Top Method To Install WhatsApp on Your PC for Free

You don’t have an android,iPhone or Windows Phone? but you still want to Use WhatsApp to communicate with your friends?Well today i have bought here the trick to do the same! We would be using software in order to run WhatsApp on your PC.

WhatsApp is a messaging app available to Android smartphones,Blackberry Phones,iPhones and Windows Phones.When you use whatsapp only data charges are applied and no sms rates are applied.

Get WhatsApp in your PC
Get WhatsApp in your PC

Steps To Get WhatsApp on PC

  1. You have to download A Android Emulator like we have playstation 2 Emulator likewise we also have an android emulator. Go here and Download YouWave from here.
  2. When you Download Youwave, open it,the emulator would open up. Now From the emulator Go to official website of WhatsApp that is
  3. When you would go there,there would be the option to Download It for Free.Click on it
  4. An .apk file would be downloaded.
  5. After downloading that above file open it and install WhatsApp
  6. When you would first time open your WhatsApp ir would ask you a cellphone number.Give your cellphone number.
  7. WhatsApp will send you a verification code in your mobile through sms.
  8. Verify that code on your this WhatsApp app running on your Pc.
  9. Tada! Its done! Now you are ready to communicate with your friends on WhatsApp.

How much you liked this trick? I liked this trick very much as i used this only trick to use WhatsApp when i didn’t had any smartphone.

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If you faced any problem do drop below your queries in comments and i would help you out as soon as possible 🙂


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