What are infographics

Infographics:- Better way to Add understanding to Readers

A few days ago,one of my blogger mate said that he was making infographics. I Wondered “What are these Infographics and why is he doing that?. When our conversation started and began to tell me about its usage and its use,i was amazed! and then i started researching on infographics!

What are Infographics and How to use them?
What are Infographics and How to use them?

Well that’s my story How i got to know about it!.If you still don’t know i guess you would learn now from my this Introductory Post!

What are Infographics?

Information graphics are the way of presenting data, data, or information with the utilization of visual tools. they’re quite ancient; early humans, as an example, created maps and alternative visual representations of their lives which may be seen these days. There square measure a large vary of recent uses for these graphics, from maps of subway systems to slides during a presentation given at a conference.


Visual presentation of knowledge may be a powerful tool. typically a fancy idea will be a lot of quickly understood with the utilization of infographics than through words. The universal comprehension issue is additionally terribly valuable during a mixed cluster, and also the use of graphics ensures that data are going to be accessible to individuals thousands of years within the future, WHO might not perceive the system of written language used; as an example, nuclear waste disposal sites use symbols to clarify that they’re dangerous. These graphics have conjointly been employed in makes an attempt to determine communication with alien races WHO may be ready to perceive drawings albeit they cannot comprehend human languages.

Why Good For Bloggers?

  • We bloggers post data and sometimes complex mechanisms related to blogging,so its useful to provide information in Graphic form
  • Readers are attracted towards  a graphic more then the headings in a post.
  • As a blogger, we need to ensure that our readers understand the given piece of information easily.
  • As we all know :-

    Pictures can say a thousand words!!

Who are Already Using Infographics?

  • All Big organizations use info graphics to make their own employes understand the new upcoming ideas.
  • Infact Mashable is using this tactic too!
  • Now Bloggers are also using it for better conveyance of Data.
  • In Television you see in the form of Weather reports or any player.
  • Posters around your city.

At your Side..

Now that you have learned what info graphics are.Now my question is that would you be using Info-graphics for your company or blog? Do tell us via comments and tell us which software are you using in doing so!

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5 thoughts on “Infographics:- Better way to Add understanding to Readers”

  1. Great post man! .. I am myself new to blogging and have heard first time about inforgraphics from your website! 😀

    Helped allot .. Thanks! Keep the work up!

    1. Thanks Pranav!
      Yes info graphics is a great tool for bloggers who want to share the complex information in a playful manner! I would be now trying out to make different info graphics and might put a new section here in my site too 🙂
      Thanks for doping by!

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