Create Your Own Multitasking Virus in Seconds

We are very familiar with the viruses in today’s world.Ever wonder how small viruses are created? These viruses are small but can effect the computers very much. So lets first to the basics! 😀

Basics First!

Now let me tell you what exactly a virus is!A bug  or Virus may be a program or piece of code that’s loaded onto your pc while not your information and runs against your needs. Viruses also can replicate themselves. All pc viruses square measure unreal. straightforward virus which will build a replica of itself over and once again is comparatively easy to supply. Even such a straightforward virus is dangerous as a result of it’ll quickly use all offered memory and convey the system to a halt. an excellent a lot of dangerous kind of virus is one capable of transmittal itself across networks and bypassing security systems.

Create Your Own Virus in Seconds
Create Your Own Virus in Seconds

Now to the main point.How to Create Virus without any programming language knowledge? The Solution is JPS Virus Maker.This is a software through which you can make viruses instantly with the click of mouse only! Popular :- Read How to Get Free WhatsApp Subscription

JPS Virus Maker free
JPS Virus Maker free

Which Type Of Viruses can you make by this software?

Change XP Password
Change Computer Name
Change IE Home Page
Close Custom Windows
Disable Custom Service
Disable Process
Open Custom Website
Run Custom Command
Enable Convert To Worm – Auto Copy Server To Active Path With Custom Name & Time
Change Custom Icon For Server
Disable Registry Editor
Disable Ms Config
Disable Task Manager
Disable Yahoo! Messenger
Disable Media Player
Disable Internet Explorer
Disable Time
Disable Group Policy
Disable Windows Explorer
Disable Norton Antivirus
Disable McAfee Antivirus
Disable Note Pad
Disable Word Pad
Disable Windows
Disable DHCP Client Service
Disable Taskbar
Disable Start Button
Disable MSN Messenger
Disable Command Prompt
Disable Security Center
Disable MSN Messenger
Disable System Restore
Disable Control Panel
Disable Desktop Icons
Disable Screen Saver
Hide Service Manager
Hide Outlook Express
Hide Windows Clock
Hide Desktop Icons
Hide All Process in Task Manager
Hide All Tasks in Task Manager
Hide Run in Start Menu
Change Explorer Caption
Clear Windows XP Password
Swap Mouse Buttons
Remove Folder Options
Lock Mouse & Keyboards
Mute Sound
Crazy Mouse
Always CD-ROM Open
Turn Off Monitor (30 sec’s)
Destroy Taskbar
Destroy Offline (Y!Messenger)
Destroy Protected Storage
Destroy Audio Service
Destroy Clipboard
Terminate Windows
Hide Cursor
Auto Startup
Restart-Logoff-Turnoff-Hibernate Automatic After 30 minutes
Change Server Name After Install in Process
Change Server Name

You can Google Over this Software and can download it for free.But if you are not able to find This software ,do tell in comments i will upload it on the site itself for you guys to download 🙂

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Your Turn

Would You be trying out this software?If yes Do tell in comments how much you liked this article?And Do tell some instances where you had fun with your own created viruses with your Friends


8 thoughts on “Create Your Own Multitasking Virus in Seconds”

  1. no i’ll not appriciate you,i want to know the programming part,how we can develop viruses,what’s programming behind it.

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