Review on :-The Site Rank Distributer

Now today i write about, This is a site that tells you about your site rank,page views changes,your site linkings,basically it tells your site stats and is updated daily. |

Alexa,The web Information Company gives stats for all websites in the globe,By the time of writing Alexa Rank of Facebook is 1 and Google is 2.

How it is measured?

It is measured by the posts you publish in your blog,the quality of the posts,the regularity in your update process of the site and much more.

Seeing the Ranks

Here if you have less rank then it means your site is doing good.It is same like in your class,where students get rank on the basis of their tests and assignments.You can also review your site on the Alexa.

Seeing the stats on|

In fact we can say that Alexa is Web-Masters Best friend or in some cases wants to be a best friend.

Alexa Rank |

All the webmasters should have a record on their ranks everyday or once in a month,to see if their sites are progressing or not

I hope you got a Glimpse of this thing.From now on i will write on this topic too! 😀



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