Google Homepage Celebrates Valentine’s Day 2013

First of all Happy Valentine’s Day to my readers!So at this special day of spreading love google is also not far behind by implementing new Doodle on it Home page.
The commemorative doodle options 2 Ferris wheels with a parcel of land scenery. On clicking the search icon on the doodle, users are directed to go looking results for George Ferris, that includes Google’s information Graph panel.’

Google Valentine's Doodle
Google Valentine’s Doodle

I Tried them all and found them too Awesome! You should also head to Google and check out this new awesome new Doodle!

Here I got a copy of all Valentine’s Day stories from this Doodle

Google Doodle Valentine's Day
Google Doodle Valentine’s Day -Credits thinkdigit




















So which love story you liked the most in this Doodle? Do tell us! 😀 And as i was writing doodle i thought of Doodle Jump too! So any one playing it right now also?




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