Nanotechnology to cure the brain

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We have been talking about Nanotechnology in Computers,Automobiles and other areas of interest but today in this guest post you would get to know That nanotechnology will shake hands with hand!

nanotechnology The Future?

Manufactured nanoparticles capable of delivering drugs that overcome the blood brain barrier from the brain. This could be a big step in the treatment of brain tumors or neurodegenerative diseases.

Problems Faced..

One of the major problems in the development of some drugs is the existence of a structure called brain barrier. This authentic palisade our existing CNS poses real problems when we aim to cure the brain, for example in the case of neurodegenerative diseases.

This does not mean that our brain cannot happen. On the contrary, the blood brain barrier or BHE allows passage of substances of very selectively. If we think about it from an evolutionary perspective, it is logical to think that we have a “defense mechanism” the most important organ of our body. Some drugs that have real difficulties to cross the BBB are neuropeptides, proteins or antineoplastic.

If we for example use a tumor to treat brain cancer, it would have enough trouble. In this case, the BBB is not only the great barrier that these drugs have to overcome, but there are other complications, such as drug resistance and poor perfusion of the cerebral vessels. In other words, it’s really complex cure a brain tumor, and never reaching the appropriate doses of drugs in the brain for the treatment to be effective.

If we consider how to cure the brain in the case of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s

disease or Parkinson of the answer still has too many questions. As there is no specific treatment for these problems, we cannot know for sure if the hypothetical drugs could overcome the BBB. What I have found is that these diseases cause certain changes in the structure of the brain barrier.

If it is an infection that occurs in the brain, things are somewhat easier, since the BBB also blocks the passage of most pathogens. However, in the case of known HIV penetration, there may be problems associated with swelling of the body itself. Heal the brain in this case becomes very complicated, because it is difficult to antiretroviral used beyond the BBB.

Generally, for administering drugs in order to treat the brain, various strategies are discussed. One of them involves injecting the drug directly into the organ itself and other times it is the drug chemically modified. A whole new way to overcome the BBB involves the use of nanotechnology to help the drugs can penetrate the brain.

In an article published in Nature Communications, the researchers showed that nanoparticles could be used as vehicles to transport an antiretroviral (drug known as AZTTP). The novelty of nanotechnology is that scientists use a technique Magneto electric to “guide” to the drug to its target.

This innovative technology, although it has been tested only on antiretroviral treatment, other drugs may help overcome the BBB and the brain to heal if we suffer various diseases. Tiny size of these nanoparticles allows the marriage between nanotechnology and medicine present future certainly hopeful.

Guest Author Bio: Ankur is the Digital Media strategist of SEO India Agency. He is also an active blogger and loves to share his experience and knowledge of the SEO India, Internet Marketing and reputation management.


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