How You Can Change Your IP Address

How To Change Ip Address
Change Ip Address

There area unit several ways to alter your information processing address. Some ways can work for you however might not work for somebody else and the other way around. We’re reaching to cowl the way to modification your information processing address.

1. Click on “Start” in the bottom left hand corner of screen.
2. Click on “Run”.
3. Type in “command” and hit Ok.

You should now be at an MSDOS prompt screen.

4. Type “ipconfig /release” just like that, and hit “enter”
5. Type “exit” and leave the prompt
6. Right-click on “Network Places” or “My Network Places” on your desktop.
7. Click on “properties”

You should now be on a screen with something titled “Local Area Connection”, or something close to that, and, if you have a network hooked up, all of your other networks.

8. Right click on “Local Area Connection” and click “properties”
9. Double-click on the “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” from the list under the “General” tab
10. Click on “Use the following IP address” under the “General” tab
11. Create an IP address (It doesn’t matter what it is. I just type 1 and 2 until i fill the area up).
12. Press “Tab” and it should automatically fill in the “Subnet Mask” section with default numbers.
13. Hit the “Ok” button here
14. Hit the “Ok” button again

You should now be back to the “Local Area Connection” screen.

15. Right-click back on “Local Area Connection” and go to properties again.
16. Go back to the “TCP/IP” settings
17. This time, select “Obtain an IP address automatically”
tongue.gif 18. Hit “Ok”
19. Hit “Ok” again
20. You now have a new IP address

You Need a practice to do this Trick Fast. I have Done this trick on 15 seconds.

NOTE: This only changes your dynamic IP address, not your ISP/IP address. If you plan on hacking a website with this trick be extremely careful, because if they try a little, they can trace it back. This is only for education Purpose only.


5 thoughts on “How You Can Change Your IP Address”

  1. If you think you will often still have your own IP address not the new IP after connecting to the VPN. You can confirm it by checking your IP address on google.

    I am using “Hotspot Shield” VPN for the last 6 months and every time I connect I get a new IP address. Since I am using it I am happy with the services they provide. I can now surf the web anonymously and safely.

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