How To Hide Last Name in Facebook Profile

As we have a tendency to all recognize Facebook doesn’t permit to jot down solely forename, its solely allowed in some elite countries like country, therefore here is that the latest trick through that you’ll be able to hide your surname simply.

Remove last name from Facebook
Tricking Facebook for last name

Follow These Steps:-

  • You Require Indonesia Proxy Servers
  • Go To Firefox
  • Click On Options
  • Then click on Advanced
  • Then Click on Network ,then select Settings
  • Click on Connection Settings
  • Choose Manual Proxy Configuration
  • Now Click on Checkbox saying :- Use this proxy servers for all Protocols
  • Put the Following Proxy and CodeHttp Proxy :
    Port : 8080
  • Next, Put on No Proxy for Box.
  • Now log on to Facebook,Go to Edit Profile Option
  • Erase your last name and click on Save
  • Done!
Remove lsat name from Facebook Profile
No last name in facebook Profile

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