Giveaway #1:- The Bonanza Vouchers- Win Rs2000($35) Vouchers

Well i am damn excited to announce the first Giveaway on my site namely :- The Bonanza Vouchers. Recently i thought that i have got good alexa rank as well as traffic so why not to gift my audience something? As you all know that we have just put one ads unit under each post to cover our domain expense but then also i have managed to introduce this giveaway.

Entering the Giveaway is Free of Cost!

#1 Giveaway of Cash
Earn Rs2000 For Free!


  1. This is international Giveaway
  2. Having a blog is optional.
  3. Atlast but not least You should be Passionate 😛


  • Rs 2000  ($35 approx) Voucher for Flipkart or for Amazon (your Wish)
  • 1 Month Free advertising on This Blog

What Can you Do with this Prize?

  1. If you are Indian You can take Flipkart vouchers to purchase any of the books or Games or any Good software for you.
  2. If you are taking Amazon Gift Voucher, you purchase a hell lot of things from Games ,softwares mp3 players like of angry birds and all!
  3. These vouchers are free to use! (in Amazon,shipping fees may apply!)

I am proud to say that the prize is in collaboration with,A site to get all coupons to get discounts on mostly all items!

How to Enter The Contest?

Click Here to Enter

Rules & Disclaimer

  1. Put your email address which is most frequently used by us (as we will contact you on that,if you are a winner)
  2. Use your real name while entering the giveaway.
  3. Fake mass voting will not be tolerated and the guilty would be disqualified without any notice or warning.
  4. If Winner does not responds to our email/Message within 5 days,then he would not be eligible to claim the prize and there would be a random giveaway of that prize money afterwards (through already participated users)
  5. The prize can be changed with other things of same worth.
  6. Winner will only be allowed to advertise one blog only for period of one month.We do not guarantee that you would get same amount of clicks as of our blog pageviews but we guarantee that your online business (blog) would certainly get much exposure.
  7. Transfer of Voucher can take place from 4-5 days maximum.
  8. The Voucher would Be sent by Cuponation Official or By Editor only.

Contest  Duration

18  Days 

Best Of Luck!

Organized  By:-

Cuponation- our  sponsor


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