15 Amazing Internet Facts

I have been writing on Blogging, computer tricks and tips from the starting of this blog.Today i am thinking To provide you some of the Best Internet Facts Collected from various sites or organizations Websites or any other documents.Hope You would like Them 😀

If you like any of the amazing Fact Do tell us your views on it..

Amazing Internet Facts
Amazing Internet Facts

Amazing Internet Facts List

  1. 19 percent of Internet Traffic is alone from US!
  2. Its the era of internet but then also nearly 18 countries are those where internet is not in use!
  3. Daily there have been exchange of emails from one account to another but nearly 81% of those are Pure spam!
  4. Only 16.67 % of the total world population surfs the internet!
  5. 36% of internet surfers are Asians!

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    Internet Stats
    Internet Stats
  6. Every second 28,258 people watch Pornography
  7. 16% people are using mobile internet for Entertainment purpose
  8. 2.5 Billion images are uploaded to Facebook each Month!
  9. 59% percent of Americans use Internet and Television Simultaneously.
  10. The prime reason the Google home page is therefore clean is owing to the actual fact that the founders didn’t understand HTML and simply wished a fast interface. indeed it had been noted that the submit button was an extended time returning and hit the key was the sole thanks to burst Google into life.
  11. Google’s First Tweet Ever :)-
    First Tweet by Google
  12. The Google Logo was not centrally aligned until 2001.
  13. The “I’m  Feeling Lucky” feature was merely used,however it was found that removing it would reduce Google Experience 😛 LOL. Users liked it anyway…
  14. Before Gmail was launched Officially,it was in Beta Testing for almost 2 Years!
  15. Google owners in starting were to name this Giant Google as Googol

Amazing Facts Journey Ends….

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