Top Security Apps for your iPhone

Some of them are free but most will cost you.In this post,i will tell about 4  security apps for iPhone owners,which every Owner should take a look at.I came up with this new idea when i got virus in my tablet.

Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone App
Find my iPhone App

The app,designed by Apple,can be used for both iPhone and iPad.If you misplace your iphone,the My iPhone app will let you use another iOS device to find it and protect your data.

Security Organizer

Security Organizer Screen
Security Organizer Screen

This neat little paid app has you covered for all memory lapses.It will automatically log out if the device is left untouched.


Preview of SNAP app

Snap is useful tool to discover open ports as well as a fun way to probe public networks to see who else is on with you.When snap finds a device,it shows you the manufacturer of the device,any name information it could discover from the device,as well as the IP address.

Firewall iP

Secure your iDevice from  FireWall iP Preview
FireWall iP Preview

It provides firewall features such as blocking outgoing connections on the jailbroken idevice,It allows users to create policies,block connections for applications when on the cellular network and block certain types of content

These are some of the best Apps of security for your iPhone,iPad or any other iDevice.Do subscribe our Feed 🙂


4 thoughts on “Top Security Apps for your iPhone”

  1. I think all these are handy and must-buy apps, as iPhone is a fragile gadget not only in terms of hardware but also in terms of software, which is why it should be saved from virus attack.

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