Turn the Business Angle to 365° by Using Office 365

“Reality is wrong,dreams are for real”….

When any one starts any business,his dream is to accomplish high heights or certain objectives.When i started this Blog i was just have this in mind :- I would Help everyone if the topic is in my area of knowledge !.

But then I thought If i can Build up a business out of my this hobby.Although just 17years of age,i have huge dreams.In future i would like to operate a big Business Tycoon and want to make an iconic change in the field of Technology.

Building Up the Business
Building Up the Business

What Makes me slow?

People saying that There is now no scope in Technology…

combating such hurdles i want to build up my business right from my small age.But the other problem arises are

  • Where to setup my office?
  • Where to store my important business files?
  • How to monitor and deal with my workers the easy way?
  • and many such others..

And coming to my dream business…

My dream business would be managing my business while i continue my higher studies, such that with my single netbook so that i can arrange meetings,manage records,see my workers live progress without poking them again and again 😛 .

These highlighted issues can be resolved by using Microsoft Office 365

The power of Office 365
The power of Office 365

Office 365 is a Software bundled with all the equipments which you need  not only to stand up your business but also will improve in your production and you would utilize your Time!

How Would I use This Software Bundled with an environment which offers more then  Profits, Less Time Consumption?

If i would get a chance to use it Here are some just views on how would i use it to maximize my productivity:-


The Classic Business Mail:- With 25 GB of mailboxes space i can store all the important mails and would never delete any mail just because i am low at inbox space! + it has  Malware protection too! (many of the mail providers dont provide it).Thus with this much protection i can ensure that my business is secured from evils of Internet!

As i know if i cannot secure my mails then how can i secure my whole business

Powered by Apps

 Software is Powered by Useful Apps:-Who says that now only Android and iOS are best for Business? As i have witnessed myself,Office 365 is powered by useful and powerful apps such as Dictionary!.While Using Word you can use it from the sidebar 😀 .Thus it saves a lot of time from looking up in dictionary or on internet.All is in one screen!

I have used this Dictionary Feature and was amazed (in the trial)

The Lync Feature
Lync Online

The Breathtaking Lync Online Feature:-Now this is the feature which every business needs! This feature enables Instant Message service and Voice Call Service. So now no need to travel in traffic or waste my time.I would be just simply switching on my Operating System(mobile too!) ,Login in the Office 365 and would be start with the conference!  No travel Expense thus cutting Travelling Costs.

Visio 2013
The Visio

More Effective conveyance of ideas :- Using Office 365 feature Visio Professional i dont need to worry about my diagrammatic representation.As my business would be related to Technology,thus to make out any point Visio would Help me providing complex data in the form of simpler diagrams for others to understand my idea or what i want to convey!.Also then i would not need to think how to convey my idea to my audience.Also its not diffcult to use it so i can make anyone of my worker too to do the image editings or making effective flow charts

The Main Part Where it would help me in Blogging:-

Skydrive Feature
Sky drive
Saving the Data on Cloud9 😛 :- I don’t need any big servers to store my files if i get a chance to use Office 365.Whenever i would edit any file it would be saved in cloud storage.And while i am writing any document,that same document can be edited by my other worker!This would ensure that the post i would be writing up for my audience is double checked in less period of time.And as we are bloggers we certainly require time for doing corrections in our posts before we put up for the readers.And as i told earlier too its a complete package so the surprise bomb of this package i liked most is

I can write a post and Publish it in my blog directly !

Why i would like to Choose Office 365 rather then other software bundles?

  • Once i have bought Office 365,i dont have to pay for any upgrades in the future for the software.
  • Of course we are living in a fast moving world where no one can sit at one place nor on one device! So i would be choosing it as this software allows 5 devices per user
  • No one is perfect in any thing so if i messed up around using the software there is telephone support! (yes! mostof the companies provide just live chat!)
  • Most people would pick out a drawback of video conferencing as its not clear and so company members are not able to communicate the NATURAL way… But Office 365 provides HD-Video Conferencing!
  • What else you need when you are getting support from the IT Biggest Giant Company –Microsoft

My Dream Business  powered by Office 365 in Nutshell

Following your Dreams with Office 365
Following your Dreams with Office 365

As i am a blogger and if i get chance to use Office 365 then:-

  1. I would save up my time by using HD conference with my blog authors.
  2. Save my time by using Exhange Feature,so that the time left is spent in some other vital functioning of  company.
  3. No need of opening browser and do my posting,just from the office 365 i can post to my company blog
  4. Its always good to be good friends with our workers,so the social interacting software would let me do so to know my co-workers better

There are many other advantages of using it! I would recommand All start-up or successfully running business persons to try out this Office 365 and feel the difference which Microsoft has made in the way companies carry out their business  operations.

A Quick View through all my favourite Features :-

Now To You All Start up or Successful Running Companies…

So guys would you be trying this powerful software bundle? If yes do tell which feature would help you the most :).Mine would be exchange and Lync Feature .Oh my god! All features are damn Good 😉

Drop Out Our Comments to let us know your thoughts

A Small Thought:- Windows 8 Along with Office 365 For Gamers!


15 thoughts on “Turn the Business Angle to 365° by Using Office 365”

  1. Dhaval Bro,
    Thanks for tellingme about Office 365 :), i am going to start my business and was looking how to start up and setup my business,but i think i have got my answer n i would be purchasing its standard edition to try it out :). I really loved the Video and Lync Online Feature which youtold 🙂

    1. Thanks Anmol, Yeah i would also use Office 365 and I did liked the Lync Online Feature, Whati liked the most is the Exchange Online Feature 🙂
      Thanks for commenting and after purchasing do tell about your experience

  2. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written! As you have made up my mind to purchase it just because of your writing skills

    1. Yes! Indeed! As I am. A blogger myself its very useful as I would be able to post directly from the office 365 and if I want to store my own created e-books cloud storage is best thing.
      Thanks Heru for commenting 🙂
      Hope to see you around here soon 🙂

      1. Speak frankly I like your blog Dhaval. Your blog is quite different and has nice appearance. Thank you for giving me occasion to follow you and read your posts. You have given me another value and I note this.

  3. So well written Dhaval!
    you know, when I was in your age (may be little less than 17 then) I didn’t even know a word called business ‘tycoon’ existed :-)))
    Good luck for the contest…. and this logo is cool 😉

    1. Thanks a lot Anunoy,
      Well from starting only I made Steve jobs my idol and dreamed to make a more successful empire in technology era!
      Thanks a lot for compliment on the logo,I had to think about the design for at least a day and this design just came as of a spark idea 😛
      Thanks for your blessings and hope you would be here around soon 🙂

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