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How Advanced Web Ranking Helps Me to Provide Value to My Clients

The Following Content is a Guest Post By Flo

As an SEO specialist, I am always looking for ways to help me stay a step ahead of my competition. When I saw what Advanced Web Ranking had to offer in terms of features, I decided to give it a shot. To be honest, I was a little surprised to see the software’s complexity when I first run it. I presume that this aspect can put some people off – but not me! Within an hour I had put together a campaign and started to get a good overview of how the software works. Each section of the software had its own purpose and I ended up using most of them since I knew my clients would appreciate things like social media and link statics.

I found that the ranking reports were the most useful since my clients were always concerned about how their websites were looking on the SERPs. I feel that as SEOs we should concentrate less and less on rankings and more on the end game – conversions.

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The ranking module comes with a built-in scheduler that lets you update website rankings whenever you want. This is quite handy as you can schedule an update on a multitude of scheduling patterns. With this, I could offer my clients even a daily update (if they wished so) and not have to worry about constantly going back and re-checking every website’s rank by hand.

The very handy schedule module

Advanced Web Ranking also has a great tool that can crawl through clients’ websites and automatically be able to tell how interconnected the site is, and other SEO issues. Of course, this cannot replace the eyes of an experienced SEO, but in the right hands it can help a lot. When I take a client on-board I usually start with website SEO check and this can really help.

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As client websites grow larger, there are more chances for something to go wrong, such as a broken link, a redirect or forgetting to enter Meta information. Advanced Web Rankings spider lets me print out a report and send it to my clients to let them know what is wrong and how they can fix it. This is something that not many other SEOs do, helping me look better in my clients’ eyes.

Website Auditor in action….

302 redirect – anyone from reading this?


If only I could have 1% of that wasted link juice…

Picking the right keywords is essential for optimising a website. The keyword research module can help you get a clearer picture of what keywords you should be trying to rank for, and if a certain page on a website should rank well for specific keywords (it pulls data from Google AdWords). - social shares

In addition, I can run it through other websites and find which keywords they are most likely trying to rank for, helping me to paint a better picture of what keywords are profitable for my client. This is something else that not many SEO providers do since it would normally take a lot of extra time and effort to go to several competing websites and do a full keyword analysis on them. With AWR, it is fairly simple because the program does most of the work for you.

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One of the best features for educating and retaining clients is the social media module which helps you track what people are saying about your clients in Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. This is something that clients feel they can have a direct, daily impact on, and they love the reports I’m able to show them which demonstrate how if they increase their social media interaction, they can expect a rise in followers, likes, +1s and more word of mouth advertisement. AWR lets you build a long-term timeline as well so you can show your clients what the current trends are for them, and how they compared to the past (more screenshots over here). Sure, you can do that by hand but this takes so much time and on top of that, who likes repetitive tasks?

There are several other features of AWR such as the link tracker, which can help you see what kinds of links you currently have, and what your competition has. This ties in with the competition module that lets you see how the websites you manage for clients stack up against others trying to rank for the same keyword, and how you can use their own methods to surpass them.
Overall, this is a great tool for anyone involved with SEO or who has an online business.

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What about you, what’s your favourite tool?


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