An Eye on Micromax Canvas HD A116

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Price Range:- Rs13000-14000
Our Rating:-4/5

Micromax is showing no sign of speed down once it involves the phablet onslaught, led to by the Canvas two A110. the corporate has launched a high-end version dubbed the A116 Canvas HD, that raises the bar another time for mid-range mechanical man, or just smartphones normally. The A116 boasts of the next definition screen and a additional powerful quad-core central processing unit, one thing we’ve not seen during this worth vary until currently. Its primary competition once it launches within the initial week of February are the WickedLeak Wammy Sensation round the same worth purpose and also the simply launched Samsung Galaxy Grand. Let’s breakdown the specification of the Canvas HD A116 and see however it stacks up against the competition.

micromax Canvas HD A116
micromax Canvas HD A116

OS – Android 4.1 candy

The A116 can launch with four.1 candy right out of the box. This puts it sooner than the curb compared to alternative phones during this worth vary furthermore furthermore as some higher-end handsets. candy brings with it Project Butter, that helps deliver a swish UI expertise furthermore as alternative enhancements like Google currently, an improved camera interface etc.

IPS show with HD resolution

Cellular network – twin SIM GSM and 3G

The Canvas HD A116 can retain the twin SIM practicality and can support GSM and 3G networks. you must be able to use each SIMs at the same time furthermore, though what’s not terribly clear at this time is whether or not or not it\’ll support quad-band or maybe dual-band 3G.

Display – 5-inch HD IPS

Our major gripe with the Canvas two A110 has been self-addressed with the A116. Micromax has fitted the Canvas HD with a 720p IPS show, that brings the component count all the far to 294ppi. this can be an equivalent component count because the initial Galaxy Note. The Wammy Sensation features a slight edge over the A116 because it packs within the same resolution however on a smaller four.7-inch show. The Galaxy Grand won’t be a awfully pretty sight since it solely features a WVGA resolution at an equivalent screen size. We’re undecided however if the Canvas HD can have any scratch resistant glass fitted to that.

Form issue and weight – are one or two

With nothing however an image to travel, we have a tendency to don’t have the official dimensions and weight of the A116, however we are able to safely assume it won’t be too distant from the size of the A110. It will seem to be slightly thicker than the A110, however it’s quite laborious to inform supported one image alone.

Micromax Canvas HD Details
Micromax Canvas HD Details

Wi-Fi – 802.11 ‘n’

It’s business as was common up here. we\’ve Wi-Fi 802.11 ‘n’ for property. It’s not dual-band, however still ok for everyday use.

SoC– MediaTek MT6589 (quad-core)

This is one space wherever Micromax has utterly blown away the competition. The A116 options MediaTek’s MT6589 SoC, that contains a quadc-core ARM Cortex-A7 central processing unit and PowerVR Series5XT GPU. whereas the central processing unit uses the marginally older design from ARM, the SoC is made mistreatment the newer 28nm fabrication method, thus it ought to had best in terms of power potency. Micromax hasn’t careful all the transmission capabilities of the A116, however creating by removal somewhat deeper in to the chipsets capabilities, we discover support for 1080p recording. whether or not or not Micromax chooses to use this can be however to be seen. withal, the four cores ought to simply facilitate in play and even the final responsiveness of the UI. Another noteworthy feature is that the inclusion of 1GB of RAM, that is on par with the Wammy Sensation and also the Galaxy Grand.

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Storage – 4GB aboard with space for growth

Onboard storage isn’t much; fortunately, you have got the choice to expand it via a microSD card slot.

Primary Camera – 8MP device with diode flash

The primary camera is associate 8MP like the one used on the A110. Sadly, it’s not a BSI device just like the one on the XOLO A800. we have a tendency to feel Micromax might have done somewhat higher during this space. Still, we’ll need to wait associated see what quantity of an improvement the camera on the A116 extremely is.

Front camera – VGA resolution

The front facing camera is simply VGA, thus don’t expect a full ton for video calls or maybe self-portraits.

Sensors – measuring instrument, proximity

We don’t have any details on the sensors within the A116, however it’s safe to assume that it\’ll have a measuring instrument and a proximity device. we have a tendency to hope that the Canvas conjointly options associate close lightweight device and if we’re lucky, a gyro and a compass furthermore.


Micromax has cursed with the good’ol GPS for the A116 as GLONASS is missing from the image. we have a tendency to guess as well as that piece of hardware would have driven the value up.

Battery – Li-Ion 2100mAh

The battery size is that the same because the one on the Galaxy Grand, however, the quad-core central processing unit within the A116 may take a toll at the top of the day. a bigger battery would are nice, however we’re idea that will have mechanically multiplied the burden or the size of the phone.

The bottom line

No matter what quantity we have a tendency to try to nit-pick, there’s no denying the actual fact that the Canvas HD is presently the simplest mechanical man smartphone, a minimum of on paper. we have a tendency to don’t understand if there\’ll be any competition to the A116 by the time it really hits retail, however it’s safe to assume that it’s planning to be extremely robust to beat. a number of the sturdy points that job in its favour embody associate HD IPS show, quad-core central processing unit and candy support. the sole real space of concern immediately is that the battery life.

While it’s nice to visualize such a strong telephone set at an affordable worth, the important question is, can folks be able to dispense over Rs.10,000 for a Micromax? the corporate has without doubt made some superb handsets within the past few months, however they’ve all been round the Rs.10,000. once you come back to the 15K to 20K worth vary, things like aesthetics, quality of materials used, updates etc. tend to matter. Samsung has simply launched the Galaxy Grand for associate MRP of twenty one,500, thus forward the road worth is around Rs.18,000, unless you’re on a awfully tight budget, a typical user would cough up the additional dough for a product from a more experienced


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