Samsung Galaxy S4 Launched-Review,Full Specs,Compared to iPhone5

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As we all know that in Mobile Market there are only two giants that are Apple and Samsung.And This time Samsung has again attacked Apple with its new innovation or we can call it new mobile Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launched
Samsung Galaxy S4 Launched

In This Post we are going to Tell you the specifications of this cellphone and will also compare it with iPhone 5,powered by iOS.

What’s New In This Phone?

Touch Phones are now old fashion! Control this masterpiece with tilting and waving actions.

The code and gestures you utilize to regulate the phone could also be the most important story regarding the Galaxy S4, however Samsung has conjointly freshened up the hardware.

The 7.9mm Galaxy S four appearance plenty just like the Galaxy S three, albeit with a rather agent body and a bigger 5-inch screen. The screen is additionally abundant crisper, with a 1080p, Super AMOLED panel. Internally, the phone contains a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. it’s constitutional temperature and wetness sensors, and a removable battery.

The standout hardware feature is that the 13-megapixel camera (the S 3 had AN 8-megapixel camera). The camera can take crisper and higher low-light shots, Samsung says.

Samsung Galaxy s4 home screen
Samsung Galaxy s4 home screen

“We have brought the interface from the Galaxy Camera to the phone,” drew Blackard, director of product designing, told first rudiment News. “We have needed to create it easier for individuals to grasp however the modes work with pictures.”

In addition to the new interface, there square measure new options like twin shot and recording mode, that helps you to mix photos and video from each the front-facing 2-megapixel camera and therefore the rear camera into round or video.

After you’re taking those photos you do not simply have the choice to swipe your finger on the screen to appear through them. victimization Samsung’s new Air Wave feature you’ll truly wave your fork over the screen to cycle through the photos. The code, that uses a device on the front of the phone, conjointly works within the internet browser; wave to the left to travel backward within the browser and wave right to travel forward. you’ll conjointly wave across the screen to simply accept a decision.

The Galaxy Series Generation
The Galaxy Series Generation-Source (in pic)

The New in Market!
And if waving is not your factor, there is invariably tilting. whereas it had been reported that the phone would use eye-tracking code, Samsung’s sensible Scroll works a little otherwise. employing a device and therefore the camera on the front of the phone, the phone acknowledges that somebody is watching the screen with biometric authentication code. Then you’ll tilt it to scroll up or down. first rudiment News ought to check each the tilting and waving options. each worked as secure once we got the suspend of it, however it extremely is AN odd means of operating with alittle device.

Will users truly use the options though? “There’s plenty of latest technology within the device however the question is what percentage of those are going to be of serious price to shoppers like the flexibility to ‘swipe’ through their browser while not touching the screen,” archangel Gartenberg, Gartner supervisor, told first rudiment News.” Gartenberg superimposed that Samsung can have to be compelled to conjointly educate users a way to use and notice the new options.

Comparison with Other Phones

Comparison Samsung s4 vs iPhone
Comparison Samsung s4 vs iPhone

So Which CellPhone you going to Purchase?If you dont have any of them ,i would recommend you to buy Samsung Galaxy S4!


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