Disable Blue Ticks in WhatsApp ( Newbie’s Method)

WhatsApp Double Tick

Recently the most recent update in WhatsApp brings in an exceedingly Feature that permits a user who has sent a message to understand whether or not the person whom he sent the message has scan the message or not. Don’t mistake it with the Double-tick Feature that already existed in WhatsApp (to show that the message has been delivered).

WhatsApp Blue Tick Second

So with the recent update the WhatsApp permits the sender to understand that scan the message, image, audio, location sent on WhatsApp or not.

The new Blue Tick mark in WhatsApp has enabled user to understand that the message he/she has sent has scan by the receiver or not however at a similar time the Blue Tick within the WhatsApp is inflicting several misunderstanding between individuals, for AN instance, you scan the message and you were busy with thusme work so you weren’t ready to reply? The one that sent message to you’d want “Even once reading the message” that guy hasn’t replied. thus to avoid such misunderstandings, we have a tendency to ar here.

One technique is popping Off the info and Reading the WhatsApp Messages, that was antecedently employed by several Freaks to cover Last Seen on WhatsApp. however isn’t that tiresome? only for showing some those who you haven’t scan the message, you’ll got to disable the net each time you wanna open WhatsApp, thus I’m not gonna tell that technique any longer, however the tactic shared below would simply build disabling of Blue Tick simply on WhatsApp.

Follow the steps Listed Below to avoid Blue Tick in WhatsApp

If you’ve already put in the most recent WhatsApp update and seeing Blue tick marks then transfer the previous WhatsApp version once more, Don’t transfer the oldest WhatsApp version as a result of that won’t work on this time, however transfer the previous update of the WhatsApp and install it. Before putting in the previous WhatsApp version, simply delete everything from the WhatsApp Folder which might be found within the Internal Storage of the Phone (Don’t Delete the Folders), if you’d wish to have the chats then keep all the databases that were existing before you updated to the Blue Tick supporting WhatsApp version.

Now install the Previous version of WhatsApp, to transfer that either build a Google Search or get a APK Backup if a number of your Friends have it and once verification you won’t realize the Blue Tick functioning on WhatsApp in your Phone and would neither work on the one that sent a message to you too.

or You can try The Best Method (which suited me the Best)

Go to settings and Click on emerging Notifications
option and then
select the option Always
show pop element

The Settings
The Settings

I hope this article helped you and i hope you would share this piece of information with your friends 🙂


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