6 Solid Reasons To Support:-Blackberry Sucks & Not worth Buying!

Even Though the publish of the latest good news from the company Blackberry.I Still feel that yes Blackberry is now not a worth if you are a technology Geek or any other Big Business Tycoon See Below Why?

Think Before you Buy a Blackberry
Think Before you Buy a Blackberry

1. Restricted Applications and Games

If you’re the kind that love messing around with all kind of applications, you’ll regret shopping for a Blackberry device. It’s obvious app developers don’t seem to be fascinated by  developing for Blackberry OS. Their app world sucks success. I run Adobe Photoshop categorical on my iPhone and there ar heaps of applications on iTunes store, Google Play and Ovi that you’ll ne’er realize on Blackberry, not within the next fifty years.

Wait, will blackberry support HD games? I run professional Evolution football 2012 on my iPhone with full statement and beautiful graphics.

2. The System is Non-Customizable

Well, I’m a geek and that i love doing no matter i favor with my device. i exploit a Symbian phone and iPhone, each hacked and jailbroken severally. I will customise my device, do no matter i favor with the OS however with a Blackberry phone, this can be not possible.

3. The computer programme is Ugly

You computer programme isn’t fashionable to Maine however Blackberry users believe “it’s Blackberry” therefore it’s to be that approach. i feel you wish to wake up!

4. Blackberry Messenger? Facebook Chat has additional Users and with more Features!

The only issue Blackberry has that you just can’t realize on alternative phones is their Blackberry traveler. But wait, those exploitation Blackberry traveler don’t use Facebook chat? BBM isn’t enough reason to however a Blackberry phone, I will still contact my friends on Facebook chat that’s even additional wide used, with or while not my itinerant around.

Think about it, solely a fraction of your friends ar on Blackberry traveler, nearly everybody of them use Facebook chat.

5. the online Browser is therefore Ineffective

With the expedition browser on my iPhone, I will open each single online page on the net with none drawback, displaying the page specifically because it would appear as if on my notebook. the opposite day i used to be employing a friend’s Blackberry, it sucked even over I imagined! Last time I checked, Symbian Pakistani monetary unit and robot supports flash!


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6. The Look Of Blackberry Too Sucks?

You can’t compare my sleek, elegant iPhone with any Blackberry device in market. Blackberry isn’t enticing one bit and there ar higher wanting bit based mostly devices running robot OS and Symbian. The qwerty keyboard is very too little on behalf of me (hey, I’ve got huge fingers 😛 lol ), the virtual keyboard on iOS could be a ton higher if you solicit from me.

Blackberry is Non Customizable
Blackberry is Non Customizable

The future belongs to the touch based mostly devices and it appears RIM is making an attempt to catch au fait that, repeating Apple, Samsung and alternative smartphone makers. They unsuccessful at that!

The touchscreen doesn’t work right. I even have to perpetually shut down my phone, take the battery out, wait a moment, place the battery back in, and restart my phone simply to induce it to 0.5 approach work!!! Even when I do this it still doesn’t work right!!!!

That’s a Blackberry user sorrowful at it’s effectiveness. You shouldn’t purchase a blackberry phone if you wish a true smartphone. Blackberry is nothing however a toy to Maine and also the OS is nothing to write down home concerning. you’ll scream all you wish, I’m simply voice communication my mind here and if you’re feeling the approach I do, please share this diary post on Facebook and hit the +1 button! Tell your friend Blackberry sucks!

Credits:-Doncaprio.com 🙂


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