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When a new Blogger joins the blogosphere,he wants to earn his name,wants his blog to achieve sky touching honors.But as always a lot of hardwork is required.
You might have seen various blog having good traffic along with huge fan following and readership!anyone cn do that if you,as a blogger apply strategical tactics and plans in order to sail your blog on the internet.I was browsing various blogs and found about “Blog Engage

Engage With other Blogger
Engage With other Blogger

What Blog Engage Says:-

With a monthly RSS Subscription you no longer have to worry about manually building backlinks and can focus on more important factors such as building key relationships with other bloggers. When you post, we syndicate, it’s as easy as that, no hassle, no fuss. The higher the package the more social media marketing and backlinks your blog will start seeing. Some packages also include contest giveaways and featured spotlights of your blog and services on our blog.


So Basically Blog Engage is a blog syndication community where various bloggers of different niche unite and share content,earn exposure and gain traffic + Backlinks

Blog Engage Features:-

  • Adsense Revenue Program
  • Community Blog
  • Community Forum
  • Groups for Discussions
  • A Free e-Book
  • Just Retweet Bonus of 500

How its Beneficial and How to Earn Profits From Blog Engage?

As i mentioned above there is adsense revenue sharing programme. If you have adsense you can put your adsense code and can earn from your articles submitted to you.

Along with money earning part,other is the traffic,whenever you syndicate your posts to this community it is rated by other bloggers (THUS ENGAGING USERS WITH YOUR POST) ,So this is another benefit

Also This community has enabled Punchtab rewards where you can earn points and redeem various prizes like WordPress Theme,5 Dollar Cash etc..

Profit is habit here
Profit is habit here

How To Join?

As its a big community a small amount of fees is required in order to register To Register Click Here

The Standard Account cost £19.99 . which is a small fees for us bloggers (pro bloggers)

Lets take a case:-

We purchase an account here on blog engage by giving £19.99 .Now here i am assuming that we already have adsense Account,so we put our adsense code and this codes would be shown in your posts.Now its the time to syndicate your posts!

When you would syndicate your posts if any person goes to your article he would see your adsense ad.So now here you would earn your money.

If you have got good Content ,I bet that you can recover this cost in less then a month and would be running on Profits

On other side if you have a low traffic blog,you would start getting traffic as you would be syndication GOOD CONTENT .And with the feature of Groups you can join various other bloggers in discussions and can learn new blogging tactics and ideas!

There are 4 Plans to register for in Blog Engage:-

  1. Standard
  2. Platinum
  3. Business
  4. Business Plus
  5. Direct To Front Page
blogengage plans
blog engage plans (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

So What i Think is that if you want to gain huge readership in less time Blog Engage is the Community to go for!


Are you using Blog Engage? tell us in comments how you are liking it and benefiting from this service!

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4 thoughts on “Start Engaging:- Join Blogengage”

  1. Hi mysticdhaval thanks for writing about blog engage and sharing out site with your site members and reader! It’s nice having you join us I hope we get to see a lot of activity from you on the site! Don’t forget to add me as a friend!

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