What is Google PageRank? Simple Explanation

Google Page Rank
Google Page rank

Google is the only technological Giant whose search services,social networking services and video streaming services are enormously popular.But most important of all these is it’s search engine which share approximately 60% of all searches made all over the world.This explains the importance of rank SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of Google.The higher the ranking on SERP the more free visitors you will get from Google.

The 2 Most important factors are:-

  1. Page Rank Technology
  2. Hyper-text Matching Analysis


According to Google – Page Rank is Google’s view of importance of a webpage. Page rank is given out of 10.


Thus Higher the Page rank more importance is given to your website in search results.Like example  a website with 4/10 page rank will be given less importance then a website with page rank 5/10

How Google Determines a Website’s page rank?

Google takes into account the back links each webpage gets from different other webpages. Each back link a webpage gets is considered as a vote by Google in the Cavour that webpage. But at the same time Google also analyzes the webpage from which a back link is given.

A diagrammatically example

google pagerank

In the above figure A,B,C,D,E and F are different webpages. Here you can see that page C has got a higher pagerank than page E,even though it have fewer links as compared to page E. It’s because of the importance of the page from which page C is receiving a link and also the number of outbound links from that page. In the above case as you can see page B has got most importance and is having only one outbound link to page C, so upto 90% of its PageRank is carried to page C.

Thus improving your Google Rank will improve your daily traffic to your site.


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