are you marrying so here’s are some best beauty tips for the bride

Its common that a professional beautician will always take care of a bride when it comes to make-up but its an important point for a bride to always keeps some point in mind when it comes to its essential beauty so there are some points in you must always keep in mind in order to stay to the point and always look beautiful.

1. Always take of your skin ( buy quality product )
It doesn’t need to powder up too much for your skin when it comes to buying a good product for your skin and always keep a regime in using it.Buying a sun-screen, moisturizers and day cream to ensure proper treatment in order to achieve the desired skin tone. As skin care products are highly enriched with vitamin C which is great for your skin as it will help in protecting the skin from damaging the skin from free radicals and effects of ultraviolet  rays of sun, due to high concentration of antioxidants present in them.Vitamin C also helps in improving and softening the formation and appearance of on the skin too.It is also helpful in keeping an eye gel in order to help in removing the puffiness and stiffness under you eyes caused due to tired, sleepless night .


2. Picking up the right base
Many times it becomes an issue between the many make-up artist and bride, when it comes in picking up the right foundation for their skin, as the bride says it gives them a chalky look in order to look overly fair.But it is important to provide the shade closer to one’s skin tone in order to get the perfect blend of make-up using a natural base.In order to get the right shade, keep in mind, instead of applying the foundation directly over the whole face, always try it a bit on your chin or on your forehead in order to match the perfect skin tone.It is also necessary to use the a long-wear foundation in order to stay for long hours and that doesn’t requires much touch up.If one has a clear skin then its a good option in order to use a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer only.Apply it thoroughly till your cheekbones in order to make it look sharper.In order to give an oval shape to your face, use a light tone on your cheeks and cover with a darker shade below it and use a peach blush as it adds the desired color to your skin.Keep in mind to always keep an eye on the type of blush you are using whether cream or powder just in order to make it suitable to your skin type and will last long.


3. Properly setting the make-up in place.
Always use a compact powder to make sure that the make-up will set properly and doesn’t make your skin look too shiny.It is important that the make-up doesn’t look tired and dull when it comes for putting it up for several hours, hence, using a face mist will provide the desired hydration in few sprays which doesn’t make it look fussy.

4. Add a glint to your eyes
Eyes are the most precious things that will attract most of the audience, hence properly using the eyeliner will add the desired charm look to your eyes.Depending upon your choice, you can have variety of colors in your eyeliner, whether it can be blue, green,purple,bronze or any other.Always add a desired definition in your eyes using different shades and combinations of eyeliner. If these eyeliners aren’t the choice of your eyes then you can go for glittering waterproof vision mascara or gels.

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5.Keep in balance of your body tone too
As your face is ready and look luminous to everybody, but the other point arises in your mind in keeping up the perfect balanced tone of your skin on your arms and legs as well and hence using the perfect body lotion for your body will give the desired look to your skin and always keeps it intense moisturized and hydrised. These body lotion makes a barrier to external agencies and impurities that will make your body tone looks dull.Whenever looking towards your body in keeping it moisturized, it is important to always focus on the weakest and driest part of your body i.e. elbows, keens and heels.


Additional tip in keeping your feet happy-Use a foot scrubber in order to remove the dead cells skin and dirt from your feet as they usually contain epsom salts,sea salts,brown sugar or oatmeal , which are good exfoliating agents.
It is important to always keep in the desired points in your mind in order to achieve the desired result that will increases your beauty among everyone else and makes you the point of attraction.If you think of more points that will help you in keeping yourself toned then you can provide them in comments as well.


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