilgiris-Palanis-Munnar.These flowers are well spread as a beautiful carpet around the hillsides.
Best time to visit the place :- July to January.
You can also go for a check by Munnar-Kurinji forecasters in order to know the exact timings of exact blooms.


3.Hassan’s Sunflower Fields, KARNATAKA
The field is also known as the ‘land of sunflowers’ which is known for its large fields of sunflower.To visit the fields you can walk through by the fields or bicycle around through the fields of glowing yellow sunflowers all over the area , as they bloom in the glowing sun rays. Sunflower field in Sundarapandiapuram near Kollam can also be visited by you in order to capture the beautiful view of sunflowers there as well.
Best time to visit the place :- Mid of July till mid of October


4. Kaas valley of Flowers, MAHARASHTRA
This valley of flower is declared as a bio-diversity place by UNESCO which is located just 300 kms away from Mumbai.It has a variety of 850 different types of flowers making it a delightful flora paradise to visit.It is a place to spot some of the unknown plants like cyanotis tuberosa, elephant trunk flower, vigna vexillata or adelocrayum coelestinum.The variety of flowers grows freely all over the place and the ‘Kaas’ name is given by the tree grown in the area whose leaves turns red as it matures and is known as Kaasa tree.
Best time to visit the place :- August,September and October

Nagaland DZ 374

5. Dzukou Flower Valley, NAGALAND
This valley is also known as the ‘Valley of flowers of the North East’ , which covers the ground just like a beautiful carpet of beautiful wild flowers.Flowers in these valley blooms in the season of monsoon in a variety of colours and the flowers that can be spotted are euphorbias, lilies in white and pink colour,aconitums and hundreds of different type of botanical species of flowers.The valley is beautified by the variety of colours of Rhododendrons.
Best time to visit the place :- June to September


6. Tulip Garden, KASHMIR
This is the largest valley of Asia of tulip gardens in Srinagar which attracts many of its visitors through its million of flowers every year.This valley attracts lakhs of tourists ,generally in April, as a 102 variety of tulip blossoms in full spin through the valley.Other places where tulips can also be observed are Shalimar Garden, Nishat Garden, Chashme Shahi Gardens and Royal Springs Golf Course.The visit is going to be an unforgettable visit to you as you are going to spot a variety of tulip in different colours like white,yellow,red etc.
Best time to visit the place :- April to May

Dzukou Lilytulipgarden_19_39_kashmir_938_410

Some of the other world famous valleys
1. Cherry Blossom Route, JAPAN – It is one of the best place to visit to spot the cherry blossoms
Best time to visit the place :- March to May
2. Tulip Fields, HOLLAND – One can visit this place to see the variety of flowers like tulips,daffodils and hyacinths
Best time to visit the place :- End of March and until the second week of May
3. Wild Flower Route, SOUTH AFRICA – It is a place where Namaqualand daisies can be spotted
Best time to visit the place :- August to September and March to April
4. Lavender Fields of Provence, FRANCE – It is one of the best place to spot Lavender flowers for travelers          
Best time to visit the place :- June to August
5. Rose Valley, BULGARIA – One of the best place to see a variety of roses
Best time to visit the place :- May to June


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