8 Stars Steps to Boost your Blog Growth

WANT to grow your blog traffic.All you want is to get at least of 100,000 monthly visits for a successful blog right, who doesn’t want it ? Traffic is all we need in order to make our blog successful in terms of working and revenue generating.It took a lot of time in order to achieve that much of visits in a month but taking care on the following steps you are going to make a much better condition of your blog and can increase the daily visits.

1. Add much more content to your blog.

The more posts you’ll add the more traffic you are going to attain.If you are thinking of posting 2 posts in a week is enough for your blog than you are wrong, all you need is too adding at least of 5 post a week.Posting additional content each day will help you blog attracting more and more audience.It has shown in most of the study that if you post at least 3 posts each day, you are going to make a million visitors per month with time, but posting in a high amount doesn’t mean you are not going to focus on the quality of the content. The text must be quality rich as well.


2. Placing infographics in your posts
Infographics are the simplest way of increasing the blog traffic.Info graphics are more attractive to users and their one of the most important benefit is that they are well rich in content and easily understandable due to which your blog is going to face a huge increase in traffic.


3. Placing good headlines that are attractive to both people and search engines.
Placing a good caption with proper keyword will going to attract a whole lot of traffic.This will also help your blog easily providable to search engines.You can see a drastic change just in a time span of 6 months, all you need is to provide a eye catching headline.

4. Choosing a good niche
Most of the traffic is dependent upon the selection of good niche i.e. a trending topic.Choosing the trending topics and writing content on the those topic will help you in making them more searchable by search engines and hence making them more visible to the searching audience.In order to stay updated for the trending topics always use Google Trends in order to see what is mostly trending.Perform a quick search on Google Trends to see which idea is increasing and which is decreasing in the desired amount of search volume.


5. It is an impressive way if you write in a conversational tone.
so what does a conversational tone means? using the words like ‘you’ and ‘I’ in your post, asking questions within the posts,writing in short paragraphs and to the point etc will set an attractive look of your content towards the audience and most importantly, do always comments to your users questions.If users are commenting, it means that they are liking and sharing your posts.

6. Always keep a list of new users and their emails.
As we all know emails are the best source of traffic, so always keep a list of user emails.Allow them to subscribe your blog or collect their emails through offer provided by you.


7. Properly building up social media profiles and managing them properly.
Nowadays social media are the best of gaining a huge lot of traffic.All you need is to keep updated your social profile.Invite new users to your profile page,constantly share your content and posts over social networking sites.Always link your social accounts to your posts by widgets,website links and other ways.

social media cloud

8.Start a partnership with other sites and blogs in order to drive more traffic.
Include RSS feed in your posts as they seek up attention of a lot of people around the world.Place badges of other networks on your blog to show your link ups with other sites and networks.Show interest in other blogger’s blog and allow them to provide you with guest posts and in return you can also say them to linkup their blog with your’s and hence will drive thousands of visitors to your sites as well.

In order to make you blog more view able   and more visit-able you need to work hard on the points provided and they will work that to for sure.


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