Super Effective Methods for Sweet Alexa Rank

Well, After many weeks i am going back to the topic on Alexa.As Mentioned  earilier in my posts that Alexa is founded by and it calculates ranks of all sites which are under its certain rules and guidelines.

If you are new To the word Alexa you can know from our introductory post which i posted earlier in February i think so..

Alexa Ranking system
Alexa Ranking system

Now i am assuming here that you already know about Alexa. So now Lets Talk about its working.. 😀

Alexa computes every site or blog’s rank from its Toolbar known as Alexa Toolbar.throughout the day the users who install this toolbar gathers the data and then ranks all the sites accordingly.Thisis just a summary or we can say what Alexa says on its accuracy on ranking.

Why To Bother For Alexa Ranking?

This is a pretty Good question that could be asked by any newbie blogger.As you might have read in my introductotr post that “less the rank,better is your blog”.Alexa gives you a glimpse of your site progress and it updates daily,so now you can monitor your Blog’s progress daily.

Another Big Reason is that if you have opened up a blog for advertising,meaning, for earning money then you should probably know that Advertisers see Your Alexa Rank before considering to put their ads on your blog 😀

So for example if Blog A has 300,000 alexa rank,and Blog B has 100,000 Alexa rank then advertisers would prefer Blog B to advertise on.

How To Decrease The Rank?

Effective Methods to Increase Alexa Rank
Effective Methods to Increase Alexa Rank
  • Install The Alexa Toolbar in your browser:-This is the first step. For your blog to be ranked less you need toolbar installed so that when you or anyone else visit your blog, the toolbar would receive the information and rank will be calculated accordingly.
  • Update Your Blog Regularly:-Who likes old posts on any blog? same goes for Alexa and Google Too!if you are not updating your blog regularly then your alexa rank will come down.But if you take care of your blog and update it regularly Alexa will be your friend too! 😉
  • Write Some Posts on Alexa:- Another sweet trick is to write a post on alexa on your blog and giving Alexa a backlink in your might be a small sweet method among the mention logical methods.But yes! This also works! I have tried it and worked for me too (I dont know why 😛 )

    Learn :- How to Make your Blog unique from others?

  • Widgets: You can also decrease your Alexa rank by putting up alexa widgets in your blog.They could be for installing toolbars or for reviewing your own blog.Or just a widget showing your Alexa rank and backlinks.As you can see i have given a small widget place for Alexa at the bottom,which do not disturbs site orientation.
  • Rating The Site: Tell your friends to rate your blog on Alexa.It would enhence the listing of your site in the Alexa Toolbar. Also rate other sites on alexa.

    Note that if you just jokingly rate other blogs with less stars your rank would also be effected!

  • Purchasing The Alexa Subscription:- Yes this is true! If you purchase its premium listing too,your rank would be decreased by a certain amount.Sometimes if you flatter alexa,it would rank you lower!Some Blogs like Dragonblogger have done so and are enjoying Better stats and rank of their blogs.

These are the best effective ways to decrease your Alexa Rank,And i am implementing most of them on my this blog only 🙂

Over To you Buddy!

Do you know any other method to improve alexa rank? Do share with us by commenting below and Don’t forget to shoot your thoughts on this post 🙂


28 thoughts on “Super Effective Methods for Sweet Alexa Rank”

    1. Howdy chaitanya!
      Yea indeed infact these tips are used by probloggers too! And I bet if you implement these things your Alexa rank will surely boost for sure!
      Thanks for commenting! Hope to see you around soon 🙂

    1. Howdy Pawan!
      Yeah! Indeed if you want good Alexa rank you have to update your blog regularly! I have already mentioned this point in point number 2 😀
      Thanks for commenting Pawan :d
      Hope to see you around!

  1. Yeah, Agree with these points. Am doing all, yet to get reviews from friends and readers.

    My alexa rank is decreased now!

    Thanks for sharing the honest tips 🙂

    1. Hi Nirmala!
      Nce to nice that my these tips are helping in your blog.well reviews don’t count that much but yes if you update your blog daily then definitely you would get a sweet Alexa rank 🙂

  2. I cannot agree with any of them, Sorry I’m not against you or your opinion. Just saying this from my personal opinion. I have tried all the steps mentioned since the start, the ranking kept fluctuating. The best Alexa rank my blog attained was 67000 but since then it dropped drastically to 100000+ and finally settled at 120,000.

    Even after trying everything possible the ranking just won’t decrease. Then out of frustration I removed the Alexa Toolbar, Widget etc from my blog. Then after 3-4 days, I noticed that the rankings started decreasing again… now its around 105000 now you tell me… what should I believe ?

    I would suggest people to stop bothering about Alexa as their stats are not at all accurate but yes the advertisers (Fools) who get us business focus on Alexa.

    1. Yeah Anish I totally agree with you.Alexa algorithm is very foolish and your blog’s Alexa rank depends upon how many users visit your site having Alexa toolbar installed in their browser so it effects very little when you either remove or install a Alexa toolbar from your browser.
      And yes like I tell me this case whenever I have huge amount of page views my Alexa goes high (means bad!) but when my views are low Alexa decreases.. This i am noticing from few days.
      It’s good for those only who are in blogging era for just sake of money!
      Thanks for your views brother!
      Poe to see your views on my other posts too!

    1. Well if you have made your blog to just earn money, do focus on Alexa else just go with wind ,do hardwork ,get good amount of page views 🙂
      And thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. Alexa rank improvement can be seen when your site is most viewed by the people who uses Alexa toolbar. Proved tactic 🙂

    1. Yeah indeed! Alexa counts Alexa rank from the number of views obtained from the Alexa toolbar and then gives rank to the site!
      Thanks pavan for your comment! Hope to see you again here soon!

    1. Its not about posting daily,alexa ranks your site on the basis of the toolbar traffic from your site,and this is the most important governing factor of alexa rank of your blog, and yes posting daily “UNIQUE CONTENT” also somehow decreases the rank.

  4. My blog just recently got an alexa rank, within 10 days after starting the blog.
    But as you said in a comment, alexa rank mainly depends on visitors with the alexa toolbar. So the alexa rank is important mainly to the advetisers.

    1. Howdy Sourav!
      Indeed your Alexa rank depends upon the pageviews surfed by the users having Alexa toolbar installed! And yes if you thinking to monetize your blog other then Adsense or other systems then you have to improve your Alexa so that advertisers can reach you with amazing offers!
      Thanks for dropping in!

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