learn blogging from fridge

Learn Blogging From Refrigerator in Your Home!

You might be thinking am i just joking in saying “Learn Web Blogging from Refrigerator”?.Well Its a Big NO!Well i have a habit like most of us have,to check out Refrigerator again and again after a short period of interval.So when last night i though about this,i accidentally related this thing to Blogging,and now here are my views which relates these two things.


Its a sure thing that its the one of the most favorite thing of yours in your home where you see variety of foods stored in it so that you can eat it later on.

Learn Blogging from Fridge!
Learn Blogging from Fridge!

Now the Question arises How To learn from this non-living thing ?

Well the answer is pretty simple,and i will explain this in some points.Whenever we open our fridge,we find there are man  slots available there for each type of thing .. like for grocery we have a big bucket (in most of the fridges).and at the side doors we have space for bottles whether water or any drink 😉 .So the purpose of this telling you is that categorize your posts efficiently,so that once there is a user to your blog,he should not find difficult to search a particular topic article. So what i meant to say is

Keep Things organised!

  • No one Likes a Empty Fridge!:-What if one day you find nothing in your appliance? you would be sad? right? because you were expecting some good delicious meal.Same happens in Blogging,if you dont have a good content,then You wont be able to attract users,and thus it will fall your fan following or readership.

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Our Food Buddy also tells us that store special food,so that you can enjoy later on!:This is true indeed in Blog sphere,Write that matter that appeals audience and so that they are tend to bookmark your webpage, and love to stay on your site.

  •   A Good Looking Appearance also Appeals Users:-Like as This food appliance attracts buyers in the market on its looks,same goes for your blog too!If your Blog’s Look is dull then your readers will not support you or they would not read your articles fully and would not able to interact with you fellow mates
Make your Blog Good Looking
Make your Blog Good Looking
  • No one Likes Stale Food.Do You?:-Dont ever provide old news in your blog(if your blog is of news),or dont provide that content which has high SERP Competition.Because you know you have to be different from Crowd.Dont provide your readers stale news or fake news,this will loose you loyal readers of your blogs and you will:-

Enjoy the Wind of Blessings from Your Readers

Last ,but not the least! Have Something Special For your Readers!:-Like We do store ice cream or any other delicious puddings in our fridge to eat it after dinner or any other food.Like wise when you end your articles or say your thing,give readers a surprise by holding giveaways,contests.Believe me,You would gain More readers! that too royal!


Indeed Refrigerator is indeed a good blogging teacher which teaches you not 4-5 but many ways on how to blog.You just have to be observant.Indeed from today i made him my Buddy in Blogging :P.So what you think? Only your mom needs him? You can use him too,not in food preserving but in Blogging! 😀

Hope You like this Article Do Comment and share your views in this regard.


14 thoughts on “Learn Blogging From Refrigerator in Your Home!”

    1. Thanks Don Caprio Sir,i am feeling glad that a great blogger like you liked my post 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Sir! Hope you would Come back to read more interesting Gossips and news 🙂

  1. I clicked on this post just because of the TITLE. I never thought we can learn from Refrigerator. But you made it!
    Just love all your points. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

    1. Thanks Istiak bro,
      For your compliment bro hope you liked my other awesome articles too!Indeed I was too amazed when I got to learn about this from my experience 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by!

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