Plants vs Zombies 2 for international Gamers

Download Plants Vs Zombies 2 for iOS Worldwide [Trick]

As some of you guys might know that i own an iOS device and recently ie on 18th July Plants Vs Zombies 2 released but only for Australia and New Zealand. But what about us?  the asians and other gamers who were waiting for this game? Popcap initially said:-

Plants vs Zombies 2 would be available wordwide in summers

WAIT! what i read? next summer? i cant wait for it! that’s why you are reading this post to get  your free copy of Plants Vs Zombies 2 on your iOS Device.

Game Info (as by other sites)

The Game has samecluster of plants. Here you’re a lot of inclined to diversify, taking new plants into battle simply to examine what impact chemical has on them. we have a tendency to ne’er a lot of cared for the Cabbage-pult, to be honest, victimisation it only if us game gave us no different. currently it’s often by our aspect, that full-screen attack destructive entire waves of zombies and on many occasions helping us catch up on what might are a fatal mistake.

Plants vs Zombies 2 for international Gamers
Plants vs Zombies 2 for international Gamers

The game is Free for all iOS users but there are in-App Purchases.

What Popcap has to say about this Game?

The sequel to the hit action-strategy adventure with over 30 Game of the Year awards is coming. Join Crazy Dave on a crazy adventure where you’ll meet, greet and defeat legions of zombies from the dawn of time to the end of days. Amass an army of powerful new plants, super charge them with Plant Food and power up your defenses with amazing new ways to protect your brain.

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Video of Plants Vs Zombies 2

Steps To Get Plants vs Zombies 2 on your iOS Device.

  • Go To App Store on your iOS Device
  • On the Featured Section,scroll down and click on your apple id. a New box would appear.
  • You have to change your settings (Country settings).
  • Choose Australia and click next.
  • Accept all the terms  and conditions that Apple is asking.
  • In the Payment option select None.
  • Click Next and Save your Apple id settings
  • Now your apple id is of Australia Region.
  • Search Plants vs Zombies 2 on the search bar and download it for free.

And hence now you have latest plants vs Zombies 2 Game!

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Plants vs Zombies Free on iOS!


I hope that you liked this tutorial and would tell in comments that how much you liked this game! i am just loving this game! the only bad part is that you have to collect stars in order to proceed to next world.What’s your favorite part of the game and your most hated thing about this game? Do let us know!

Do share this Post with all your other zombies lovers! So that they can also enjoy this fabulous game!

Thanks for Reading ! I hope you would enjoy my other posts too!





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