Mindblowing 15 Free domains for Your Blog

Hello guys! I thought that now i should share some domains which are always free or free for a certain period of time.I thought of this because i have seen many bloggers having standard domains,so thought giving out some details so that they can gain some good domains for free

Free domain provider's list
Free domain provider’s list

Why Free Domain?

Domain give your blog a standard and if you purchase or get a domain,your blog will get search preference,more amount of page views and yes! low alexa rank!


  1. DotTk :If you want a free .tk domain then now you can get it from dot.tk .You can register unlimited domains on it.But some Domains are paid.
  2. Co.cc: This is other popular domain which every one likes.You can get this domain from co.cc
  3. Cc.cz: This is one of the uncommon domain,and so known by less users.Get this domain from cc.cz
  4. Co.nr :- This is now one of he domain which is getting popular among bloggers and you can get it from co.nr address.
  5. Eu.org: Is your blog an organization? better use this free domain.Get it from Eu.org address.
  6. Za.net & za.org:This is other uncommon domain but its worth a try friends!
  7. .Free: get this domain for free from dotfree.com.If you are providing free stuff on your blog then this is the best domain as it would suit your blog address too!
  8. Cu.cc:it was one of the best and popular domains among bloggers but now as cu.cc sites are deindexed from Google [not Recommanded]
  9. Uni.me:- This is another unique free domain which i found in one of the blogs,it was founded in december 2011 and is getting popular day by day
  10. tbo.it:-Its uncommon domain registrar and haven’t tried it once but reviews of it are good.You can get such type of domains redirect.it
  11. freeurl.cc:Its other free domain but its not recommanded as i have never tried it! but you can get this domain from freeurl.cc
  12. me.cc:Its another cool domain which i found on google.You can get this domain from me.cc
  13. ne1.net: Its another low profile domain which is free to choose you can get get from ne1.net 🙂
  14. com.nu:Its other good free domain that you can use and there are also other free domain options that you can choose, take this domain and such other types of it from com.nu
  15. biz.ly Hosting:-If you want free wordpress hosting you can with their official free domain too visit them at biz.ly

But however if you can spend some bucks i prefer you to purchase a free .com domain or any country specific domain.The domains stated above are not first level domains.these are second or third level domains.But still if you are not in position or don’t want to invest in domain then you can go to any of the above domain registrar .

Over To You my Blogger mate!

This is a post for you newbie bloggers! tell us how you liked this post? i have done a few hours on this post hope you would

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12 thoughts on “Mindblowing 15 Free domains for Your Blog”

  1. I once used a DotTk domain but it doesn’t look good as a lot of spammers use them too.

    There is one you missed gybo.com/faqs-intuit-program-terms, if you are based in the US. There was a similar programme in the UK, but unfortunately that has stopped.

  2. Hello there, that was a excellent posting! Lots of fabulous info, I am pleased that I discovered it.

    I am certainly going to save your web site! 🙂

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