How Can Visitor Stay in your Site

How Can Visitor Stay in your Site
How Can Visitor Stay in your Site

This is very important topic. because if people stay in your site bounce rate will also reduce, But How You can visitor stay in your site.

I am giving some quick tips to you so That Visitor Stay in your site for longer Time.

Creating your readers to follow your Website and turning them into loyal audience. This is one of the best ways to get more traffic.

Loyal reader will bring you a lot of guests Post and They will hep you to increase your Website Traffic.

So have you got Followers for your site. Get Them Now? Trust Me they will give you lot of Visitors.

But How Visitor Can come to your site.?

Make your web site navigation simple

Make a easy and simple navigation Bar. They will come to your site, and let them decide which is best post in your site. For that you must have easy navigation so that they don’t have difficulty to see your content.

Use archive page: In my suggestion use good archives plugin to indicate all your posts at one place. Simply install the plugin, produce a page for the archives and you’re done! But your plugin should not be heavy so that it take times to load. Use light plugin if you are using WordPress. For blogger you have many CSS code for this plugin.

Use page number: Rather than showing ‘older entries’ – your guests will higher navigate your web site if you utilize pagination (showing page numbers) on your home page. This will look Cool and Visitor will visit in all pages.

Make your font size larger

I recently redesigned my Website (, When i redesign it i got many Viewer all around the word. (more page views).

Most on-line readers like to skip each and every word. They just Read Your Heading not else. Only Few Visitor Read your Content. For that you content Should be good.

When somebody notice it exhausting reading your content, they merely notice Associate in Nursing exit purpose to your Website. thus don’t provides a probability to let typography killing your web site name. continuously use higher font sizes.

In my suggestion Use good Font and and use bigger size in the size because if your site size is small then no will like to see your site.

Show connected posts underneath each web Blog Post

This can not solely improve your page views, however additionally give a platform for a lot of readers to Tending to protrude to your web log.

Use connected post plugin to induce this done.

What do that plugin do?

This plugin displays a listing of connected entries on your web site and feeds supported a singular formula, therefore creating a lot of readers stick with your web log.

The best SEO is ‘engaging content’

SEO is one of the most important part of your site. If you have good writing style and good content in your site This is not enough for you. You  should know SEO importance for the Site.

You’ll gain NO readers once your sole purpose is to bring a lot of search traffic, Fouse on the content rather than traffic.

Use good keyword in your site to get traffic. Content is King of everything. It becomes exhausting for your readers to digest your content.


7 thoughts on “How Can Visitor Stay in your Site”

  1. If the size of font is too small its realy hard/annoying to read.. i have to change my theme ryt now coz current theme’s font is too small to read. thanks for useful theme

    1. @Duyu Nimey,
      Yes exactly, you need bigger fonts in order to receive reader’s attention as well as interest.and yea sure go one and change your template 🙂
      and thanks for dropping by buddy ! 🙂

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